Aur Phir… Mein aur meri jaan dobara mila LONG PROMO (Suhani si ek Ladki)


Hey guys, here I am! Thank you so much for all the love and support everyone has shown me since day 1. As promised here is a super long promo for my new ff Aur phir… mein aur meri jaan phir se mila. It might seem like it’s been done before, but trust me my dears… this one is COMPLETELY different to anything at least I’ve ever read before, it might not seem it now but the more epis you read you will see what I mean… I will only continue if you lot like it so please tell me what you think in the comments…


She heard loud footsteps clunk down the stairs and froze for a moment in surprise and vexation. She grabbed tighter to the pages of the book that slithered under her fingers and bit her lip in nervousness. She slowly wiped away the drops of salty water that littered the waterproof book cover. She closed the book slowly, taking care not to crease the pages or make any noise, she heard the footsteps approach closer and quickly stuffed the book in the gap of the big plush sofa she was sitting on.

Sambhav stood in front of her with his usual smile, Suhani mustered a smile back hoping he hadn’t noticed anything unusual. She stood up and walked up to him, knotting her hands together, not knowing what to do with them.

Sambhav- are you sleepy Suhani? (He started at her deeply but she looked down nodding without words.)

Sambhav placed his hand on her upper arm, causing her hair to stand on end with uncomfort that she battled with a small smile and heavy breathing; she had to do this, for him.

Sambhav- Teek kai Suhani, go to sleep, but kahi pe mat jaana okay? (Suhani looked up at him for a second a unexplainable emotion in her eyes, before looking to the ground again.) Okay…? (His voice was sterner and she sensed it. She couldn’t handle this today. She nodded.)

Sambhav- Good girl. (He smiled at her. He watched her as he walked back up the stairs, and she held her breath until he disappeared around the corner of the upstairs corridor.)

She looked out of the huge window that looked out at the busy nightlife of the city. The window was so big that she almost felt surrounded by the bitter cold winter air and felt as if she was freely floating in amongst the clouds. She shivered. Liberation was a window pane away, but on the other side of the glass she felt trapped in a huge room, alone. She observed the blinking lights and faint blaring noise of the people of Allahabad; she wondered whether he was amongst one of them. In their park or at their gollgappa stand… waiting for her. He wouldn’t be… not after that. She got up and looked away, walking toward her cupboard and wiping at her watery eyes, she couldn’t look at anything for too long nowadays, everything reminded her of him. Everything in this house was etched with a memory of him; she wanted to leave, to move away. But Sambhav said that he wanted to be here, he liked the way everything belonged to Yuvraj, but her.

She took out her nightie but something fell to the floor and a dull thud sounded on the scratchy carpet. It was his huge jumper. She bent down slowly and collected the soft fabric between her fingers. It was stretchy and navy blue, it was long enough to almost be her dress and his manly scent lingered in it. She changed in to just his jumper and then wore some leggings, suddenly aware of her surroundings.

She sat back on to the sofa; savouring his smell that she was so grateful had been preserved for so long. She revelled in this new sense of safety and comfort that brought a little bliss to her heart. She pulled the blanket over her shivering body. She felt his scent surround her and imagined his arms wrap around her while she nestled up in his lap, placing her head against his chest listening to the rhythm of his irregular heartbeat, closing her eyes in content with a smile as he plants a kiss in the part of her hair like he always does, watching over her while she went to sleep.

She wipes away a lone tear that streaked her blank face as she fell asleep with a void of emptiness eating away at her heart.


Yuvraj stood at the door of his house, the one he owned but was filled with her memories. It was his house, but she had made it home. He ran his hand down the door until he felt the carving curve under his calloused finger. He traced his finger over the letters while the tears flowed from his hazy eyes, S+Y. He closed his eyes as he remembered her sparkling smile as she carved with a piece of sharp wood, the continuous laughter she spread it to him and how the curves of her waist were perfect for him to rest his arms around while he watched her, placing his chin on her shoulder. The house was going to be empty without her… that’s why he avoided coming back for so long.

