Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raj giving orders to his workers. . Abhas talks to him rudly but he politely replies.
In Avnis room she gets call from Raj and dhe says when we will practice?? Raj says come in the balcony. Avni comes in the balvony and below Raj dances. Background music plays. Raj teaches Avni dance steps. Suddenly suketh and othrrs hear the music and suketh saus who is playing music at this time of the night.

Avni steps back . Suketh and others see Raj. Suketh asks are you working or are you wasting your time.he says he dacing along with working to break the monotony of work. But nothing broke. Dadaji sayd its ok.everyone smiles Nd leaves but Abhas smells something fishy. he again rudly tells him to work and not waste his time
raj answers him politely

but thinks its first love

Next day Avni is standing in front of the mirror and practicing the steps thar Raj has taught her. sawri sees her ptacticing and says my God you are dancing so well. Then she calls Bhavna and tells her our avni knows such good dance. She asks avni who is your dance teacher?? Before avmi can answer bhavna takes Sawri saying I need your help

Outside Bhavna tells Raj that evrryone os praising the food. Raj is happy. Then Bhacna discusses the menu with him.
Raj says its good we should finalize it. Bhavna says in our house all decisions are taken by men so I will have to ask Akshats dad. Raj says in his house all decesions are taken by women . Men are powerful in body but women are powerful in heart. Bhavna says the girl who marries you will be lucky and goes. raj thinks path of my marriage goes through your house

Inside raj bangs into suketh ji and says sorry. Suketh asks him does he go to college or does this work only. Raj says yes he goes to colkege and helps jeeju whenever required. Suketh what type of college is this where this hairstyle is allowed. Raj says he has to cut it but work comes first. Suketh goes and thinks gosh all decesions are taken by men in this gose and dad and brother are do khadus

Avni comes and he tells hee to meet him at 4 gor dance practice. Right now he has to go to Aepitas house to see the arrangements

Sawri tells herself why did she give such an expensive necklace to Arpita. She plans to change it with a cheap nevklace. She devifes to ho to Arpitas house. Suketh is also hoing there so they go to gather

At arpitaa house Raj sees the arrangements and takes Arpitas leave. But her cousin asks him to take her around jaipur . He gets out of it but she is vondictive kinds and tells Arpitas mom to het chonese made. She requests Raj. Raj days ok but thinks how will I go to Avni now.

Sawri and suketh reach Arpitas house. Suketh goes to meet Avnis dad. Sawri goes to look for Arpita. Then she asks about the hift and finds out that Arpita has not seen it yet. She asks where it is. Arpita says its in moms room. Saeri says to Arpita she eantz yo see the house and she will do so on her own. Arpita says ok.Sawri plans to change the necklace

Raj calls Avni and asks her to come over to arpitas house for dance practice

Update Credit to: Nandini

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