Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th February 2014 Written Update

Khandelwal’s home
A photographer was taking pics of Akshat n Arpita and tld them to make a pose. Akshat refused but Arpita ready. Akshat said we are not shooting Hollywood movie. Raj n Avni laughing at This. Arpita gets angry with Akshat.
Akshat went behind her. Raj said now Akshat will try to cheer up. Avni said are u a predictor. Raj said yes kind of. he said nOw Akshat gonna site beside Arpita and holding her hand and wills ee romanticaly in her eyes. Akshat did same. Avni impressed. Avni asked Raj about Love. Raj said nothing. She asked him If he is in love with some one. Raj has spark in eyes Nodded Yes. Avni asked then he defo know Pyaar kaisa hota hai. Raj replied LOve is a Different love we can only feel it . Avni said whenever he gets to know bout definition

of Love then defo tell her becoz if she ever fell in love with someone then she needs dis knowledge.

All on dining table khandelwal’s and aggarwal’s . All praised Arora’s Food . Suket said Food is extraordinary Good.
Then all finished dinner and Jiju stated to bind up the things . Saawri bua came and asked about Gtate ki sabzi’ recipe from Jiju . He started the recipe but Saawri bua gave her number to Him and told him that she will ask it on Phone. Ani asked saawwri how can she gave her number to a stranger so easily. She said Arora’s are nice as both were walking while talking Saawri bumped into Raj . Hot coffee fell on Raj’s hand. Saawri acold him for doing Clumsy things. She left from there. Avni was going to give Raj her number but then she saw Red burnt Mark on Raj’s hand and was about to get some ointmmet. Jiju came and take Raj away as he was worried for Raj’ hand. Raj told jiju he is gud and he did wrong by bringing him here as Avni was going to give her number. Jiju said first tym he did wrong thing Unknowingly as Rja has to leave without number today. Rja said he will not go without it Number and told Jiju to leave.

Raj saw Avni alone and went to her . he asked for Phone and she said she wrote it on paper and give paper to him then suddenly paper dropped with wind blow. Then Abhas came there. he gave stern Look to Raj and asked him what he is doing here. Raj was angry on Abhas but he controlled and told him that he is here just fr bill clreance and other bind ups. Abhas told him to leave as dey will talk with his jiju tomm.

Raj left from there helplessly. then Avni started to told Abhas Daal baati function Story. she shouted lodly that Sun apane ? Raj noticed it and he got it and then Akshat came and avni said now i will start her story from starting. abhas irritated. But Avni started and she gave Raj number by using the quantity of things and no. of persons there.
Raj finally Got her number.

on the Other side, Saawri bhawna Avni in kitchen and talking about maal pohe, then Avni phone Rnag and it was unknown number sh ethought it was Raj but Devika was on Line. Avni told devika about Raj and told her how cute n nice he is. Devika told her that she also wanna meet her New Friend. Devika cut the call and Avni confused Friend Really?

Raj Home

Raj reached home and took his phone out. he was confused about whetehr he call Avni or just msgd her then Raj decide to message Avni that ” hey I m raja and dis is my NUmber” just then one servant bumped into Him and Raj phone fell on Ground and phone’s screaan broke. Raj was very very sad. he went inside and Jiji asked him the reason and told him to Buy new phone as why he is getting angry just on phone and some random number. Raj told jiju to tell Jiji about it and left. Jiji said Raj is angry fr genuine reason. Both Jiju n Jiji stateted to talk about their Dayss. Jiji said Rja will defo find out Avni’s number in anyway.

Avni in her Room Thinking about DEvika’s words and she said Friend. then she Thought Raj is nice an dhelped her but how can I be friends with him. On the other side Raj was remebering Avni’s story and tracking the number. Just then
Avni phone rang but i was not Raj. Raj trying his best to track it and Avni thinking About Raj.

Jiju and Jiji came to Raj’s Room and jiji asked Raj what he is doing as he messed up his room at night. Raj still tracking ph. no. he was sleep deprived. Jiji told him to freshen up but he refused. Finally he got number and called. It was Avni on other Side. Raj very happy .

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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