Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th March 2014 Written Update

Ritzz came in garden furious at Avni an dtalking to revenge from Avni. Just then he pushed waiter and throw food plate away. Raj warned him for all dis other wise consequences will be bad. he told Ritzz that don’t show the power of money on poor as if its the matter of money then he has that much money dat he can buy him standing here only. Ritzz was about to punch Raj but Akshat stopped him and warned him not to touch Raj. he said Ritz is arpita’s brother but Raj is doing much for Arpita.

Pratap came with jewellary but worried. all told him to show sets. all liked sets very much and then the turn of diamond set. pratap put fake stones in it as he was worried. Arpita’s father get to know about the necklace but he saved pratap by lying dat Necklace is very nice. Pratap

was sure that Arpita father knows everything. All husbands were feeding their wives as all hv mehndi on their hands. Raj brought food for Avni and when he saw everyone feeding each other he dreamt of feeding food to Avni. Avni and devika finding name of their soulmates and asked Raj for help and Raj told his name spelling reversely as “JAR”. Avni said wtabout dis “Jar” and Raj in mind Avni see its Raj cearly and then smiled.

Raj has paper in hand and he was thinking to tell Avni about his feelings and give that paper to Avni. Just thenn Avni came for asking that paper and Raj scared. Devika called Avni and Raj got saved. Pratap was asking for forgiveness from aggarwal’s for using wrong stones in necklace. Arpita father told him not to worry as he understands and now dey are going to become relatives. Bhawna asked Avni about Arpita and she told her Arpita in her room resting. Arpita worried because the color of her mehndi came very light. All women their taunting her. Arpita was crying and just then Saawri came taunting him. Saawri scold her badly without any reason that Arpita crying profusely. Bhawna interrupted Saawri and told her not to stretch the matter. Raj thinking Arpita get scolded without reason. saawri shocked at bhawna reaction and said she will not listen anything. Other hand, Pratap gave her house paper to aggarwals till the time he will not return their diamonds. Aggarwals told him not to do all dis as all is perfect. but pratap insist. Saawri left from hall and thought bhawna scold her first time due to Arpita.

Ritz overhears Arpita-Akshat talks as both were talking about lum cum arrange marriage. Ritz came to know that they both were in love before the alliance. he smirked and asked Avni that she knew it all dis beforehand and started blackmailing her.

Update Credit to: Shivinkijas

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