Attitude or love (epi 5)


Epi 5:-
scene 1 In the canteen Twinj were shocked while yuvi had no clue..mahi came in the canteen wid her friends..she saw kunj and camr to him and said “hi bhai!”..yuvi heard her voice and turned to see her..he was mesmerised by her looks..kunj turned and said “arre mahi..kesi he tu? Mahi:-i’m good bhai..wont u introduce me to ur your friends (pointing towards the grp) Kunj:-oh sure..come,Dipesh ko to tu janti hi he to meet Lisa,Anjali,karan,& Yuvi (pointing at each and every one) Mahi:-Aur yeh kaun he?(indicating towards twinkle who was giving death glares to kunj) Kunj:-Chod na..kuch khaas ni he.. Dipesh:-Kunj tu phir phasega aur is baar yeh tujhe nahi chodegi..(to mahi) mahi yeh twinkle he yuvi ki behen… Mahi:-oh hi di twinkle di.. Twinkle:-Hi! Yuvi:- toh phir chale? Kunj:- kahaan? Yuvi:-aare practise karne! Kunj:-kis cheez ki practise? Twinkle:- yuvi..tu kis idiot se baat kar rha he?? Kunj:-oh siyappa tujhse baat nahi kar raha hu to chup beth.. Yuvi:-Stop fighting..practise matlab..dont u knw there is a anniversary function held in the college..?? Kunj:-to esa bolna..ha nay to.. Twinkle:-ussne aisa hi bola tha..hmmph.. Kunj:-whatevaaa..

Scene 2:- in the hall There are many students shown practising in the hall..some are dancing,some are singing,while some are thinking what to do.. In the mean while the principal comes and took the attention from students and said..”Good afternoon my students..i hope u heard that there’s a function held for our college’s anniversary..and you guys have to perform and also participate..there are some guests also coming from other countries school’ please not for yourselves but for our college’s reputation you’ve all have to do ur best in the preparations..” The stydents were satisfied by the princi’s words…the princi left and the students started practising again..also Twinj’s group started practising..

Kunj:-hum kya karenge? Dipesh:-wahi to soch rahe he hum bhi..! Lisa:-lets make a grup dance and a coupls dance..what say?? Dipesh:-But couples kon banega?? Lisa:-sab kuch me hi suggest karungi kya..?? Mahi:-umm..hum couples form kar sakte he.. Karan:-Right..! Yuvi:-Great idea.. Dipesh:-so or lisa ek couple..while karan and anjali,yuvi and mahi,and twinkle and kunj..all okay with it..? Twinj:-whaaatttt?? Twinkle:-mujhe iss bandar ke saath nahi dance karna.. Kunj:- aur naahi mujhe iss bandariya ke saath.. Karan:-common..sirf ek dance hi to karna he.. Twinkle- tu aur me bhi to kar sakye he na??. Karan:-yaar mujhe Anjalinke saath kkarna he..(Guys Anjali and karan are dating eachother from the start only) Twinkle:-phir me dipesh ke saath karlungi.. Dipesh:-nahiii..i wanna dance wid Lisa only..pleaseeeee… Lisa giggled..while twinkle was angru..thinking that she’s not left with any choice rather than dancing with kunj only.. Twinkle:-Babaji ne bhi mujhe kese frnds dilwaye he..hmmphh All together except kunj:-Acche se pyaare se nanne se… Kunj:-par plzz ise boldiyo ke mujhe na chede.. Twinkle:-tum toh koyi s*xy ladki ho na jo me tumhe chedungi… Kunj:-s*xy ladki to nahi par s*xy ladka zaroor hu..(putting his shirt collars up) Twinkel:-yeah yeah..s*xy my foot.. The screen freezes on both kunj and twinkle passing death glares to each other..

Precap:-students preparing for the 25th anniversary of the college…

Wassup guyss..all good nah…?? tell me in the comments..and yah..guys plzzz do tell me if u liking the storyline..plsss..cuz my comments are getting less day by day..plzzz do tell me..i’ll try my best to improve the story and if not i’ll end it here only..sorry..And thanks to every one who commented on my prev epi..thank u soo much for ur wonderful comments…love yallz…??.. Andddddd….Happy b’day zuhaaaaa…may Allah grant u all the happiness u deserve..May Allah bless ur life with love,luck and prosperity…happy birthday… Happy birthday dear sonal di..dont be upset dear its ur birthday and enjoy it to the fullest…As dis is ur birthday,I pray to Allah to fulfill every desire of yours,and bless you with whatever you deserve…happy birthday..! As this is ur day guys Go on,be carefree and celebrate to the fullest and i will pray to Allah to bless you with lots and lots of such moments to celebrate.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U TWO…??

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