that attempt which changed my life (Epi 9)


We reached home. She as usual told me to get those bags in. I took those bags in and saw her holding a guitar. You play? I asked.
Yeah obviously she said. Multi-talented i said. Yeah in life we have so many things to do should try everything. I mean its not possible to try everything but what ever you are capable of you should do.
What are your hobbies? She asked. Basically to follow your orders i told her. Apart from them she said. Hmmm … to draw various designs of shoes is my hobby or you can say was. Hmmm if you start it again then it can be your hobby again . Yeah i said. Aren’t you getting ready? I mean we spent so much time wandering around and you have to go also.
Yeah i almost forgot about it. Good you reminded me. She said and took those bags and went to her room she got ready soon and came out. She was looking extremely beautiful in that. Come she said.

Why would i come with you for your date? Ohh hello. Dumbo don’t forget you are my manager also. I will drop you there she said. She again called me dumbo. But i did not just followed her. She dropped me to the restaurant and went to her respective way.

I was looking after the restuarant. It had been almost 1 hour since she had gone. There were few customers today so we were not rushing. Everything was going on smoothly until she returned back. She honked and ordered me to come.

I was confused as though why she came so early? Was everything alright or did she get bored and came back? Total confusion. She always put me in dilema. I sat and she drove to her mansion. She did not utter a word nor did i asked her questions.

She opened the door , got in her room changed and went up to the terrace. I sat for few minutes in the hall but then could not control myself from asking. So i sprinted towards terrace.

She was sitting there with a bottle of vodka. I went near her. Do you want? Came her question. I remembered the incident again and said no to her. Okay she said and opened it and took a sip.
Why did you come so early? After waiting for a long time. Did you get bored? Curious to know what had happened.
That idiot came 15 minutes late. Only 15? I mean mau be he had some other work. May be she said. But when you plan a date you must only have a plAn or you should fix a proper time.
Okay. But what then? I mean you cancelled your date?
No she said. I gave the restaurant a treat.
Treat? For he not coming early you gave the people treat?
Yeah ofcourse. You know people got so happy about it. I mean the restaurant was full so i them alao treat and those who were waiting also.
But why did you spend your money? If he came late you should have left?
I never spent my money she said taking a sip from the bottle.
What? I mean if you did not spend? Then?
She raised her eyebrows while drinking.
I gave her wtf expression. Seriously?
Yeah she said. He came late and he had to be punished.
Poor guy i said. Yeah really she said laughing he will become poor after paying the bill.
That was not good i said. Let it be now, i am sure that he will be early from onwards.
Yeah next time he will come 15 mins early specially for your date. I said.
Next time? There is no next time. Only dating a guy once. She said.
Yeah but that was not a date . You’ll did not even talk properly.
That was his mistake. She said.
Life is all about a second chance , don’t you believe in this. I asked her.
I do sometimes. She said forget it. Its my past she said.
So fast she could forget her past. I can’t even think of forgetting it.
Are you sure you don’t want to drink? She asked. No i said. This was my biggest mistake i told her.
What mistake? She almost forgot what i had done. Or i never told her the incident.
Murder? Don’t you remember. Haan yeah how did you kill those people? Did you peirced knife? Or some other way? She asked.
No i said. I’ll tell you what had happened.
Yeah sure she said. For first time she was curious to know something.
Hmmn so it was my result day of 12 . I had scored distinction. So my parents gifted me a car. My friends and my sister were happy and we went for a drive. I was very happy, they were also my friends got the alchol in car they forced me to drink. I was not ready to drink. They tried to force me and i turned my self saying no but they forcefully made me drink but by the time i could turn back to see infront everything was over. I had banged onto the tree and there was a beggar lying there i killed him and my sis fell out of the car. I was shocked seeing no life in her she had banged her head on the stone. Then i was sent to juvinille house and then you know.
Ohh but that was just an accident you did not do ot purposely. She said. That you think not everyone thinks like you. I told her.
So that’s why you don’t drive? Yeah i said.
And why don’t you drink? Because of that i lost my sis. No she said. If you had to take that bottle from them thry would not have force you. And you would have not turned. Without drinking you reached there. She laughed.
She was right. And i thought you are obideint and respect values as your name she said Sanskar. That’s why it is said you should not judge a book by its cover.
Here you go have it she said. Why don’t you try it?
I remembered what she said and took a drink. I was quite releaved after telling her my story. I took a sip. I got that burning sensation from with in . What the hell is this? How you drink this? Isn’t your stomach burning?
Chill she said. Its your first time. Next time it won’t happen.
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Credit to: bitsy

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  1. Amazing I really like ur ff it’s just so nice

  2. Awesomeeeeee!!!!!

  3. Hi dear, the story is gud but its confusing wen u write it in paragraphs. It’s a suggestion – can u pls write in dialogs like 1st the name, then their dialog. (Swara – chill, it’s ur 1st time. Next time it won’t happen. )

  4. It was really tooooooooooooooo different but amazing one

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