Attitude or love (epi 4)

Epi 4:-Scene 1 Twinkle went away and kunj sighed.. Kunj:-Bach gaya yaar..nay toh..soch bhi nahi sakta par manna parega ladki me dum to he..warna mujhe..i mean me! Like noone can ignore ka sabse handsome ladka hu..ladkiyon ki line lagti he or yeh he ki moor ke bhi nahi dekha…Siyappa queen..oops dhire se bol warna usne sunliya toh margaya.. Kunj returned back to the place were Dipesh,Karan,Anjali,Lisa and Twinkle were standing…Twinkle was smirking which was noticed by Kunj …Dipesh came towards kunj and said “damn..i missed it..dude culdnt u call me earlier?..i wanted to see how u apologised Twinkle…like begged her..yakin ni ho raha he yaar”…kunj was boggled..kunj thought “when did i beg..and yeh siyappa queen smirk kyu kar rahi thi..kahin isine to Dipesh ko nahi kahan ke i begged her and all..obvio yahi kahengi na..cuz as far as i knw mere aur iske alawa koy nahi tha…

He came out of his thoughts and said “Dipesh i think we should leave” Twinkle interrupted by saying Twinkle:-Itni bhi jaldi kya he..? Karan:-Yeah..lets go to the canteen..? Lisa:-Sure..i’m so hungry Dipesh:-Ooh..tume bhook lagi he to chalo…kunj chal… Kunj:-Nahi u guys go..i’ll catch you guys later on.. Karan:-Twinkle chal Twinkle:-Arre can i be so selfish..?(yeh chori bari drama queen he.. ???)kunj agar humare saath nahi ayega toh woh to phir lonely feel karega na..woh gana suna he..?..i’m so lonely..i’m so lonely..i’ve nobody?…suna he..?? Kunj:-its okk..i’m fine..i’ve got many frnds..i’ll stay wid them.. Twinkle:-Nahi..tum humare saath hi chaloge.. Karan:-Ohh God! Tum dono pehle fight karte ho phir ek dusre ke bina jaa bhi nahi rahe ho.. Twinkle:-Shut up!..? Kunj:-Chalo um coming..(gritting his teeth..) Scene 2:-In the canteen . All came and sat on the tables and started chit chatting..while Dipesh went to get some snacks. The sitting position was like Karan on the right side of Twinkle,then Anjali,Kunj,Lisa and Dipesh..(round in circle..hope u guys understood) meaning Twinkle and kunj were facing each other..kunj was giving death glares to Dipesh…just then a girl came(let’s name her Soniya)..she came towards Kunj in a sensual way and sat on kunj’s lap..everyone were shocked..kunj saw twinkle who was busy in her phone(she still dint yet see soniyaon kunj’s lap) Twinkle looked up to see soniya on kunj’s lap and was shocked..Twinkle thought “kitne badtameez he ye dono..khule aam pyaar…aur is ladki ki shakal toh dekho..gorilla se kam nahi he..(loudly) hahahahahahah(and started laughing like hell??)

Everyone looked at her.. Karan:-Kya hua Twinkle?? Twinkle:-Hahahahaha!! Soniya:-Is she crazy?? Lisa:-mind ur language! Anjali:Bari ayi ‘is she crazy’..(mimicking her) Twinkle:-ahhahaahahaha!! Dipesh:-Whats wrong Twinkle?? Twinkle:-hahaha..sorry sorry…hahahahahhaha. Kunj:-Why are u u see any jokers over here…. Twinkle:-hahahahah…(controlling her laugh)..i think soo.. Kunj:-kahan he? Twinkle:-(shouting) Yuviii Karan:-yuvi??..khud ke hi bhai ko joker bol rhi he…wah bhai wah.. Twinkle:-Stupid!..yuvi..(Pointing at yuvi who was standing behind kunj)

Yuvi:-hey! Dudes ..mujhe to bhool hi gaye(coming towards) Anjali:- Haan you are rht hum to tumhe bhool hi gaye…!par tum to hume nahi bhoole the.. Yuvi:-woh to me busy tha isiliye..par tum log to aa hi sakte the na.. Karan:- aisa kuch ni he yaar..baat to yeh he ki we dint wanted to disturb you…tu apni mashuka ko patane me busy tha..isiliye.. Dipesh:-Mashuka?? Twinkle:-Haan..mashuka par woh isse pyar karti he ya nahi woh ni jante.. Dipesh:-Kon he woh lucky girl?? Twinkle:-Mahi.. Kunj:-Mahi?? (Moving Soniya from his lap) Twinkle:-Sunayi nahi deta kya?? Kunj:-Mahi kyaa….?? Dipesh:-yeahh.ahi kya??uski surname kya he?? Twinkle:-umm i dont knw.. Yuvi:-Sarna!par tum log yeh kyu puch rahe ho? Kunj:-Whatt sarnaa?? Twinkle:- sarna means she is ur sister…?? Kunj:-yeah.. Yuvi:-whatt?? . On the other side a girl is seen talking to her friends..she is reaveled to be Mahi Sarna..she was lookong very beautiful…she was wearing a denim jeans and a yellow shirt.. Precap:-Twihi’s meeting and many moree

. Phewww…hello guyss…first of alll Happyyy diwaliii to every one..A warm Diwali wish for every happiness.May the warmth and splendor,that are a part of this auspicious occasion,fill your life with happiness and bright cheer,and bring to u joy and prospertry for the whole year…?….and Adya dear…dont call me di as um just 13yrs sure u elder than me..and thanks for that lovely comment…and Sidvee what a coincidence…my mother language is also Gujrati…??…and thanks for commenting…THANKS TO EVERY ONE FOR UR LOVELY COMMENTS…UM GLAD THAT U GUYS ARE LOVING IT…???….i tried to make it longer….hope i dint bore u…and coming to u tani…RP..u called me FT…so u r RP…tera surprise yeh tha….?????..enjoy…tnks yaar…for commenting..and posting my ff on behalf of really means a lot..luv u..and mind u say any thing abt ur writing skills…evryone writes very well….so stop judging ur self..

warna wahan ake tuje marungi…um too daring huh…????????abb chillax kar aur apna ff jaldi post kar…ff se yaad aya..Adya dear ur ff is fantastic..i read it buh couldnt get tym to comment..will surely try to comment…okkk enuf of my bak bak bohot karli ajj to ?????kkk n bye…i’ll try to comment on everyones ff..????

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