that attempt which changed my life (Epi 14)

I was again confused if she was wrong or right. But still i said.
You are wrong swara there is love.
Ohh really? Who loved you? She said.
My parents, my sister. I said.
Your parents loved disappered a what? She questioned.

No they stil love me but the only thing is i killed my sister that’s why they are angry with me. I gave her a rude reply.
In that case your parents are very stubborn i must say. She said and laughed.
Why? Huh? What do you mean? I asked.
Because those people who can’t forgive you even after you were punished and after you pleading you are of course foolish. She said.
I pined her to the walll in anger as she called my parents foolish. How dare you call them foolish? What do you know about them? And by the way there is love and the day you will realise you will be the greatest looser.

She slapped me in anger. How dare you touch me? Who the hell are you to tell me about love? She also got angry.
I stood there on terrace and she went down in anger. She took her jeep in anger i came to know because she never drove it so fast in this area.
I stood there just like that. I also realised it was my mistake and i shouldnt have said it to her and top of that i pined her to yhe wall. This was the first time i spoke to someone like this.
Next morning i found myself on the terrace. I went downstairs but she was not there. The jeep was also not there so i thought she must have left early. So i also got ready and went up to the restaurant. To my suprise she was not there, not only she but no one was there. The restaurant was closed.

I wondered where could they be and why was the restaurant closed? I had no answers then i realised the inaugral ceremony. They must be there only. But the problem was that i did know where was the academy. I went back to the residence thinking that i might gey some clue.
I searched for sometime and then called raj. It was obivious that he would know as she would invite them. I simply wasted my time here. He finally picked my phone and asked me about my where abouts as swara was very angry. I asked him the venue and left as soon as i could. I knew that it was me who made her angry.
I reached as soon as possible. I saw her in black saree she was looking so gorgeous and beautiful. I was lost in her beauty till raj came to me and shook me.
Raj: oo bhai what happened to her? Till yesterday she was fine. Go to her before she fires you.
I rushed to her. She was shouting at the florist. Why did you get these? I told you to get artifical why did you get these real ones?
Florist: but ma’am these real ones look better than those fake ones.

Shut up. Who are you to tell me? I had ordered fake ones. Why did you get these? She shouted.
But ma’am what will i do with theze now? Please ma’am don’t complain to our boss he will fire me fron the job. Ma’am pleae keep these .
Ok fine. Just fix them as soon as posdible she said. And you stop listening to our talks go and see the kitchen work she told me .
But …. i wanted…
Go soon she ordered me. I wanted to apologize for my mistake yesterday but it seemed to not be possible now. So i went.
Will she forgive him? To know keep reading. Share your views. Do comment.
Thanks for reading.

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