Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th February 2014 Written Update

Avni is upset that arpitas cousins are making fun of devika and says its not cool and when they try defending themselves over devikas dance, avni challenges she will do well in dance on sangeet, and she walks off from there preoccupied and bumps into raj and raj notices her and asks her if all is well and comes to know she is worried about the dance and asks her if he can help her, she says how can he? as he is arpitas newly made brother and not even her friend and raj asks her to define friendship in her term and she says someone with whom she would hang out, go to their place and invite to her place, dance and eat gole gapeas and all and says since she havent done anything of that with raj how can he be her friend? and he says ok lets forget that and since u have helped me

with daal baati i will help u with this and when is not sure of this based on his cooking schedule he promises her he will manage and when avni leaves he hopes they will be friends due to this dance practice.

Bhavna and arpita are making a dish for akshat and both ladies enjoy their bonding while bhavna tells arpita how akshat was naughty as kid and would dress up as a gal in childhood and arpita seeing akshats childhood pic as gal calls up him and teases him saying she wont miss this chance of teasing him.

sawari is teaching avni and devika steps and during break devika goes off for a call and avni is hoping to go and meet raj without telling anyone, when sawari gets a call from her father in law asking her abut a set which happened to be diamond and sawari realises she has ended up giving it to arptia and faints

Raj is off to meet avni for their practice and avni is waiting for him in same place where arpita cousins are in same place and are eating gole gapeas and are making fun of people around and raj sees them and hopes he would not seen with avni and before he takes off he is called in by arpitas cousins and when he tries to get off them him but could not manage and they make a comment on avni waiting for a bf and raj asks them not to make any such comment on a gal without knowing them and when they say its a joke raj says not a single comment on women is joke and he respects women a lot and he wont appreciate it.

Akshat comes home and tries taking arpitas bag and asks her about his pic and both are fighting when his mother comes there and asks him to taste the dish arpita made and akshat walks off from there making a excuse and babuji comes there to taste dish and asks arpita to give it to aksht in his room.

Avni comes home annoyed and hopes she would never have to meet raj whom she trusted without thinking and knowing him and she would never speak to him while raj is upset that he had to make her wait and wonders what she is thinking of him and hope their little friendship wont end.

Raj gives bhavna a sweet to taste and when bhavna asks him how he will manage being both arpita and their caterer he says he will and asks her for permission to set up cooking in garden tonight and when bhavna says tonight he says he would better be prepared and they share a laugh, avni is coming down and raj goes to her with sweet and she refuses to eat and bhavna asks her to taste and when raj apologises for not showing up as promised she says she wasnt waiting for him and raj says she was and for a hour and avni asks then why he never came to her and made her wait, he says its cause of arpita cousins as he dont want them to gossip on seeing them and avni aprpeciates it.

Sawari comes there and asks avni about dance, avni says its been good and when avni says they were not able to today and from tomorrow they should be, sawari is shocked and says from tomorrow all dance schools are closed and this upsets avni and sawari wants avni to win, and raj says he would never let her loose and makes her win.

precap: in the garden area near catering booth raj is dancing on slow song and teaching steps to avni.

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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