that attempt which changed my life (Epi 18)


We went back at home. I had almost gone to sleep but was very scared of what i had seen. I started turning myself on the bed but was getting those nightmares. I saw something near the window. Something in a white colour. My heart started beating faster than before. I didn’t even go to see what was there. I directly went to the hall and to my suprise the tv was on. I saw a ghost there same as had seen near the window i screamed so loudly that the pop corn bowl in swara’s hand fell on my head. And i thought that the ghost threw something on me so i again screamed.
Are you mad? Why are you screaming? Because of you my pop corn fell. She shouted at me.
Who watches horror movies at 2 in the night? I saw one of them near my window so i came down. I gave her my explaination.
Really? Are you kidding me? No one will be there. Simply you came down. You.must be halluciating again. She said.
First of all i wasn’t halluciating. And even you were there too and you had noticed them before me. I gave her rude reply.
Come let’s go and see then in your room. Saying this she went near the staircase.

I don’t think it will be there waiting for us to welcome us. I told her.
Whatever! What’s there to check? She asked as she climbed.
Ok let’s see then. I also followed her. She opened the door and saw. Where’s it? There’s no one in here. I knew you were imagining things. She said.
I never said that it was in my room. Look there near the window. Its still waiting for us i showed her pointing towards the window. Whatever it is. Its outside the roon why are you getting scared? She asked. But they are ghosts they can come inside too. I am not sleeping here. I told her.

She went near the balcony door and was about to open it until i screamed why are you oprning it now? Are you inviting them to our place? But she didn’t care and went out. I waited inside the room for few seconds but i didn’t get her reply so i also went out.
As soon as i steped out. A towel fell on my head and again i screamed. She started laughing. My expressions on the face showed that i was scared inside out then i composed my self. Here you go your ghost she removed the towel from my head she said laughingly and went in. I also followed her. She walked down and started clearing the popcorn. I gazed at her. What are you looking at my face? Help me with this now. Firstly because of you i spilled this and now you are gazing at me? Help me out she ordered. I bent down to help her out. Even you were scared right? I questioned her. No i was not scared i threw this because i heard your scream suddenly only she gave an explaination. What about there in their house? I asked. Yeah over there i was but then even you were with me so not that much she said. We cleared the place and she ordered me to make pop corn.
Swa… swara.. actually..
Speak up you dumbo why are you stammering now.

I… actually…. don’t know to make popcorn.
What?!! You don’t to make pop corn? She was stunned. She commanded me to come in the kitchen. I followed her. She showed how to make popcorn. I had opened the lid and they popped out. She laughed at him. You get scared of silly things she said. I poured them in a bowl. She took a few of them and threw on me. I also did the same. After all this i was very tired. We sat on the sofa and she resumed the movie. I was very sleepy but i still continued to watch. Are you not feeling sleepy? No came her reply. By the way your room its so dirty. Don’t you clean it? She asked.
A…ah.. ah .. i will clean it soon. I told her. What are we going to do today?
Nothing. I am busy with some interviews and then have some meetings with the students and some work here and there. So you are free today. She said. But we are leaving for hrishikesh day after.
We? I asked her. I was very happy after coming out from the juvinille i had not out . My life was just revolving around just home and restuarant.
Yeah you too. Like a small trip for you there. I have not gone since many months due to the work. Today I’ll finish the work pending and we’ll head there tommorow . She said.
I became very happy and hugged her.
Get off me before i change my mind she shouted.

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Credit to: bitsy

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  2. Once again superb

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  4. When r u going to show swaras part, her POV, i am really waiting for it

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