that attempt which changed my life (Epi 3)


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Aren’t you feeling cold i asked her as she was wearing shorts and a t- top.
Are you trying to indicate towards my clothing or genuinely asking? Her question over mine.
I remained silent as i myself was confused to give her the answer. But still she said i will answer your question. I am not feeling cold she said are you?
Actually i was. But did not pay attention to her question. You can drop me to the near by lodge i told her. Do you have an id card? She asked. I had not it was at my or should i say at parents house. No i nodded. Then she again asked money? I had from that where i collected in juvinile while working. So this time i nodded yes. But of no use she said. You need to have an id to stay anywhere. Its better that you come with me.

I thought for a while and this time also she was right. Actually i was helpless and this chance i could not miss as it was freezing cold outside. I agreed to her as she drove the jeep near a temple. She honked for few seconds. And there they were which i was thinking whom is she honking now. A bunch of kids. Who were shabbly dressed most probably beggars. She got down of the jeep and walked up to the behind seat and removed few plastic bags of foods. She gave them those packets. It was their usual routine i supposed. She came back and sat again.
Would you like to drive? I recollected my past and said no i should stay a way from the drivers seat.
She agreed and we cane back to the forest cover. You should seriously think about me to keep me in your house? Are you not scared? I said. Waiting for her reply.
No she said. You are not a lion who will eat me up.
But a murderer who can kill you i said.
Stop calling yourself murderer she said as if she was fed up of hearing it several times from me.
Okay i said. She was the first person who
asked me not to call myself a murderer.

I mean you are really courageous to keep me in your house. What if i murder you tonight? I asked her.
Wake up from your dream world she said. Pointing out to the clock in the jeep. Its 5 am. Almost morning so stop asking me weired questions all the now and then.
I did not believe her. Was it really 5? May be that’s the reason there were no people in the restaurant i said. I did not even feel how the time passed by with her.
We finally reached her mansion named rocker’s rockhouse. She parked her jeep and we went in. She directly puts on the ac and i just ignored her.

The left room in the corner she said pointing out to the stairs. I was tired after a whole day walking and talking to this weirdo. She went to room where i was been when i came. She puts of the light and yells from inside. There’s the blanket in the cupboard, a/c and fan remote on the left hand side table. Make yourself comfortable.
I was tired after a long day. So i directly went off dozing.

Its 10 am she said knocking at the door. I came out rubbing my eyes.
Freshen up and come quickly she said. While handling me a towel. But … but i said
But what? I don’t have a toothbrush . There will be a mouth plax over there. Just use it. She said.
I just used that and went out with her. I was looking shabby in those slipers. A person who was obsessed witj shoes once upon a time now wearing slipers weired? But there are many weired things happening. She took me to the same restuarant. She commanded me to sit in a corner table. This time there were many people there. So i quitely took a seat and sat there. She came with some eatables.
Do you have to do self service here? I asked. No she answered. Then? This restaurant is mine. She said.
You look dirty in these clothes she said. I was actually looking but had no option. You are too slow in these things she said.
In what? Eating came her reply.

Eat fast and come to the jeep she commanded and went. I at a point of time would do what my mind would say and now i am following her orders. But she was the one who reached me in my bad time i composed my self.
She was already sitting in. I just went and sat. Without even looking at me she drove. I asked her how did you come to know that it was me and not anyone else. The mirrors she said. We finally stoped near a clothing shop. She ordered to get down and i followed her. She took 5 casual t-shirts and a pair of jeans black and blue. What’s your size she said. I replied as i thought she was buying it for someone else. She took me to a shoe showroom. I was very happy to see them. And excited to see those new brands and smell of those new ones

She took a pair of brown sneakers and socks . She payed the bill and asked me to carry those bags.
She drove back to the forest cover. This time i would say that the forest cover was amazing and the house was also.
I got those bags in and kept them on the sofa in the living room. Why are you keeping them? They are not mine i said. They are yours she said. And please change and come. I want to see you in better clothes she said.

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