that attempt which changed my life (Epi 5)


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I was just thinking about her carefree nature. What are you thinking again? She asked. About you i said unknowingly. Wow you think about me also? I thought you only think about your past. Huh?
Okay now that you are completely ready shall we go? Where? I said. Ohh hello just now few minutes back i offered you a job. Don’t you remember? I remember but from today only? I think you are very lazy she said. No i am not let’s go saying this i went out to avoid her next question. I sat on the passenger seat as usual and she came behind me. Get out she said. I was shocked at her reaction. What are you looking at? Come out quickly. I just followed her orders. Stand here she said. I just stood looking at what she is upto. She just walked away to her garage and got out her hardley davison. She came to me and said sit. I just sat and then she just rode towards the forest cover. I thought this time she would ask me about ridding it. What were you thinking about me? She asked. I was like how she comes to know what am i thinking. You are too slow in answering my questions you need to fast she said. Nothing i said. You said at home you were thinking about me and now you are saying nothing. Ahhh i gave a sigh of relief. I was just thinking about your care free nature i told her. Hmmmmm she said. We finally reached her restaurant this time it was full hardly a table to sit or should i say no place to sit. She just went to kitchen to check. She told me to wait on the counter and take parcel orders she odered one of the waiters to help. He just came giving her the order book. She’s so rude and dominating, all the time do this do that, not even giving us a break and this time i thought may be this is the reason she said to dominate over you. The waiter said you are new here i think , the previous one left because of her dominating nature he said. I did not pay that much attention to he’s talk but some where here and there. You idiots stop talking over there and take orders there she said shouting from the kitchen. We were back to our work. Finally after 2 hours of continous orders we were given a break to have food. She turned the closed card there. And she went out commanding me to come out. I was just serving food for myself but was not allowed to dothat. Go before she gets angry said the same waiter.
How late do you come? I told you to be quick don’t you remember? I was having food as the others were having i said. They are my employees and you are too my employee but my p.a to. If i don’t have food how can you? Just call varun she said giving me her phone. I took the phone and called . Keep it on loudspeaker she ordered. I was holding her phone and was waiting for that person to pick and she would ask me to go. He picked : hey baby how are you? I knew you would call me he said.
Stop acting now and stop calling me she said.
But i love you baby he gave her reply.
But i don’t love you. Its been 2 days since we broke up. She said.
Only 2 days how can you forget me so soon . We can fix our things.
Stop it. Its over means over no fixing it again. And stop calling me again she said and ordered me to cut the call.
I thought you would speak privately. But you…
what is so private in this to talk in alone she said.
Why don’t you try fixing your relationship again?
Trust is like paper she said once crumpled will never be the same again. She said.
I thought for a while and gave her a stupid answer what if you iron the paper?
How silly she said. But not a bad one. I don’t want to open the crumpled paper and use it again. You go have your lunch she said.
What about you?
I an not hungry she said. Manage the restaurant and take the help of that stupid raj she said starting her the bike.
Yeah i said. How their thinking match i thought. Raj the waiter calls her stupid and she also calls him stupid. I smiled a bit.
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