that attempt which changed my life (Epi 8)


I woke up early today before she could. I was perfectly ready to go for my 2 nd day job. But our sleeping beauty was not ready so i went walking by myself.
The restaurant was filled with many customers. I went up and started doing my work. Soon the rush was over. Raj asked me about swara. I told him that she was still sleeping so i came by myself.
What? He asked. Sleeping till now? Not possible he said.
Why? I mean anyone can sleep for long time. May be she wanted to sleep a little extra i said.
Not possible he told me. This has never happened in past years. She is very dedicated towards her work.
But everything has a first time i told him. May be he said but you shouldn’t have come by yourself. You are her p.a she might fume at you.
She’s not a stove gas to fume at me i said. Whatever be carefull now. I was just wondering what she might do today. I mean i had never seen her anger side. She was always in that bubbly or fun mood.

I prayed to god that nothing should happen. What you praying to god? Came her voice. I was now thinking what to say.
You came early today leaving me there she said. I always come with you i don’t leave you as i have to come with you i said. Whatever it is good that you are working towards your job. I smiled a bit. You look nice in this white t-shirt, blue denims and brown sneaks she complimented me. I was glad that she liked it. Don’t be happy she said it was my choice. I had no answers nor questions i remained mum . She ordered me to come out.
Raj: you are indeed lucky if we were in your place she might have said something else. I just smiled. Don’t smile now. Go fast before she her mood changes.

I ran after her. She was sitting on the jeep. Here you go she gave me her phone call rehan and put it on speaker she said. I took her phone and called him.
Hey baby, ready for tonights date? He asked.
Yeah darling, which place? She asked.
I’ll text you he said or should i come to pick you?

No I’ll come by myself she said before cutting the call.
I was left thinking she broke up few days back and now so soon got a new bf also.
Sit in she said. I sat as ordered. She took me to a store. She chosed a black dress. She came out wearing it and asked am i looking hot? She was indeed hot. But i did not say anything. Perfect !! She said. I will buy this one. We came out and sat in the jeep.
She started driving it. Ask she said. What??

I know you must be having many questions in your mind. Yeah i had many of them. But how does she always come to know? Whatever it may be. I wanted my answers. Don’t you have anything to ask?
Yeah i have infact many. The first one why do you always wear black i mean why don’t you prefer colours? That’s because i like black it looks more formal than others, next. Did you leave varun because of rehan? No she said. I met him yesterday quite good guy. So soon you change your bf? I mean don’t you miss varun? Why to miss him it was a 2 day relationship which broke in 2 days and he became senti about it. What for 2 days? Yeah see boys are more senti about things. Okay. Why did you reject varun? I thought he was good but when we had our first date he ordered the starters and after eating only he started belching. I mean it was so annoying and irritating. Was that the only reason? Yeah ofcourse and he was so proud of his belching idiotic creature. Done? She asked. Actually i had asked too many. May be she was fed up. So i asked one last one. Why did you buy that dress when i did not even say that you are hot?

Good one. That’s coz when boys see hot girls they stop saying anything. Their mouth zips automatically.
Great answers. She was so particular about things. Even on such little things she broke up. She was fast enough. May be she wanted to prove her family that she is capable of doing things.

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Credit to: bitsy

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