that attempt which changed my life (Epi 20)


We headed back to home. I didn’t get the point of preponing the trip. So i asked her. Why are leaving today night? We can leave by morning also why to night?
Because morning time you don’t get this full moon. And that schorching sun it becomes difficult to drive then. She explained.
What?! Are we drving? Why? We can board a bus instead. I told her. Firstly we aren’t driving. I am driving and at this time you won’t gey any bus. Now stop wasting time just be out within 1 hour.
Huh? 1 hour we headed towards the door. Why so fast? I have to do so many things.

Its just a 1 day trip we aren’t settling there. It hardly takes 20 minutes to do so. Come out fast. She went towards her room and i also went to mine.
1 hour later. I came down and she was also waiting there. Come let’s go. Why are waiting here? I asked her. Dumbo are we supposed to go walking? Preconcious yourself the jeep isn’t here. I had given it for a wash. Remember? She asked. I just looked around and nodded yes. We waited for few more minutes.
I don’t understand how people do not value time. Just because of few seconds what all we can miss but people. She was getting angry now. Just then the guy entered with the jeep. I was happy that he came but poor guy didn’t know what he’s gonna go through.

The guy got down and handed the keys to swara. And then she began don’t you have a watch . Can’t you come early? When will you learn to come on time?
I m sorry ma’am actually i couldn’t find your house. I have been searching it for past hour. He explained. Swara let it be now . We should also leave now instead of wasting time. She agreed and kept her bag behind and i also did the same. She started the car as i sat and then stopped.

Hey come and sit behind. She ordered the guy. He sat and we dropped him out of the forest cover. To my knowledge it takes around 2-4 hours to reach. Since its night we would reach more early.
She was driving as the cool breeze hit her face. It was so peacefull around. We passed the houses from the slope. I saw a bunch of people looking at us.
Swara you know these people talk about you and badmouth about you. I told her. How do you know that? She asked. As i was walking that side i heard them talking about you i told her. Really they were talking about me? Or someone else? She became excited. Yeah but why are you getting excited? I questioned her. That’s because i matter so much in their in life. I am like a celebrity in their life of whom they talk about. She gave me a happy reply. She was right it showed that she was important in their lives. I smiled at her. After few minutes she stopped the jeep near a dhabba. Why did you stop here? I asked. Your next set she winked as she said. I was confused she only told me that she won’t do anything today so why? You only told me that i m free today and you started again? I asked. Look at your watch sanskaar. She headed towards the place. It was 12 so it was next day . She sat on the bed and i also followed her. So what do i have to do? I asked. Hmmmm wait let me think she looked around. Huh? You don’t know what to do and you simply stepped here?

I am a bit tired so to get rest i got down and i need some entertainment also. What could be better than your challenge. She told me.
I waited for her to tell. Ok fine i got something for you she jumped in joy. Now will you tell me? Or keep it to yourself? I asked as it wouldn’t be that easy also. Nothing much its very easy. You just have to hit that guys head and come back. She told me. Are you serious? That blonde guy who has two bodyguards around him? I was shocked. She laughed let’s see how you handle this. Its very simple. Go for it sanskaar. She laughed as she said.

I got up. It was sure that i would get blows from those bodyguards. And how would i hit his head. He must be very respected man or a big thug only these two people need bodyguards. But now that i accepted the challenge i would complete it. I headed towards the man. His bodyguards looked at me in rage. Before i could do anything they were staring at me. I passed their table and looked at swara who was smiling at me. I took a turn and came to the man’s table. I hit his head lightly and it was obivious that he was angry and he got up in anger: what happened? Why did you hit my head? Are you insane? His bodyguards caught my collar. S…si…sir…. act….act….words weren’t coming out from my mouth. I looked at the place where swara was sitting and to my shock she wasn’t there. What are you looking there? Asked the man reply to my question. Listen sir first let me down I’ll explain to you. He signed his bodyguards to let go off me. Now tell he ordered. I…. actually … was coming back and saw a mosqito on your head. And you know that these days malaria is so common because of… i heard the honk and swara’s voice run fast sanskaar. I am… sorry sir…. i also ran out of their sight and sat in the jeep.
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