Attention please! Low TRPs


Hello my dear friends!Seems like TRPs are refusing to cross the 1.9 mark.To be frank,I had started to write article based on TRPs since the start of memory loss track.But there is no change at all.I wonder whether Swaragini will be in the on air shows list in 2017(to be simple,even at the end of 2016).

Swasan scenes,Ragya track have failed to increase TRPs so what next?Shows like YRKKH are still in top 5 even after whole 7 years!!!!How could they?As per the urban barc report,Swaragini is not among the first 20 shows.What is so bad about the show?I too feel irritated with this fake pregnancy track like you.I too desperately want something meaningful in the show.

Let’s wait for some more time.Let the creatives know what we want.But we cannot/shouldnot let Swaragini down.Please do something to revive the show.Let’s wait and watch.But the thing is,I have lost all hopes for Swaragini.All of us must get ready to receive the news of Swaragini going off air…..VERY SOON…..

Credit to: Priya

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  1. Sindhura

    Dont worry colours tv dont care abt trp
    If they are low also thry wont stop shows comparing to another channels

    1. Varsha

      Yes you are correct dear, even after the showing nonsense in SSK and TRP’s being low?

  2. Jwala

    it all because swaragini cvs didn’t know how to utilise a plot.. in swaragini only entertaining and epic track was swasan fake marriage and negative ragini. those days was epic. now I’m tolerating show just because of swasan. we online viewers may watch the show for our favourites. but what about trp audience? nothing good in the show. over dramatic lame tracks. they ruined memory loss track. better they hire good writer and director. and in my opinion if the show a reincarnation track with 4 leads show may get good trps. else leaps also will not help the show. all tracks are weak. obsession track must ne strongest. but they made the track a joke. swaragini need better cvs. only because of 4 leads show is running

  3. KritikaRajpoot

    Great you are saying about RagYa track have failed to increase the Trp but can you tell me after swaRagini wedding how many RagLak scene have come except accident scene… there are only 4 or 5 min RagYa scene and rest of swaSan only from Monday we are seeing Ragini scenes not even RagYa and in 3 days trp from 1.7 or 1.9 wouldn’t come up to 2.9….. and the fake pregnancy track was very bad and only 3 min scene came and rest of swara memory loss…. and about off air it would be very soon because the creative should give the egual importance to both bairs. 14 min RagLak 14 min swaSan and 2 min advertisements… equal importance does not means the whole epi RagLak and the other swaSan or whole week RagLak and other week swaSan isse toh show off air hee hoga…. so ya this was only in my heart and all swaSan and swara fans i didn’t bash swaSan and swara so please don’t include this to bashing

  4. Meher

    The fights between the two fandom is inversely proportional to the trp..

    Simply if the both fandom keeps on fighting then the end of swaragini is too near..

  5. M preparing my mind… So when it goes off air… I should not be heartbroken… 🙁 most of the fans are adamant to not to increase the trp…. 🙁

  6. Guys why don’t you all thinking that it’s only a show. Kiseeka zindagi ka sawal nahi hein

    1. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

      Sam its just a show for u but for me its the entertainment of the day …. I never wnt this show to go off air .. I has the best storyline from starting …. I know now the storyline is not so good …. but swaragini is the most liked serial of colours …

  7. Megha123

    It’s all because of fightings of fans & even partiality shown by cvs towards the pairs & even the leads .& now a days fans r really being adamant and r saying to give more importance to swara like really? ?? From the episode 1 she’s given more importance than any other person if they haven’t even showed sister’s bonding well and last bt nt least recently in twitter some of the helly’s fans even requested the cvs ppl to make ragini negative again to gain trp …….THIS is the ultimate thing. with all these bias how could we see the increase in the trp at all

  8. when they showed raglak track!!! only 2-3minutes scenes that doesn’t mean their track, raglak track always gained 2.9trp but CVS always ditched them

    I hate CVS they always partial towards one couple

  9. First sr try to learn how to manage 4 lead pairs.bcz now a days sr is al abt swasan..where is raglak in this? Now a days they give some ragini seens bcz of fake pregnency track..other than this no raglak track..bcz of this most of the raglak fans leave the show.if sr wants trp first let them learn how to manage 4 lead pairs

  10. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Plz guys watch swaragini … I love all the four leads specially helly … plz atleast watch for ur favourite couple … plz…
    And that YRKKH is still going … I just hate that serial …. first that serial should go off air …

    1. Sindhura

      First ssk and balika vadu should go off air
      Yrkkh is fsr better than these two.
      And in this they dont make fun of relation and boot prathi
      Of ssk stopped colour will gain trp auyomatically

  11. Mona146

    They should stop endless twists and introduce some positive scenes. I dont like parineeta turning negative for no reason all of sudden. I stopped watching it since it started making me restless.

  12. Moni

    NOW I feel like Just make all 4 leads die and bring season 2 with same four leads and yes GIVE EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO BOTH THE LEADS…not just making one good at everything and other bad to make the other look good…this show was about swaragini but what they showed was love triangle between sisters and then finally after long wait when sisters united they neglected raglak..i like swasan also but yoo much of swasan bored me..i am a loyal viewer to SR..i watch it daily even if i get a min of raglak but how long….the only solution for trp is equal importance to both the pairs..equal means equal..lastly love all the four leads but really dissapointed with the makers

  13. I simply want this serial to go off aur . Not bcoz of Swara ragini or helly tejaswi but for the negativity it possec. This is most negative show l have ever watched. They have showed each and every in a negative shade except swara.seriously what will people get msg by this.stopped watching that after laksh betrayal. But l really feel guilty for suggesting my abroad cousin for watching this show. She asked me whether this is custom in lndia. They are destroying our pride and culture and humanity too. And last but not the least they made a havoc in social sites by their partially btwn two leads. Bcoz of which innocent actors were bashed.

  14. Vyshu10

    The only thing i m interested in watching the show is swasan. I won’t mind at all if they give swasan and raglak tracks equally. All i want is a proper sensible track for swasan with proper screenspace.

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