Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th March 2014 Written Update

Episode Starts

Bhawna and family came outside to see off arpita nad family. Arpita asked Bhawna if her menhdi going to come from akshat maternal grandparents home. she told bhawna that she heard it from somewhere.Bhawna becomes sad. All left and then bhawna went to her . she took the diary out of her cupboard and start searching for number and then called somone. Phone connected and she said bhawna and crying.

avni and Akshta talking to arpita on phone. Arpita asked akshat to find his name frm her mehndi tomm. Akshat refused as he can’t do anything like that in front of all. Arpita told avani that dey are going to become husabnd -Wife and ur brother is still feeling shy. Arpita promised Avni to give her gift if she made Akshat ready for name finding task.

Akshat still saying No. He pointed towards Phone and told Avni something.Avni took phone and went outside and Told Arpita some other plan. Akshat confued as what dey both were talking about.

Bhawna worried and was about to leave home. Saawri was applying nailpaint and justthen she asked bhawna where she was going. bhawna Replied as she is going to bring shagun mehndi from outside for which she placed order.jut then pratap came downstairs all worried and saawri continues that pratap made best jewellary set for Arpita and he done best job and he is still working hard. Bhawna worried for her own task and paratap for his own. Saawri wanted to go with them but bhawna and pratap stopped her and excuses her by syaing if she went with them her nailpaint going to spoilt and even there are many guests at home . saawri stayed back but told bhawna to go with pratap as pratap will show her the necklace of arpita. Both went.

In car both worried. Pratap thinking he has nothing to show to what he will show bhawna as of now he even dun hv diamonds. bhawna worried and in her houghts that how she will take mehndi from her bhabhi as pratap is with him. Just then bhawna saw someone outside and asked pratap to stop the car. he immediately done that and bhawna came out of her and told pratap thats she had soem work nearby. pratap told her to finish her work then dey both will leave together but bhawna refused as it will take mre tym for her as moreover there is no parking. he told pratap to leave and pratap thanked god fr saving him.

Bhawna just then in front of some lady and thanked that lady for coming and bringing mehndi as if she didn’t come akshat’s marriage rituals were not done perfectly. she took mehndi bowl and bow down to take blessings but dat lady left. bhawna become sad and flashback starts as how some lady gave her a necklace with rudraskh in it. just then she put her in a room and locked dat room . flashback ends and bhawna crying. Back home she asked bauji to put his hand on mehndi bowl as its a shagun mehndi. bauji understood everything looking at her sad face and then forward bowl to arpita’s mom saying dis mehndi came from akshat’s maternal grandparents. Bhawna bit happy.

Raj talking to jiju on phone as jiju were leaving for some other place fr some work. Raj told jiju that he will manage everything and its just for one day. Jiju gives side hug to Jiji. Avni came there with coffee. Jiju told raj to cut the phone and talk with Avni. Jiju told jiji that not to worry as he will be back soon and told her to take care of herself and Raj. Avni asked Raj about phpne n he replied dat he is talking wih jiju on phone as now workload on him as jiju leaving. Avni said yeas He told her. She offered coffee to Raj n Raj took it said Coffee! excitedly. Servant Dilip came dere n asked Raj sir are u taking cofee. You don’t like it. Avni confused. Raj said he not only liked but super lykd it and pointed Dilip to leave immediately.

Avni told Raj to call jiji and Raj called.Avni invited jiji to wedding as all she was alone at home. Avni cut the phone and told Raj if he will not bring jiji she will complain to bauji.then she left and Raj to himself that this girl is perfect for his family and now it will be his name on her mehndi.Avni in mandir and blow the shankh. Arpita mehndi started n Saawri told mehndi girl dat she wants better mehndi dan Arpita and dat too on full sleaves. all laughed. Avni sit near Arpita and Arpita asked her about promise. just then Akshat came down n Avni asked bhawna dat is dere no ritual to put mehndi on Akshat hand. bhawna nodded yes and Akshat said no as he has to attend meeting. bauji said he also put mehndi n even attended meeting.

Abhas n all forcefully make him sit there. Arpita happy n give Avni her gift. Akshat understood their plan. he said this is not fair. Just then Avni went to put mehndi and when she done Ritzz came. Avni pushed him n he said he just wanted to chk her mehndi. Avni put mehndi on his hands with cone and told him to stay away from her. saawri tauting arpita n family dat her husband made jewellary to nice dat when Arpitawill wear nobody gonna look at her face all gonna look at necklace. All shocked at her words.

Precap: Avni with her friend are searching their soulmates names in their mehendi. Raj comes and they explain it to them. Avni finds J A R. She wonders what’s that. Raj says in his mind, look at properly, it’s Raj. Sawri is scolding Arpita, bhavna interrupts to stop her.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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