He slipped the key into the lock and winced loudly in pain at the movement. He recovered quickly; he twisted the key around slowly, pangs in his heart as memories of her flashed in front of his tired eyes. He walked inside, dropping his luggage to the ground; he looked up for the first time, the room dimly lit by the lights filtering in from the windows.

He saw Suhani sleeping on the sofa in the centre of the room covered by the pale blue blanket, shivering slightly. He stared at her, her soft pink lips, her long lashed eyes, smooth locks of ebony hair that he wanted to capture in his fingers. He blinked his eyes, begging his mind to stop playing tricks on him, they were too painful.

He opened his eyes… and she was still there, in all her grace and glory. He gasped in absolute shock, his eyes were immediately brimming. The keys in his hands almost clattered to the floor.

Yuvraj- Suhani… (His voice wasn’t a yell, but it was loud and full of disbelief.)

Suhani stirred at his voice, her eyes fluttering and opening slowly, she sat up and saw him.

Her closed her eyes again, pulling the blanket over herself, this happened every night, him showing up, talking to her, yelling at her for her foolish sins. It went away if she ignored it, remembering him is too painful.

Yuvraj- Suhani! (It still wasn’t a yell, but it was an exclaim, loud enough to get Suhani sitting fully upright.)

Suhani- (he was still there when she opened her eyes….) Yuvraj! (Continuous streams of tears flowed from both of their eyes. They couldn’t believe it, they couldn’t handle it. Suhani almost forgot the danger he and she were in, Yuvraj completely forgot his anger at her.)

Suhani stared whimpering with a broken voice with shivering lips, ripping Yuvraj’s heart out of his chest. All he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her for the first time in years and let her cry on him, wipe away her tears and protect her from everything. He remembered the last time he heard her cry like that, the last time they saw each other.

..Flash back..

Yuvraj pinned her against the wall, trapping her by pressing his arms on either side of the wall beside her. He leaned in to her, his face millimetres away from hers. He started at her with his fiery gaze that bore in to her raw soul, but she looked down, avoiding his glare.

Yuvraj- TUM KYA SOCHA THA!? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SUHANI!? (His warm breath radiated like fire on to her face, turning her cheeks red. She quivered slightly, scared of this side of him… she had never been scared of him before.) Hadn’t you promised? Hadn’t you promised Suhani? That it would be our child that grew in your stomach? HADN’T YOU SUHANI!? (Suhani tried to step away slightly squeezing her eyes shut. He sighed in exasperation and his eyes filled up with tears.) kyu tum aisa kardiya? What will I do now Suhani, what will we do now!? (He shook in rage. Suhani was terrified, tears threatened to fall. She tried to break out of his arms and walk away but he grabbed her by the arm with a strong and angry grip.) HE’S GONE! HE IS GONE SUHANI! WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?

Suhani- I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I could never be the wife you wanted Yuvi (Suhani’s whisper was barely audible but Yuvraj heard her clearly. She cracked, the tears flowed down her face.)

Yuvraj saw them and immediately stopped, hit with heart wrenching guilt seeing the pain he caused her. Suhani still cowered with her eyes shut expecting him to yell more. Yuvraj saw this and realised how much he had scared her. He lifted his hand to caress her face and she flinched. She thought he was going to hit her. He wanted to die right there and then, he couldn’t control the endless tears that dripped from his eyes. He didn’t want to exist anymore, not when the love of his life was terrified of him. Suhani whimpered with loud sobs and fell in to his chest, almost collapsing. He held her upright before she fell to the floor, encircling her with shame and hiding his crying face in her hair.

Yuvraj- I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I don’t deserve you. But you know I could never ever hurt you, na meri jaan? I was just scared Suhani, I was just upset, we lost him Suhani… but now I don’t want to lose you, I can’t live without you. ‘

Suhani broke out of the embrace and held his face, she placed a her soft lips against his cheek and planted a kiss there.

Suhani- You just hurt me now Yuvi (She walked out of the room, not looking back as he yelled her name until his voice went hoarse. He chased her until he collapsed to the floor in tears, he never imagined he would be the reason for her tears. He just wanted to tell her how much he loved her and apologise a million times and beg her not to leave him. But he couldn’t, He never saw her again, and then that happened. The incident.)

