that attempt which changed my life (Epi 6)


I went in. Raj introduced me to the other waiters. He said pointing towards them they are tom,jerry and bappa. I thought what kind of names are these. You might be thinking what kind of names are these right? He questioned me. Yeah i said curious to know about their story. So he started this was two years back when swara had recently opened up this restaurant and only bawarchi and me were working here. All three were thugs of this area. They came here to seek money from us but when they saw swara they wanted her anyhow. So these two started fighting for her that’s why she named them tom & jerry. What about bappa i asked. He also was a part of this group only thing was he was intrested in money and lord ganesh. All the time he used to take bappa’s swear so from this he got his name. But why they are working here? I mean if they were thugs why working as waiters? That’s because when they came here to seek money and swara. It was all recorded in the cctv. And then swara threatened them if they won’t work for her she will give cctv footage to the police. They were not that brave enough so they had to follow her orders till date. He told me all of these. I thought we all are a bunch of crooks working here.
Swara had not returned yet. So i asked them where she must have been? They told me not to concentrate on her but work here as she ordered or else your meals and your salary will be reduced. They were all happy there no signs of sadness. I also mixed with them as those pebbles which people throw in the water.

It had been my first day of job. Not an essay task it was. But still somehow raj helped me to manage

. It was 1 am still she did not return. I was now concerened about her. Till then she appeared to be coming. She entered and asked so dumbo learned how to work? I was pissed that she called me dumbo. So i did not say anything. I knew you are a slow learner she said. I was like what rubbish. You take so much time to reply my questions. You should be quick enough she said. Raj came and took my side didi he worked very well. I did not knew that he would do this. What ever she said. Then she asked them to closw down the restaurant. Why early didi they asked . Just like that she said. Today you’ll chill she said . They were happy and just then they started clearing off. You follow me she said.

I went behind her like her tail. This time she got her jeep. Sit she said. It was freezing cold out there and this girl was just in the mood of driving it as fast as possible. Are you not feeling cold? No she replied. I was freezing out there and her reply waz just no? . Are you from antartica? Don’t irritate me she said. You don’t know the joy of driving in this cool tempertaure she said so just enjoy the drive. Actually i..i stoped as i saw her not intrested face.

She stop on the lovers road. There were few couples there. Why have we come here? To have ice cream she said. Are you mad? Who eats ice creams in this freezing cold? You should follow my orders she said and not question me. Go get a chocolate ice cream. I just got down and got her the ice cream. She sat on the jeep. One last question i said. Okay tell. Why did you come here to have ice cream i mean we could go some where else also? Its almost 2 she said. No shops or ice cream parlours are opened at this time. I kept quite as she was right. Sit here she said. I sat. You know these couples who come here are fools. Why? I said. They waste time spending with each other and not sleeping. Then they get mood swings and shout at each other and those fights lead to break ups. How did you know i asked? Did yours and varun’s relationship was like thiz? No she said. I come here usually these couples which are here are most of the time here but with different guys and girls. I was just looking at them. So you mean relationships dont work. Yeah of course who can live with a same person through out their life. Its better to make bf everyday. I had no answers to her now nor do i had more questiobs so i just sat quitely.

You wanted to ask me something. No i said. In the jeep you were composing yourself and the you just said actually i and stoped. I remembered. But you were not intrested. How do you know without asking.she said. Forget that , i said i wanted to know why did employee those thugs in your restaurant? You could have given that cctv footage to the police instead?
I had no cctv footage. That camera was spoilt few days back. And my punishment was far better than those of police she said. Now they have left their thugging buisness and become a good person. And you stop calling them thugs. They are my waiters.

Waitets or slaves? I asked . Both she said. My slaves have freedom to do anything. Am i your slave? That you decide. It all depends on your thinking she said. But still i said. I am responsible for what i say not what you understand. I was left thinking. From where do you learn all this? The qoutes you say.
From the net. She said. Now shall we go?
Yeah i said. Do you want ice cream? No. But i want get one more for me she ordered me and sat in the jeep.

So guys how’s it? Hope did not bore you. Do comment.

Credit to: bitsy

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  1. U always manage to win my heart. I am really falling for this ff day by day.keep it up dear.incredible work. Hats off to u.

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    Little Longer Plz. B4 I Get Excited, Episode Ends. 🙁 Otherwise, Good Job.

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  9. It was realy awsome

  10. Thanx for commenting guys. Overwhemled that you guys are liking it. The next part is posted do read and comment your views.

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