that attempt which changed my life (Epi 17)


I had some how accepted the challenge but now my nerves were getting restless. I wanted to get it done quickly. Quickly? Not at all possible. She said till the end of the week and it was just tuesday so more 5 days. Before i could complete or get a challenge i was so scared what will happen while doing it?

Scared right? She said laughingly. I tell you its not your cup of tea. She said while looking at my face.
Ohh so you think its not my cup of tea? I will prove it to you. I also gave her a confident reply althought my heart was saying something else.

I don’t think what you saying is going on in your heart . She said while looking in my eyes.
You know a lot about me i guess. I started leaning towards her. Are you sure what’s going in heart right now? I pined her to the wall and shared a eye-lock.

She pushed me slightly and smiled. Well we’ll see about it soon. Came her reply while getting out from the corner. Today evening be ready. For your first set. She said smilingly and went.

This was that swara which i met for the first time. Fun loving and that happy happy one. She was getting back as she was before. I didn’t know what happened suddenly in between. But now she was back that too with a bang.
I was eagerly waiting for the evening. It became 9 but she wasn’t here. But then i heard her honk. I went to her soon. Sit she ordered me. I sat and she drove to a isolated place.

Are you in love with these isolated places? I asked her. Some what but this house isn’t one she winked at me.
There was house there probably very old. And to my observation no one lived there. And then i realised its the same house which everyone said is haunted and even i was not allowed to go when i was young.

Are you seriously swara? Am i supposed to go in there? I gave a seriously / what look.
You can back out now also . Your choice. She said. But if i would back out then her past which i wanted to know would be a mystery forever. So i got down from the jeep.
So what i have to do? I asked her. Nothing much you just need to take a round in the house and come back. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. She said smilingly.

Yeah right with those set of ghosts isn’t it? I questioned her. I don’t think there are ghosts there. Maybe rumors spread by people she said. So you are sending me to test? I asked. Correct she said laughingly.
Now go and stop staring at my face. She demanded.
I again asked her seriously swara? You can back off now if you want to came her answer. Okay fine i will go in . I gave her a rude reply and went near the gate. She sat on the jeep. I turned around to see her if she would change her mind. But she just said all the best.

I went in taking god’s name. This place was supposed to be haunted and even during day time something wrong would go here and now i am entering here during night. Hope all goes well. I really didn’t knew the story behind this haunted house but now i was praying that nothing goes wrong now.
I opened the door it made a sound which people normally hear when they come back after years to their house or that one which we hear in movies. I was very scared now but gathered courage and went in. It was obivious that there was dust and spider webs everywhere. I calmed my self and took a step further and thought how will she come to know if i took a stroll in the house or not? I will just stand here and go out within 10 minutes.

After 2 minutes i was just looking at the stair case. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed with a swara save me voice. I didn’t even turn towards the face. I just closed my eyes taking gods name and turned around and opened my eyes. But no one was there. I again turned towards the staircase and came the voice- booo! My heart almost came out.
Just look at your face she said holding her stomach. It was swara. You why did yoy come in? I asked her after few seconds of freezing. Even i was intrested in seeing a haunted place bur never got a chance she smiled and gave me a reply. By the way i know what are standing here? I had asked you to take a walk in not stand. She inquired.
Act… actually…. i started stammering. Let me guess you thought that anyways i wouldn’t be coming in so instead of strolling you just stand and come out. Right? Yeah you are right. I replied while scratching my head.

Come now let’s go she pulled me by my wrist. Swara let it be na let’s get out of here quickly instead of going up there i told her. Come atleast, why are you getting scared? I am there . Anyways when will i get a chance to come back here? Now that we are here then let’s go. She gave me a excited and happy reply. Looking at her happy face i took a step towards the staircase.
We climbed the staircase and i heard a sound. Swara stop it ok. I turned to her. I didn’t do anything sanskaar. May be you are hallucinating. She said. Ok fine lets go ahead. May be i was hallucinating after all those horror movies scenes whuch were going on in my mind.

We saw a room as soon as the staircase ended. We entered in. She looked on towards the photographs. May be there was a family here. See all these pictures. She said. Yeah may be . Please don’t mess with their things god knows when they might pop out i said in a fearful voice.

Don’t worry they must have gone to ha e dinner at this time she said moving towards the door. Hey wait don’t leave me alone now i also ran behind her saying this. We entered the next room i heard the same sound again. But this time didn’t bother to ask her. There was nothing much in there . The house was poorly furnished. We came near the staircase and again i heard the same sound. This tine i was sure that i wasn’t hallucinating. Swara? She didn’t reply. Swara? I am talking to you. Again she didn’t say anything. I touched her shoulder and when she turned a realised she was hearing music. What happened now sanskaar? She turned and asked. Swara…. i heard…. she was just staring at me and looked dazed with her mouth open. Swara? I shooked her. She grabbed my hand and came running outside. I exactly didn’t knew what had happened. What happened swara? Why you came out like this? I questioned her. Really this place is haunted. I really saw.. she stopped. What you saw? I was also shocked. I really saw ghosts in there right behind you. She said. What? And you didn’t even tell me inside? I asked her. Yeah as if after telling you, you would take groupfies with them. She gave a rude reply. But still.. i said. I heard that sound thrice and that means i wasn’t hallucinating. Yeah may be she said. By the way you must be hallucinating i said. Yeah right i am hallucinating now also a what? She asked. What do you mean now also? I asked in a hurry. They are behind you only see for yourself now she turned me around and really i could see 5 people standing behind me. She grabbed my hand and we ran as soon as possible outside their property. She started the jeep and drove fast and after some stopped. She looked at me. I was sitting dazed recalling what we saw. I looked at her and she laughed holding her stomach and i also followed her. I wouldn’t forget this moment . Every moment with her was a new experience.

Credit to: bitsy

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