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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni shouts at the driver what he is doing. She tells him to stop the car, as she is terrorized. He abides and stops the car. She tells him to leave her alone else she will hit him with her bag. She says you don’t know my boyfriend is coming any time. He will not leave you. The driver says he is afraid and must leave. Avni calls Raj, the bell rings nearby. Raj asks what Avni? She is shocked to see him as he removes his moustache. She comes to her and says that this all was planned? He says this all was planned, he takes her hand and says he told her one day they will have a perfect date.
Sanvi talks to Arpita that these days school admission is a big problem. Arpita says she know a lot, she will easily get admission. Jiji was still worried; jija comes and announces that Pooja got admitted

in the biggest school of town.
Avni and Raj enjoys rain with umbrella. She begins to say something, but stops. He tells her to say it aloud to the world that she loves him. Avni gets confused that to whom in the world? He takes her along and orders two bhutta on a stall. He tells the stall man that his girlfriend has no match in this world and gives the bhutta to her. They both share it. Avni now comes to the stall and asks for a pani-puri for her boyfriend. She tells him to put sweet in it as he the sweetest in the world. They both enjoys the day. Avni shouts I love you Raj, Raj says aloud I love you Avni.
Jiji and jija comes to the school. Pooja says that it is a big school. Jija asks where are the other students. The receptionist tells him that the list hasn’t got ready. Jiji and jija thinks they are lucky that they got admission. They give credit to each other; Jija asks the receptionist that how was their daughter admitted when the list isn’t ready. He tells them that it was through some sourse and the person in principal’s office. Jiji asks did you discuss the matter with someone; Jija says I just mentioned it to Mr. Dholakia but if he did this, it is wrong. The both go to talk to him. Sanvri was there in the principal, she was saying to him that she also studied in the same school and it is the best. Sanvri takes Pooja. Jija says that he doesn’t want that Pooja’s admission takes place with some sourse. Sanvri says that it is the question of her admission. Jija says that it isn’t her matter, they are her parents. Jija tells principal that they have filled the forms and want that Pooja gets admission on her ability through proper channel.
Raj and Avni comes to a small café. Raj tells her this place is perfect for the love birds, no one disturbs anyone here. Avni appreciates the tea there.
Avni holds Raj’s hand and thanks her. She wants to do something special for her as well. He says if she wants to gift him she may kiss him. She leaves his hand, he laughs and says look at your face. She says its not funny. He says I know it isn’t funny. She tells him to bring food, he goes to take it. He comes back and says so hot. She looks at the girl behind, Raj explains that the samosas are hot but Avni asks him to leave this place.
Sanvri comes to Pratab and tells him about what Jashan and Madhuri did to her. Pratab scolds her that why she interfered in the admission of Pooja; she shouldn’t forget that Pooja is their daughter not hers. Sanvri argues, she says that she has a relation of love with Pooja. Pratab says that she must retain her motherhood so that someone else’s motherhood isn’t hurt. Sanvri says that Madhuri doesn’t deserve Pooja.
Suket comes to meet the clients. They complaints about not getting the updates as Akshit used to give them. Suket promises it is only the work load; he will soon manage to update them. As they move on, the men discussed that Akshit is not along him now. And Suket alone is unable to manage the work load. Suket goes to them and says that he set this umpire all alone and will look after it.
Avni slips on the way to temple. Raj holds her. They are close to each other. He is about to kiss her when she gets rid of him. Raj asks her if she is alright, where is she lost. She says no where and goes on. Avni says this temple is so beautiful. Raj says that temples are like this, pure and soothing. He says do you remember we met in the temple for the first time. Avni asks for the wishes. Raj prays that Avni gets what she asks for and leaves. Avni asks that her Raj isn’t like the other guys, he may get what he asked for. She looks for Raj, he comes to take her to a special place now.
Suket was talking on phone, when Bhawna comes there. Sanvri and a lady along come and suggests they should prepare the ‘thaal’. Bhawna tells on phone that she has prepared her thaal. Suket comes and thinks the Bhawna has prepared two thaal, one must be for Arpita; she will go to hand it over to her and he will prove it.

PRECAP: Avni comes dressed in the night-dress. She tells Raj she came in what he wanted her to see. How low is his thinking, she doesn’t want to see his face now. Raj tries to explain himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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