Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th February 2014 Written Update

Raj is trying to put pieces of the puzzled number story which avni told him and Asha and sheru comes and tries to help him reminding right dates when he sends them off his room and is sitting to remember number of avni.

Avni notices Babuji in garden doing gardening and asks him when he returned and where he went to which he says he been to temple and then tells that things should be fine, and then avni asks him to dance or things on sangeet and haldi to which saket asks her to keep him away while babuji sees avni face and tells saket has to do it and he agrees he will and both grand father and daughter are happy and saket asks bhavna to check on arrangements from arpita place

Raj is calling every gal from his puzzled numbers and everything goes wrong and he is

upset and his sister and brother in law comes into room to check on him and sees him in that position and teases him.

sawari is looking for mehandi saying she wants best for wedding and her husband comes in and bring a jewellery for arpita which sawari likes and takes it saying arpita wont be wearing it as she is modern and she wont wear it and she shows him the diamond set she got for arpita and says she would never get arpita to have that set he got.

Raj finally manages to call avni is very excited hearing her voice and sheru and asha are very happy like him and while they are all celebrating avni is confused and raj ends up saying sheru lost his voice and he ends up getting invitation for sangeet ceremony and he goes off to dress.

Arpitas father is looking over decorations at her house and arpita ends up having galla time with her cousins when avni;s family comes there along with devika and arpita introduces her in laws to her family and vice versa, and devika says she would help them all with dance and every one asks devika to teach them dance while devika is a bit uncomfortable and just then raj enters and arpita goes to greet him and he offers her lots of sweets he got and says hai to avni in subtle manner and seeing him abhas is trying to remember something.

Devika is good job on dancing on odhani chunariya song while very one enjoys her dancing and appreciates it while arpita cousins a bit makes a undertone sarcastic comments and devika asks him to show how mumbai people dances and when she is dancing very pathetically even in moves every one appreciates it and bhavna has to vote for them and she votes arpita cousins for bollywood number, and then it ends up in a challenge which stuns devika and devika and ends up saying she is cheering for avni which stuns avni and devika tries to motivate and ends up giving avni boost, while avni is worried she is not good with bollywood dance and even abhas says same to his mother in a hushed tone, while raj notices avnis un comfortness and raj asks her to settle down while from guys side another cousin from arpita goes and dances on Dhoom Again when raj says he is not doing it right, and every one are stunned while the guy and his sister asks raj to show right moment and seeing avni encouragement, raj goes of to dance on Dhoom Again and tuns every one with his stunning dance movies while one gal from arpita cousin who challenged is totally into raj while abhas is seeing this and he is not pleased on seeing raj taking the lime light and avni is very happy and every one appreciates him and avni is not ok when the gal speaks to raj and avni is debating if she should get some help from raj on her dance moves.

Arpita introduces raj to his cousin and he saying he helps in catering as its his brother in laws, avni is thinking if raj can helps him during his busy time, avni family is leaving while avni goes to say bye to arpita and notices how arpita cousins are making fun of devikas dance and says its not funny

Precap: when arpita cousins are making fun of devika song when avni challenges them she will win in sangeet.

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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