that attempt which changed my life (Epi 19)

Next morning. I woke up and waited outside. She came out with her black t-shirt and blue shorts. She went to the garage and called out for me. I went up to her. She was on a bicycle.

Come sit she ordered me. Huh? On this how will you manage to ride? I was confused. Dumbo see there she pointed out. There was anothet one a brand new. It looked so cool. Is that for me? I asked joyfully. No for the ghost standing behind you she said. I turned around and she laughed. Obiviously for you, she said.

You are supposed to go for the interview and on the cycle? Why? I asked. I m the founder of the academy and i can go with anything and what’s the harm in cycle? She asked. Yeah but why you got for me and when did you get? I exactly didn’t know when she got it. I got this thinking you might like this suprise and you’re questioning me? She rode of saying this. I quickly sat on mine and cought up her speed. Listen swara, i really liked this but just asking you. I got it yesterday for you because when i go for some other work you have to go walking all the way she said as wind touched her soft cheeks. I was very happy that i got a gift from her. The last gift i got was the car whivh changed my life. And this one too will change my mind. Swara why are you going cycling today and where’s the jeep i didn’t see it in the garage. I asked her as we were riding through the slope. I gave it for a wash today morning and sometimes its necessary to go green she said.

Great then I’ll leave for the restaurant and you carry on with the interviews. I parted away saying this.
It was hectict day. I wondered if we were free since summer started. I was atleast free when she used to call me but the others they were hell busy. I wondered if they get free days. I asked raj about it and he told me if they asked her she would give. Like that she is very nice but stupid. I chuckled when he said stupid. Just then she came.
What’s so funny? Why are you laughing? She asked. I looked at raj and he signalled me not to tell and went away. Why are you looking at him? Tell me she commanded. Act… actually its some of his jokes. Leave it. What about your meetings and interviews? I asked diverting her question.

They were good and nice. By the way that joke was about me? She asked.
Huh? No no. Nothing like that.
That stupid raj must have said something about me that’s why you were chuckling. She said.
How do you know? I asked.
Seriously? Was he speaking about me? What he said? She asked
Wait a minute you didn’t know anything about it? I asked.
Ofcourse how am i supposed to know? Your expressions are so predictable. That’s why i guessed.
Your thinking matches with him. You know that? I said in a laughing tone.
Huh? What do you mean? She asked.
You both calling each other stupid and that’s the funny part.
Ohh really? So stupid of him. But forget about it . The best part of this thing is that you laughed openly. Never seen you happy before. What’s the reason? She asked.
Nothing i am happy today i got a gift and then tommorows trip so a bit excited. I explained to her.
Yeah. By the way its not tommorow she said.
Huh? What do you mean? I was confused.
Yeah we are leaving today. I got my work done so let’s leave. She said. I’ll do this restaurant work. She went up to the kitchen i followed her.

Hey swara? Are you serious? Are we leaving today? I asked her. Yeah dumbo.
But i haven’t done my packing. And here also there is work. I told her.
As if i have done. We’ll leave after doing the work. She said.

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