Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
While all lament abhaas’s death, and curse the people responsible, they are shocked and enraged to find anjali and vikram coming in to pay their homage to the departed soul. She tells bhawna that she can understand what she must be going through right now, having lost her son. Bhawna asks them to leave, as she doesnt want his soul to be in unrest, due to their presence. Anjali says that her solace is with her, and yet thats highly insufficient to salvage her pain. She says that her son is innocent, and isnt capable of commiting a crime like this. All are enraged. Vikram says that years ago, he lost his family, and he could come back and form another one with much trouble, and asks them to have mercy on raj. Anjali says that she has

come here to share their pain. Avni, screams at her, unable to take the pain any longer. Avni tells anjali that she came just here for raj. Vikram tries to speak, but she shuts them too, and asks them to get lost. All stand tensedly. Avni asks them not to have even an inch of hope that Raj would be out of bars, as he would spend the entire life, in jail, living a life worse than death. They leave silently. Avni breaks down.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
Vikram and anjali discuss with Raj as to how avni, who’s so simple and clean hearted, has turned into such a cold hearted stone. Vikram assures him that he would arrange for the best of lawyers. raj says that he doesnt need any lawyer, and they are shocked. raj says that he doesnt need independance and that he would be ruined here. She breaks down while vikram asks him not to worry. Raj tells them that he wants to talk to avni alone, and this is his wish, and if they can, they should do this. Anjali tells him avni’s attitude to him, but Raj is adamant on his wish, threatening that if that doesnt happen, he would confess to the murder in court and spend the entire life in jail then. They are shocked. Raj is highly tensed and in tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s residence
The next morning, as avni and akshat are talking, she gets emotional remembering abhaas too. Akshat consoles her, saying that he also wanted to go for the immersion of the ashes. Avni says that he has to stay here to get the revenge for abhaas. Akshat says that he has come here for that only, and the lawyer shall arrive any minute. Virat comes and says that no lawyer shall come here, as he has takane all the big lawyers in his side, to prevent Raj. Both of them are enraged, as he says that he had no other option. virat says that abhaas, with his anger brought this on himself, and maybe he attacked Raj, and in that scuffle, as a preventive measure, Raj may have accidentally thrown him off the cliff. Avni shuts him, asking how can he talk so callously. Virat tries to bad mouth abhaas, but avni slaps him asking him not to dare say anything against him. Akshat too gets enraged, and slapping him, and beating him, he throws him out of the house. Akshat leaves, while virat leaves for his car evilly, thinking that this is what he wanted all along, and then tears his shirt too, and beats himself, trying to pretend in front of raj, that akshat did this to him.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
Virat goes to raj and instigates him about what avni and her family did to him and moreover how they insulted vikram. raj is hurt. virat tells him to sign the bail paperes assuring that avni wont come. Raj is convinced that she would have to come. He is shocked when he finds avni storming in, and gets overwhelmed. Avni comes and faces raj. He says that he knew she would come. She says that she had to. He thanks her. Raj asks avni to look in his eyes, and she she shall be convinced of his innocence and know that he didnt kill her brother. Virat, hurt and bruised himself, watches from the other side. Avni says that she knows the truth and that she again be trapped in his pretense simplicity, his friendship and his love, for the sake of revenge, and doesnt even deserve to be called a human, as he went to the extent of murdering abhaas, her brother. She says that he is a culprit and she would see to it that he is punished. Raj is shocked, while virat is amused. She says that he is a curse in her life, and she would make him pay for his sins. She storms and walks out, while raj is enraged. Virat faces raj too and asks him what he thought of bail. Raj says that he agrees to sign the bail papers. Virat is amused, and says that he has all the formalities ready.

Scene 5:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni reaches home, and is shocked to find raj calling her from behind. she turns around and faces him stoically. Raj says that she may have thought of doing certain things, and gone the way she wants to, but how does she plan to deal with their relation. She asks which relation, as the relation was a part of his lie, which is over now, and that she doesnt bear any relation to them now. She storms inside, raj thinks that these wounds shall heal with time, but the wound that she gave by calling their relation a betrayal, shall never heal.

Inside, the family tearfully starts performing the puja and the last rituals. akshat informs suket that arpita couldnt come yet as her tickets werent confirmed. Buaji and avni are making bhog in the kitchen, when bhawna walks in saying that she shall make. Avni tries to take over. Bhawna says that abhaas loves paranthas and sabji made by her, and hence she would do that for the last time as well. all gets emotional. Bhawna remembers feeding abhaas and is distraught. They begin with the puja, and when bhawna tries to give the bhog, she get too upset and leaves.

Scene 6:
Location: Raj’s residence.
While anjali is tensed that raj isnt picking up the phone, virat says that raj may have gone to avni’s place, but vikram is convinced that he wont commit the same mistake twice. Virat too wonders where could he have gone. Vikram calls raj and asks where he went. Raj tells him that he has come to meet a detective, to find out who killed abhaas, so that he can prove his innocence. Virat is tensed, and asks him to leave this on him. But raj says that he would have to do this himself. He cancels the call. Virat thinks that before his truth is out, he would have to do something that shall keep raj so distracted in something else. He gets an evil idea.

Scene 7:
Location: On the road
Akshat is enraged to find virat standing on the road, and asks him how dare he confront him. Virat tells him teasingly that he got raj out on bail, and their plans got crashed. Virat instigates akshat that he may beat him up, but he wont even be able to hurt raj an inch. Akshat is instigated and says that he would kill raj. he gets in his car and drives off, while virat stands amused. The screen freezes on his amused face.

Precap: The lawyer comes in with divorce papers, at avni’s place, and all are baffled. Dadaji clarifies that avni is married and what nonsense is this. The lawyer tells them that avni is married to raj purohit, and is serving her divorce papers, and that this isnt a joke. while avni is stunned and embarassed, the entire family is shocked. Suket tells in front of Abhaas’ dead picture that he confesses in front of god today, that his daughter, avni is dead. Avni tries to come to him, but he stops her with his hand. she is hurt and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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