Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Avni gives raj his pillow and sheets, and throws him out of the room, and he too leaves angrily. after she locks the door, she is shocked and distraught, and prays to the lord, to keep giving her strength like this so that she can avenge her family’s revenge.

The next morning, avni comes down and finds raj sleeping on the couch, and eyes him sternly, but is taken back to the memories of their pre-wedding promises to each other. she is angered, and eyes the water kept in the jar, and then taking it with venom, she splashes it across raj;s face, and he wakes up with a start, and is angered to see her there. He asks her what nonsense is this. She wishes him good morning. He says that there should be a limit to nonsense. She says

that this is her loving nature, and soon he shall get habituated to this. She faces him in consternation and leaves. Raj eyes her angrily too. She starts working in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, and tells the family, about this ritual of first rasoi, and how she wants to make them all breakfast, and starts taunting Madhuri too of her culinary skills. She asks avni to stay in her limits. Avni says that she has right over the house, being the bahu, more than madhuri as she is the daughter. Anjali and madhuri are shocked. avni tells them that if they tried anything, then she would call the police, and tell them that she is being tortured by her in-laws, and then relieves them that she wouldnt do anything like that and hence they should prolong this arguement and asks them to wait as she would serve them breakfast. They storm out, while avni smiles. She serves them all on the breakfast table, and when they dont eat, she taunts them that she hasnt mixed poison in it. They start eating resignedly, and avni smiles. Vikram says that he doesnt know whats the point of her staying here. She says that she and raj have a mutual connection, and consented for this. She asks vikram for the neg. He starts taking out money, but she says that she doesnt want money and especially not their blessings, and its enough for her to finish the breakfast. raj takes a bite and starts coughing badly. they all get tensed. vikram calls the doctor, as raj continues to cough. They holler for avni and she confronts them asking what happened. anjali asks her what did she mix, and avni asks if he has any allergy. They point out that he is allergic to black pepper and avni says that she mixed it. madhuri is shocked that avni intentionally mixed it. Avni says that she forgot his love and hence his allergy too. jaichand gives him medicine and raj heaves a breath of relief.

As raj is out for fresh air, avni comes to him, asking how scared they all got, and that she cant mix posion in his food, and that she wont mix it, even if she got, as she would have killed him long back, but she wants him to be tortured like hell, to avenge his brother’s death, and ruining them family. raj tells her that he has shown her good side, but she shouldnt force him to bring out the evil side. She asks him to bring it on, as she isnt scared of him or anyone else, as she doesnt have anything to lose, but he has plenty, and that he should be scared of her, as she has been stripped of everything, and hence can be very dangerous. She leaves, and raj is shocked.

Later, Raj and his family discuss about avni and his ulterior motive to be here. As raj’s manager comes with stacks of materials, they all wonder as to who ordered for them, and they are shocked, and raj is frustrated when he finds out that its avni who ordered for them. Avni gets down and asks them to get to work. raj asks if she is having a party. She announces that there’s going to be a party for the newly wed bride, for the munh dikhayi rasam. All are tensed. Anjali says that there wont be any party. avni says that they shall come soon, and hence they should stop sulking and get ready. raj asks if she wants to embarass them in front of his friends. Avni asks if he is ashamed of his lawful wife. she excuses herself, citing that she has to be dressed as she is the one they are all coming to see. Virat wonders how avni has a drastic makeover and decides to add oil to her fire.

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Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Bhawna too is praying, when suket gives her the meds, asking her to remember that bhawna wont return and if she does, he wont let her step in the house. She asks him if he is the same person, who boasted of loving avni the most and taunts him if the love was so short sighted, and points out that there’s no difference between him and her father, as they never understood the daughter and their love. Suket asks her to rest as its getting late. She says that in four days, she lost her son, due to god, and her daughter due to him, for whom his anger is paramount, and the only permissible punishment is throwing them out of the house, and when avni needed them the most, he stripped her of her family’s love. she tells him that if anything happens to her daughter, she wont ever forgive him. She storms out. Suket is tensed.

