that attempt which changed my life (Epi 2)


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So let’s begin.

So i was left in the room all alone by my questions since she had put me in this situation i went out of the room to get my answers. It was a normal house well maintained and clean. The wall in the living room was full of family pictures and memories which for a moment reminded me of my own. But this was not time to think about it. I saw her lying on a sofa with headphones on her ears. She saw me coming near her. She just removed her headphones and said are you okay now? Back to your senses? So ready to go on your suicide mission again?
I was taken a back from her questions. First only i had question going on in my head and now this one had put me in more confusion. But i seriously needed my answers so i asked her.
You are seriously ill i told her. How can you be funnyly ill she asked me smirkingly.
Again i thought and remained silent for a while but then i finally asked her. If you see a person commiting suicide you motivate him in doing it?
She said yes. It is the person’s life so let him do whatever he wants to do with it. Why should i bother. He also had sense right. She said taunting to me. But how can you? Let a person die? I asked her again.
Are you asking me about you? She said.

I just nodded my head into yes. So that means you did not want to commit suicide saying this she jumped in joy. I really wanted to i said. No no she said again. You just needed attention. Or else you would have jumped from the buildibg itself she said.
I thought for a while and said to my self. Actually she is correct. I think i just needed attention. She is really smart i said in my mind.
Are you hungry she asked me. I replied no to her. So you had eaten a lot before your plan she said. Again i was disgust with her question as i had not eaten the entire day.
I just gave her a angry look. She said i am hungry but come with me. She just took me back to her jeep. Sit she said what are you waiting for? I just sat. She drove away from her mansion which was situated in a forest cover. She took me to a restaurant. I just followed her saying nothing. She directly entered the kitchen and i was not intrested. She came back two plates and with waiter holding a tray with food items. He placed them on the table and went. The restaurant had hardly 3 people in it.

I said i don’t want to eat. I never asked you to eat she said. Serving herself. She aleeady started eating before i could say something else. By the way i am Swara she said gulping down the food. And you are?
Sanskaar i said. She actually did not care about asking me again to have food. My stomach was growling seeing her eating food.
So girlfriend problem? Or job requirement? She said. I just gave her a what ??? Look .
Your gf broke up with you or you did not have job?
No i said.

So why were you planing to take up your life?
I had matters worse than those of gf and job i told her.
Ohhh marraige problem. Either you did not want to marry and your parents were forcing you or you did not find a girl i suppose she said.
You are wrong i said. And you should not be roaming with me. I told her.
Why she asked me.
Coz i am a murdere who killed two peoples life.

She just spilled the water on the table which was having and laughed.
I thought she spilled water because she got a shock that i am murderer but here she laughed saying that i cannot take my own life. What will i kill others.
I was again pissed with her behaviour but she said okay fine you are a murderer. When did you kill those people she asked curiously. 5 years back and i was in the jail for that reason i answered her question.

5 years back na she said in a normal tone and you already were punished for that . I just nodded my head. Here you go she said passing me bowl of fried rice. This time i did not say no to her but quickly grabbed the bowl. We finished having our supper and went up to the jeep.
I waz impressed by her abnormal behaviour from the others. I will go my way you are free from this murderer. And started walking a way from her. She sat in her jeep and drove behibd me honking. Hey are you going to kill yourself again ? She screamed. No i said.
So where are you heading. Dont know. Come sit she commanded. I ignored her and walked my way but still she came behind me honking. I finally sat. It was her weired behaviour which made her different from others. Usually people would even want to stay away from my shadow but she took it casually as if i killed two mosqitoes instead people.

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Credit to: bitsy

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