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Raj brings Avni to a house. She thinks where she has brought her. She asks whose house is this, here is no one. He says it is a home alone, so that we can spend some special time with each other. He says I have done this for you. She thinks if he would ask for an award for this. Raj says he brought a dress for her, and wants to see her in it. She comes to the room thinking her Raj isn’t like that; as she opens the box there is a night-suit inside it. Raj calls Avni to hurry up as he is eager to see her in this dress. She wears it and comes out. Before he could say something she says she wore what he wanted her to; she was a fool to think he is different from the others. When the trusts break, it hurts. She says she doesn’t want to see her face; it was a special day for her but he spoilt it.

He shouts at him to go out. He goes away.
She comes inside and sees the slip, it was Shweta’s dress. She thinks she took Raj wrong, he wanted to explain this but she didn’t listen to him. She goes out to stop him but he is nowhere to be seen. She thinks about calling him, and then thinks will he attend the call. She goes to change the dress and looks for the address.
Someone calls for dinner, Bhawna tells Sanvri and Suket to go and have dinner; as something is missing in the thaal, she will get it. Suket thinks she must be going to Arpita and allows her to go. He calls Abhaas and tells him to pick Avni as she has other important things to do.
Avni comes to the shop. The shopkeeper tells her that Shweta returned her parcel but it is somewhere in the store-room and she can get it tomorrow. He tells her to pick it up tomorrow, but she says she will get it today and goes inside towards the store-room.
Arpita and Akshit waits for Bhawna, she comes to them but notices another car behind hers and asks driver to move on. Suket goes following them while Akshit and Arpita see him. Bhawna calls and tells Arpita that Suket is skeptic about the other thaal but she won’t tell him anything until he asks by himself. She says she will get her blessings and the thaal to her.
Avni comes to the store-room and finds her bag labeled ‘To my dearest Avni, Love Raj. She says she won’t open it, he has to right to do it. She says she will call Raj and make him up. She tries the cell phone but there was no network. She comes downstairs, the shop was locked. Raj comes there and was inside the shop. He was annoyed with her and tells her he had something to do with the manager. She tells him she came to bring his gift. He was still annoyed; she says they are trapped what now.
Bhawna was talking to Arpita on Skype at her parents’ house telling her about the Pooja. Suket hears this. Bhawna says she is still my daughter in law and I must give her my blessings. She asks was he following her, Arpita’s dad comes and asks is Akshit also with her. Bhawna says they let me talk to Arpita that is it. Suket leaves. Bhawna tells Arpita’s dad that he is worried and this is our victory.
Avni’s friends were discussing how lucky is Avni to have Raj. Abhas comes, he asks for Avni. Devika tells him that Avni was coming on another car with the rest of friends. Abhaas goes to find them. Devika and friends tries the call but it is unreachable.
Avni is worried and asks Raj would we be staying here for the whole night, he says yes. She tells him to look the other way. She goes to see herself. He says she doesn’t trust him, she explains. He tells her to see what he has brought for her, and then complain. She opens the bag, it is a bridal dress. She says it’s beautiful. He says he wanted to see her draped in it. He says that she herself broke her trust, and his heart. He says he loves her, and can never let her suffer any pain. She draped the dress, and asks how she looks. He smiles. She holds his hand and promises that she will wear the same dupatta when she will be his bride.

PRECAP: Abhaas comes out of the shop. Raj tells him he and her girlfriend are trapped inside, he goes to call the guard and open the shop door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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