The next morning, bhawna works agitatedly in the kitchen, when buaji asks why is she working alone. Suket stands in the hallway, and listens to bhawna lamenting that now she has to do all the work, as avni is gone, and buaji would leave soon too. Suket is tensed. Someone comes to meet suket and then hands him a parcel, from Rajasthan, that avni has been honoured for her contribution to Umatgaon and its labourers. He asks how proud he must be of his daughter and asks them to attend definitely. He leaves. suket is angry. The servant tries to hesitatingly tell suket, that they have lost abhaas, and now should they lose avni too. Suket is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Suket is tensed and calls up devika, asking if she knows where avni is, as he feels very guilty. she tells him that avni has gone to raj’s place, and he is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
As the party begins, raj and his family put up a brave face, and mingle with the guests while they keep asking for avni. The sound of the trinkets attract everyone’s attention as she descends down the stairs. raj and his family are tensed. As avni comes to them, every person gets chattering about the latest tension in between avni and raj’s family, and still avni being the bahu of the house. she asks them to forget everything and bless the married couple, and she takes everyone’s blessings. To save face, anjali has to comply to avni’s request. she takes raj’s hands and leads her to the place where they shall perform the ritual. they sit. Avni discusses with raj, that everyone got to know of their secret wedding, and now they have become the laughing stock of the town. she says that she is thoroughly enjoying it. Anjali performs the puja, while suket comes and finds avni and raj being blessed by them. Suket is shocked, as other guests perform the puja too. Avni eyes suket just in time to find him leaving, and gets distraught. She thinks that suket misunderstood her again and asks herself to compsoe herself, as a day would come when they would all understand her and forgive her too. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Virat gives avni a drink laced with alcohol through the waiter. She takes the drink, and gets drunk. she starts behaving embarassedly and insulting raj’s family, in her inebriated rant. raj and his family are frustrated while virat is amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Virat’s role is spoiling everything. Why don’t you end his part as soon as possible. Avni has taken the right step. By the time Rajs innocence is proved, all will be greatful to Avni for bold steps to reunite with raj. A nice epi. Lyk it.

  2. avin is ful y she didnt read the abhaas letter

  3. I starting to dislike dis seriel now. ..when is viraat ever getting caught…..I hate him. ….

  4. another waste if time soap which is going soooooooooooooowrong many questions I want to ask If you have an uncle you know all your life could you not make him out even in the dark how come raj did not recognize his uncle virat in utmagon and that he was behind every thing that was going on, why is it as soon as the truth is revealed and abhass finds out virat gets his way and kills him, why is it bhavna and the grandfather is still keeping the secret, why is it raj and avani did not speak the truth about what happened that night in umagon concerning her mother why all the secrecy and even if abhass had to leave the show why he could not have been replaced there are many whys I can ask going on and on so you would see where I am coming from another nonsense soap come on writers what the hell is going on. let virat be caught and clear bhavnas good name and let the both family unite that was abhass last wish.

  5. The show Is ending in December

  6. Thank u ,Naina 202,something to look forward 2

  7. this show gone to crap!

  8. Well air pyaar ho gaya has join the bullshit serial club it is annoying and frustrating as f*ck am done watching this crap

  9. really hope this shit Ends soon.

  10. Looking forward to the day this f*ucking useless soap opera ends

  11. The show is getting diverted from would be better if show ends as we has lost all our interest in watching it.virat u r sooooooo disgusting.

  12. soniya chelani

    i love this show…superb avraj n aphg…plz dnt off air it..
    plzzzz dnt end it….end the most bakwas serial sslk on zee tv…plz dnt end aphg..

  13. The show is going great but Virat is taking too long to get caught, by know some one must have at least a little clue or observation on him on what he is doing

  14. Aur pyaar Ho gaya is awesome drama. I’m enjoy watch this drama. Virat’s character spoiling as well.. Hope , Raj And Avni will back together..

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