that attempt which changed my life (Epi 15)

I went to the kitchen as i was ordered. In between i came out to check swara’s mood but she was still angry. And the person who made her angry was me. I wanted to appologize for my mistake which i did. I tried to do so many a times but she would ignore and go. Or i must say that she was busy in her work that she didn’t notice me.
I sent many chits to her saying sorry but i don’t know where they reached. So this time i wrote a big sorry on a plate with the sauce and passed it on to swara she just saw and then kept it on a table. I did not know what to do now. But for sure i wouldn’t give up that easily. Every mintue that passed made me restless as she was not talking.
Finally i got a call from her. She had asked raj to call me to the auditorium. Was there a auditorium? I asked raj. Yes he replied not a big one but not too small also. I just went there hoping that she would accept my appology. She was reading some papers. She saw me and then asked me to sit. She just finished reading her papers and closed the files. Before i could say anything she started listen sanskaar today its an very important day for me. My dream has finally come true so please stop your stupidity and stop irritating me. I don’t want to spoil my day. I want everything to be perfect today so please stop it. We’ll talk about it later. I’ll get back to you later first let this ceremony go perfect. She just walked away as soon as she finished. I couldn’t say anything.
I was just hoping that everything goes perfect and she gets back to me. I felt a bit relieved after hearing her that we’ll get to talk after the ceremony as she had said. I was just waiting for the moment now.

After a long long day for me the ceremony was over. Everything went as per her wish. I was waiting for her call but was also busy with clearing the stuff and moving things which were put up. After all this things i realised swara was not there only in the academy. I came back home after sorting all the stuff. I saw the jeep parked at home. I was relieved that she was at home only. I opened the door and got in. She was not there in the hall nor in the room. So i headed towards the terrace.

She was sitting there on the ground with her drink. I wanted to appologize to her. So i directly went to her. Swara.. i … am … sorry for what i did yesterday to you. I know i shouldn’t have done that i don’t know what happened to me as you spoke about my parents. Please forgive me. I promise i won’t do it again.
Sanskaar chill. I am sorry for slaping you yesterday. Actually you are not wrong only thing is are attitude towards somethings is different that’s it. I realised that you were not wrong. But you are not right also. She said in a low tone.
I was happy that she understood me. And above all she forgived me. But if i was not wrong then why wasn’t i right. So i asked her again so do you forgive me?
Yeah i do sanskaar. She said.
I became very happy and hugged her. Then i realised what i did i broke the hug. Why do you drink? I questioned her.
Why can’t i drink? Her question over mine.
You can but i don’t know everytime i see you drinking your eyes show some kind of pain or something which you don’t want others to see. I told her.
Hmmm her low sound came.
But this is not my answer. I asked her i needed answer.
You know what you are very curious about me. You sometimes act like those old ladies which gossip about people and want to find everything about a person. She said smiling. She got up to go. But i pulled her hand ans signed her to sit as i hadn’t got my answer.
Sometimes i really feel that you are inspired by police. The way you want me to give answers and all. She said.
Swara please tell na. What are you hidding or why are you hidding? I may help you in this. What pain you have that you are drinking this? I asked her. But she just smiled and walked down the stairs snd went to her room.
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