that attempt which changed my life (Epi 4)


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So i took those bags ad i was stinking in those which i was wearing. She is so dominating i said in my mind.
I changed and came out.

You are looking fresh and handsome now, came her voice. I just smiled because this was the only good comment i got in past 5 years.
Looks like someone is blushing came her teasing voice. No i said. Why don’t you accept it. You take so much tine to accept things she said. I did not not say anything.
But i wanted to go a way from her. What would the society say about her? Living with a murderer? What would the comment about her? I thought about her. I should leave this place as soon as possible i told her. So you are going back to your natal place she said. No, i can’t i was thrown out from there and told not to come back. Obidient boy she said teasiningly. Then where would you go? I had no answer to her question as i myself did not know where would i go so i did not reply. Here you go she said passing me that box of shoes. Why and how did she know my shoe size? That tattoo on your neck and the slipper size she said. I thought you are a shoe freak and what kind of person you are? That one who is roaming with good t-shirt and slippers don’t you have dressing sense?

I think you don’t remember i was in jail for 5 years and there we don’t get to wear clothes only those brown and white i gave her a rude reply.
You are acting as if you were born in jail only and till that day you were with those clothes.
Now again she put me onto deep thinking. I took those sneakers. Now you are looking perfect she said.
You look likey manager she said. Ready to work for me?
Huh? What? Was my reaction.
I offer you a job of my manager and p.a she said.
Why but? I asked her.
To dominate you as you thought earlier. I was shocked to hear her. How did you know? Everyone says including me that i am dominating.

But seriously? Tell me?
Yeah i needed a manager for my restaurant and a p.a for myself. You are perfect for it.
But you know my past. Or you are forgetting it i said.
I know that’s why she said. Again she confused me.
Don’t get confused she said. I need a p.a and manager. You need a job right and you don’t have a house too. So I’ll pay you for your job and you can stay in my house as my body guard. Your past will help those stupid boys to stay away from me. Great na? What say?
Her idea was good and i needed to prove my parents and society that i am a good person. And above all i was getting this job as a gift. Free of cost as she did not care about my past. And i also did not have that much qualifications that some one could hire me. Nor did i have my certificates to prove so i accepted her offer.
Your salary will be less she said that’s why i am offering you to stay in my house she said. I agreed to her.
Your past is very useful to me she said. I just gave her a angry look. Learn to smile and be happy she said smiling.

My first rule always have a happy look that will welcome customers she said. But don’t at girls they will take you in wrong way saying this laughed.
I smiled a bit. Good joke that means she said. I made a murderer smile. This carefree nature of her made me feel like a normal person again.

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Credit to: bitsy

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