Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th March 2014 Written Update

Raj gets very excited knowing Avni has called him to attend the function. He tells jiji and jiju that he has to wear something special.

Ritz and Sid are waiting for Raj. They say what an idiot he is that he said he will come as requested. They laugh and wish Avni was here to see his grand entry as well.

Raj enters as a Kanha, playing a flute. Everyone laughs at him. Ritz makes fun of Raj and insults him. He says this is not a fancy dress competition that he come dressed up. He asks if he wanted to win in today’s function as well like other night. Raj has nothing to say. He feels embarrassed and turns to leave, but Avni comes and stops him. Raj smiles seeing her dressed as Radha. She stands beside him and tells everyone how bauji told her about Kanha-Radha attending

the functions in past and she thought to continue that tradition. Bauji is pleased to know Avni remembered what he said. All guests now start praising Raj and Avni. Avni tells Ritz this is how small town people are. They care about their family tradition and happiness. Savri agrees and asks Ritz to apologize. Ritz says sorry buasa. Avni says he insulted Raj so he has to say sorry to him. Ritz says sorry to Raj and steps back.

They now make Avni and Raj sit together in front of Kanha-Radha idols and go to bring Akshat and Arpita to take blessings. Raj thanks Avni that she came on last moment as Radha else he would always wonder why she did such prank on him. Avni says she didn’t do prank and tells him how she found out it was Ritz’s plan when she called Raj and talked to jiji. This is their old ritual so she came as Radha to surprise everyone. And also because Ritz play goes wrong. Raj and Avni smile at each other. Avni asks him why he’s looking like this at her. Raj says they first met in mandir in front of Kanha and Radha and today they became that. Both have eye lock. Avni then thanks him for helping her and her family so much. Raj says he was afraid that she may not talk to him. Avni says he did everything with good intentions so why would she get upset. Raj then says it’s so strange, sometimes she thinks he is not talking to her and sometimes he feels that, but in real both get sad without talking to each other. Avni is all confused. Raj says that means she also feels the same as him, but she doesn’t know why she feel like that. Avni is more confused. Raj smiles and says no problem. Suket notices them bonding well.

Akshat and Arpita come and they do the tilak to Avni and Raj. Arpita feeds makhan to Raj.

Savri gives 10 lakh cash for car advance which she wants to give to Akshat. Buasa calls her and asks about money. Savri tells him that she thought money was hers so she gave it away to buy gift. Buasa gets shocked. The creditor comes to take his money and Buasa gets worried. The creditor sees diamonds and takes them until he gets his money. Buasa worries thinking how he will arrange money. Those diamonds are to make jewelries for Arpita.

Everyone is looking for Ritz as according to the rituals, Arpita’s brother has to go to drop her home. Avni suggests Raj’s name. Raj is leaving with Arpita when his jiju meets him. He takes them back in for the photographs.

While taking photos, Avni notices Raj doesn’t smile. After photos are done, Avni goes to Raj and asks he was not smiling. Raj says smile doesn’t suit on his face. Avni says it’s not like that. It’s just a fear. She also had fear like this, but after bauji explained to her, she doesn’t think about it. She asks him to trust her and give a smile. Raj says he trusts her more than himself and smiles. Avni takes photo and shows it to him. Both are very happy. Suket again notices this and gets angry. He recalls Thakur’s words about Avni being girlfriend of Raj. He comes to his room in tension and says he can’t take risk. He calls some Shashtriji and talks in muted voice. He then says no one in family shall find out about this.

Precap: Arpita says mehndi must come from akshat’s maternal parents side? bhavna is tensed and takes a number from her diary and calls .. “Mein bhavna!”
Rits goes to Avni and stops her, takes her hand looking at her mehndi and says “how good is that” avni spreads mehndi on his hand.. and says “you wanted to see mehendi right! “

Update Credit to: Sammy11

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