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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri also comes to cinema with her friends. Sanvri says that there isn’t much rush in the morning shows. Raj keeps hand on the chair- arm, Avni also keeps it there. Both of them give space to each other. Raj picks up a samosa, then thinks although he came without lunch but what will Avni think about his eating habits. They give it to each other, then share.
Sanvri’s friend talks on phone aloud, a man stands up and stops her. Raj thinks should he hold her hand, Avni thinks how will she react. Raj thinks she gave hint when she wanted to sit with him on the bicycle, he must not hold her hand just like that. They all laugh at a scene and Raj and Avni’s hands come to each others.
Sanvri looks at the people sitting in her front seats and say that someone among them must be of their

know-how as well. Today’s generation is so ruined.
Sanvri’s friend again talks on phone aloud. Raj stands up to see, he is shocked to see Sanvri. He holds Avni with shoulder, and tells her it is Sanvri. Avni is worried; Raj says that firstly I am leaving; after 5 minutes you must also come outside as it is dark now. He goes out hiding his face with shirt. Avni puts a veil aroind her and goes upstairs. As she reaches the steps Sanvri was in, the lights get on. Sanvri asks shouldn’t she be in the college. Avni says that her last lecture got cancelled, so they thought of coming to cinema. Sanvri asks who was this other person, and asks where was she sitting. Avni points her seat. Sanvri asks you were sitting with the man with the jacket. Devika comes wearing the jacket, asking for Avni. Sanvri scolds them, but her friends say has she forgotten their time that they used to bunk college classes, they also reveal that they have come hidden from the family even now. Sanvri asks them not to tell anyone at home about it, she won’t also discuss it. She asks them to go home and take them along. Avni thinks why their date gets ruined again and again.
Pratab tells Bhawna that Raj and his family are looking well after Akshit and Arpita and they are lucky to have them. Bhawna says that Raj is a sensible boy when Avni and Sanvri come. She asks how you both come together. Sanvri says she saw Avni in the way, as her lecture got cancelled and brought her home. Pratab asks that she had gone to temple, where is Prasad? Sanvri says that she was gathered by a number of children so she distributed it among them. Avni thinks before she is questioned and has to lie, she must leave. Bhawna tells her that they are going to Madhuri’s place tomorrow; you and Abhaas will be alone at home. Avni nods, Bhawna ask are you alright? Sanvri says she must be tired, and tells her to go and rest.
Avni calls Raj, he was worried. He asks was it alright? He says Sanvri must have scolded her. He says that they were safe, why are you upset. Avni says that why is it that they always get interrupted. Raj says that they must keep trying; Avni says that tomorrow can be that day as the family is going out for some function. Raj says that they will go out of city. Avni says that she will take permission from dad.
Avni brings butter cookies for Suket. Suket tastes them and asks what she wants. She says nothing. Devika and Shalini come. Shalini says that since her marriage has been fixed, she is taking her friends for outing. Suket permits. Avni thinks she can’t go with them, else she will miss the date.
In the morning Avni reads Raj’s message asking about the timings of date. She thinks she should have excused her friends. Suket knocks the door and asks Avni isn’t she ready yet. She says she is going to get ready. He says he will drop her to Shalini’s home. Avni thinks she should have said she had stomach ache; then thinks Bhawna wont go this way. She calls Raj and tells him they cant meet as she has to go with her friends.
Bhawna says to Suket she is shocked he gave permission to Avni. Suket says I have already lost a lot because of this strictness. Bhawna thanks God and asks for further blessings.
Shalini tells Suket that her father arranged a car from a well known agency. Suket leaves, Shalini says that there is the best resort, and spa. Avni thinks she doesn’t have to go there. The driver turns and calls Avni here. It was Raj. He tells Avni to sit in front. He asks why Avni is upset, Avni says it is none of your business. Avni thinks where Raj would be? In the way, Shalini and Devika leaves saying Shalini’s fiancé got the wrong ring for her. Shalini says she will join them later. Avni was about to come out of the car when Raj speeds up.

PRECAP: Avni calls Raj, the phone rings nearby and she can hear Raj. She looks behind, the driver removes his moustache. It was Raj.

Update Credit to: Sona

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