..end of POV..

He tried to be angry, he pined for her for years, time he could never get back. She never came back to hear his apology, she never came to apologise for leaving him, never gave him a valid reason why. But now when she ran to him with tears spilling from her eyes and her hair flowing behind her, straight into his arms… the infinite love he had for her took over his heart.

Yuvraj- meri Suhani… meri jaan… (He managed to choke through his tears grabbing Suhani’s face in his hands desperately, they both smiled through their cries)

They were about to hug, their limbs beginning to tangle, but then…

Sambhav- Suhani! Who is making all that noise!? Has someone come baby? (Yuvraj’s hands slammed lifelessly at his sides, as he stared painfully straight in to Suhani’s eyes with questioning in his rounded hazel eyes. Suhani squeezed her eyes shut, overwhelmed by fear, disgust and shame.

Precap- more romance, more mystery and even more of this extremely different plot


So I’m extremely interested…. do you guys like it? Do you have any idea what’s going on? (Tell me what you think they fought over in the precap, I don’t think anyone will get it but I’d be very impressed if you could. (its not as easy as it seems.)) And what was your favourite moment? Please comment and show some love!


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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Wow it was an awesome start.Love the way u write.Felt as if I was watching it.Please update iss pyaar ko nei thod saktha too…


      Thank you sooo much! Im really glad you liked it! Wow you like the way i write? Thank you, thats such a great compliment! And definitely, an episode of is pyar ko nei thood sakta is right on its way! Hopefully even today!

  2. Nice one yaar……pls pls pls update the nxt episode of iss pyaar ko nahi thod sakte


      Thank you so much! And yes of course, I will update it very soon, maybe even today!

  3. Omg terrific promo??….plz start ur ff…frankly speaking i couldnt guess whats going on….zaroor sambhav ne kuch kiya hoga with that child..all d best


      Wow! Thank you for the encouragement. Ill let you find out in the upcoming episodes x

  4. Hi shreya u r back with another yuvani i am so excited.u always tried to show yuvani in adifferent and perfect way. I am eagerly looking forward fr this itself was out standing.really dont have any idea abt their fight.but one thing i know is u will definetely make it beautiful.i like promo very much.i love the way yuvi and suhani reaction after meeting.all d very best fr ur new ff.pls update regularly dear.


      Thank you for being so excited! It makes me so happy! You've always encourage me so much Radha di! Perfect, different, out standing, beautiful? I dont deserve that much praise! Oh im glad you liked the emotions in that part! Thank you, ill try x

  5. NAPSHa J

    Shreya darling.. I don’t know what to say now.. I was kinda trembling with fear.. couldn’t understand what was going on.. plz start with the 1st epi asap.. 🙂


      Wow! Really? Im so glad that my writing had the emotions and mystery behind them as i wanted. Thank you so much! But your so much better of a writer than me, i love your ff! And yes definitely, ill try update it soon x

  6. Avanikamdar

    Amazing dii !!


      Thank you so much for your everlasting support ?

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I did not get anything…..its seems interesting…. more of mystery… can’t wait for ur surprise…. pls update soon di


      Thank you! I was hoping that it was interesting! Thank you! thank you! It makes me so happy to know that people want to read the upcoming epis!

  8. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awesome… Ur such a great writer…. Im eagerly waiting….


      Thank you so Much! Im so glad that an amazing writer like you likes my writing and im so glad you are looking forward to the next epis x

  9. Aqsxxh

    As soon as i read the first line, i knew it was you!
    I am glad you came back with a bang darling, the suspense is killing me!


      Really? Im so so so happy that my writing is recognisable now ?? wow thank you im glad your interested! Ill definitely try! Your comment always make me smile di!

      1. Aqsxxh

        Hehe Di!
        Your writing is so unique!
        I love it!
        And Your writing has the same effect darling x
        Love it and love you x

  10. wow! it was awesome dude. promo itself is just like a episode but with suspense n confusion. pl update ur 1st chapter


    Omg yhank you so much, im really glad you liked it so much! In other promos im always sad when they are short because im always interested to read more so i decided to make my promo long… Ill update it as soon as i can !

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