that attempt which changed my life (Epi 13)


We went back to the restaurant. There were few people now. She asked raj to turn the closed board.
Raj: but di. So early i mean a lot of people will come now. Why are we closing so early?
Just do as i say she ordered. Raj went and did as she said. Soon the people sitting also went. I also did not know why she told him to close usually her restaurant would work 24×7 but today i don’t know.
Raj looked at me confusingly and wisphered what happened? Today why so early and why she is so happy?
I myself did not know what was going on, what would i tell him. I just remained mum.
You all must be wondering why i told to close the restaurant right? She said.
Yeah we answered. Today you all rest. I am happy today so for you holiday. Go enjoy she said.
They all started clearing and we also left. I did not knew the cause for her happiness. But for the first time she had that glow on her face. I thought for a while and waited she might tell but she took me to temple.

Swara why are we going to the temple? You only say that there is no god and you are atheist then? I asked.
I am atheist but those kids here aren’t. Who will give them food? Did you forget that i come here? She asked.
She honked for a while and they appeared and she gave them food. They were very happy .
We left to go. You know happiness expands by sharing she said. Yeah i said just now i saw. But why do you always get food for them?
I have that fortune that i getfood everyday. These kids don’t have if i give them a little it won’t make a difference in my life but in their life it would make. She said.
Yeah. I wanted to know why she was so happy but whatever the reason was at least she was happy. Finally i asked. Why are you happy?
Why? You wanted me to be sad? She questioned.
No no nothing like that. Just wanted to know the reason. I never saw you so happy. I asked.
My dream will finally come true. She said smiling.
Dream? What dream? I asked.

To open my own music academy. You know i worked for all these years just to open it. Now that i got all of it. So i am very happy. I got the license to open it. She said smiling.
You never told me about it. What about the restaurant? I mean you opened that also . If you wanted to open academy then why did you open a restaurant? I asked.
That time that money was not enough to open an academy. Actually i could have but there would be less money and i did not want the students to compromise in their music. And now i got all the possible instruments. I need only few more teachers now. Some i have already selected. She said.
Good then. So this was where you were going by leaving the restaurant? I asked.
Yeah to see that work. Its finally done. I am so happy. She said.
We reached at home. I went to my room.

After a hour i saw the terrace door open and heard her speaking on the phone. I could only hear her saying thank you. As soon as she saw me she cut the call.
Were you listening to my talks? She asked.
No no. I just came to take some fresh air.i answered.
I went and sat on the perapid where she was sitting.
Swara do you believe in love?
Love she laughed. There is nothing like love. People only use it to describe their wants that’s it. She said.

I was not happy by her answer. What about the love which your parents gave you? I asked.
They never loved me. They were just greedy and wanted money. They would all the time be on trips and get some things showing that it was their love. They never tried to find out what i was doing. All the time busy with work. And they never bothered me to ask about my dreams only wanted me to marry and get rich.
Get rich? By getting you married? How? I asked.
My dad wanted to get a deal done with some buisness man. But they told him to marry me with their son and the deal would be ours. And my dad also agreed. She explained.
But your brother atleast loved you. I said.
No, no one loved me. You think he helped me in running away because he loved me? No there is nothing like that. He only helped because the rest property would be his. After all we were only two. After me it was all his. She said.

I came to know that she believed that there’s no love. She came from a broken family may be that’s why she did not believe. But there was love. She waited for someone who could give her love.
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Credit to: bitsy

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