Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Anjali and vikram discuss the recent events, and how raj needs his space. They are shocked to find Akshat coming inside. Akshat is in a fury, and tries to search for raj, despite vikram telling that he isnt here. He finds raj’s pic, and is about to throw it on the ground, when vikram stops him, and says that he understands his pain, but he wont let him misbehave. Akshat, in anger grabs him by the collar. Anjali asks akshat to let go of him. she goes to dial their number, when akshat says that when the murderer can get away, then so can he, and that he would avenge his brother’s death, and asks vikram to tell raj, that he wont spare him.

When raj returns, he is enraged to find what had happened in his absence. Raj says that

what akshat did, he would have to pay the price. He walks out in anger, saying that vikram shall have to pay the price. All are tensed. Virat walks out too. Raj tells him not to interview. Virat shows raj his marriage certificate, and asks him, how can avni not trust her own husband, and tries to point out how avni had also come with akshat, and was with him, in mistreating vikram. Raj says that he doesnt know whats happening recently. Virat tells raj that this is a lifelong relation, and if that cant be, then what the point of this marriage. raj agrees that actually the marriage doesnt make any sense. He leaves. Virat smiles.

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Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni says that she knows he loves her very much and wherever he is, he should be happy. Buaji goes inside to get water for the birds, leaving avni alone. A jeweller comes and gives something to avni, along with a letter, that abhaas had booked for her, and wanted to give to her, but since he couldnt, he himself came to deliver it. Avni breaks down and starts hallucinating abhaas, who comes and sits beside her, and says that he shall always love her. She says that she wouldnt have ever loved, had she known that her love shall take him away. Buaji comes and finds her crying. She comes to console her, and avni is taken out of her hallucination. Buaji finds the mangalsutar, and cries herself when she finds that abhaas gave it to her, thinking that he wanted her to get married, but couldnt. Avni takes it, and eyes it emotionally.

All are performing the puja, when bhawna distraughtedly breaks down and avni composes her. The mangalsutra slips off avni’s hands. they are all surprised to see it. Buaji picks it up, saying that this was his last wish, as he wanted to see avni getting married, and living her life happily. dadaji takes it, and tells avni that he shall fulfill abhaas’ last wish, and that this is his topmost priority. Avni is shocked and breaks into tears at their dilemma. Just then, a lawyer comes in asking for avni. she introduces herself. The lawyer gives her a packet. The lawyer comes in with divorce papers, at avni’s place, and all are baffled. They are all shocked, when avni is pronounced a married lady by the lawyer. Dadaji clarifies that avni isnt married and what nonsense is this. The lawyer tells them that avni is married to raj purohit, and is serving her divorce papers, and that this isnt a joke. while avni is stunned and embarassed, the entire family is shocked. Suket and akshat ask avni, and she breaks down saying yes, which nrages and angers them all the more. Sensing the sentimentality of the issue, all the guests leave. Sukety asks where, when and how did this happen. Avni tells them how they had got married, and under what circumstances, as she narrates the entire story. All listen dumbfounded and shocked. Bhawna slaps her tight across the face, asking how could she do this, despite knowing everything. Akshat asks how could she do all this, and that she defamed them completely, as she is the wife of the biggest enemy to the family. Avni cries helplessly. suket too reprimands her. He leaves, when she tries to talk to him. Dadaji tells her that she has embarassed them completely, and especially her dead brother, who loved her the most, and that now his soul wont be able to rest in peace. He throws the mangalsutra on the floor, and storms off. All leave except for suket. she tries to go to him, but he leaves too. Suket tells in front of Abhaas’ dead picture that he confesses in front of god today, that his daughter, avni is dead. Avni tries to come to him, but he stops her with his hand. she is hurt and distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s and avni’s residence
While Raj is tensed for what he did, virat tries to assure him that he did the right thing, and he would help him recover just like he did with vikram. raj says that his love made her do what he did for avni, and that the love is long gone, butnow he only has hatred for her, and that he hates her, and that they both shall enjoy their independance, and now when he comes face to face with her, she would only face his hatred.

Avni tries to talk to everyone, but they keep their doors slammed shut. She wishes that she should have died, instead of him, lamenting at his dead pic. The screen freezes on her crying face.

Precap: Raj is shocked to find avni performing the rituals of a newly wed bride, the griha pravesh, and then entering the house. Anjali and others are shocked. She tells Anjali that she would stay in Raj, her husband’s house.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Funi precap…..dis show is rili beginin 2 get ma maaaaddddd!

  2. Virat ur such a monster! Go 2 hell cuz dats wia u belong

  3. Instead of entertaining us, you are frustrating us the more. Am an Avni’s fan and like Avni , I also find myself in dilemma of where to go her house or purohit’s house. I really pity Avni’s plight. Expose Viratt bnext episode pls so that we can have rest of mind.

  4. When is virat gone ve exposed. ….is avani & Raj ever gone get there happy ending……its so sickening now dy get together n separate …again come on writers dnt let the meaning of the title of the serial change..

  5. If dis show get anymore sad I am definately stop watching it cause everytime I watch it tbh I cry.. I feel really srry fr avani..

  6. What about d letter abhas left her? She shud av read it.

  7. Hmm..dis is complicated. Omg

  8. Don’t know where all of this is going. How can Avani walks into someone else’s home and demand to live there? And how can akshat walk into other people’s houses and decide to throw things around and threatened them? his character haaa , oh gosh, i would rather be a servant. As for Avani’s father you can be angry with your children but you cannot declear them dead in front of god what kind of parent will do such a thing? this is definitely a culture i don’t understand. As a matter of I am frightened by it. abhaas rocks maybe that is why he left the show

  9. Ayyyy! Dis is ridiculous! AKSHAT SHOULD HAVE DIED!!!!!
    NOT ABHAAS:((((
    ABHAAS WAS A REAL BROTHER TO AVANI….AKSHAT is not appreciative of anything!!!!!
    Will miss seeing abhaas :((((

  10. Bhavna is also d cause of everything.

  11. Dis is rubbish!!!

  12. Joomas ur right…. Akshat shud of died but arpita would’ve been a widow

  13. I know Avani Is in a bad place right now but, I can’t see how this show will be any good anymore. All trust died when Abhaas died. Now she’s going to torture Raj by staying in his house, I think that’s just more trouble for her. How is the truth supposed to arise in all this? I was hoping this is the one show that would be different when it started from all other predictable shows. But sadly it’s failing too!

  14. What is going to happen now

  15. But i read in spoiler tat soon raj wil cme to knw abt virat

  16. What happened? Where’s yesterday’s episode?

  17. I hate this episode

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