that attempt which changed my life (Epi 16)


She just went without answering my questions. I stood there like a student answering a set of questions without knowing the answers. But what else i could do? She was that person who will never want anyone to ask about her doings though i would ask despite being insulted many times but it really didn’t matter. She always said that do what you feel like doing not what others want you to do . So to keep up to her words i would ask but she would sometimes reply. But not always like she did today.

It was morning i got ready quickly and waited for her outside. She came with a pile of files in her hand. I went to help her quickly as soon as i saw her coming out. I took a few from her hand and kept on the seat. She sat on the otherside and started with the jeep.
What files are these? I asked her.
Some bills and documents of the restuarant and academy. She answered as she drove out from the forest cover. Why do you live in here? Apart from the society? I questioned her. You have any problem? She asked me again.
No. I mean why in there? I know you like to stay alone but you could have stayed near some society also. Instead of being there. I told her in a calm voice.
I could have but there the people they are sp curious to know about others and so judgemental you see. They are not intrested in their life but want to know what’s cooking at neighbours house. So better stay away from these people she answered in a cheerful way.
True though i said . But you have still not answered my questioned i told her.
Which question? Just now i answered that to so many of them. She said.
My yesterday night one. Remember? I asked. I knew that she ofcourse remembers it but still. She stopped the car and got down. Hey where are you heading? I asked her.
Look properly around you. You dumbo she said laughingly and went. We had reached the academy. But it was not fair because she ignored my question. I went behind her. We came out soon and sat in the jeep. Swara..????
Hmmm?? What happened now? She asked showing me that she forgot about the question.
My question? I asked. I knew you would get back to this. She said. So tell me na. I said.
Can you forget your past? She asked me.
Hmm i am trying to but cannot. I told her.
The same way i cannot tell you. She said.
But my past it cannot be changed now, you always say that you must move on. I told her. I somehow wanted my answer so i was waiting.
Yeah i have moved on and don’t want to get back to it. She said.
But if you have moved on then why are you not really moving ahead. You are still with that thing and pain. I told her.
I think you really want to know what had happened. Don’t you? So you have to do something that so that i can tell you. She said.
I agreed but the problem now was what she wanted to me to do?
It won’t be as easy as you think. If you keep up to your word then i will think.. she said.
No no no. If i keep up to your word then you have to definetly tell me. I accept this challenge only on this condition. I told her.
Done. She said. We will start from tommorow and till the end of this week you are going to bey slave. She said.
I also agreed to her part. Hope i won and this challenge goes very easily. I pondered in my mind. But whatever it was i had to win this challenge.

will he win? Keep sharing your views. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed reading.

Credit to: bitsy

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