that attempt which changed my life (Epi 12)


It was a busy day. She came in the evening. It waz almost 9. She told me to get into the jeep. I just told raj to handle the restaurant and i left.

I knew very well that she would take me to the ice -cream parlour. It had become her daily routine since the summer started.
You won’t ask me? She said. What? I replied. That why i came early from the date? She asked. No i said. But if you want me to ask then let me tell you i know the reason.
Yeah really? Then tell na? She kept me in suspense and wanted to tell me the answer.
May be that guy came late or did not wear a watch, or he was belching or he did not wear shoes, or you were fed up of listening his talks. I guessed all the possible answers.
No she said. You are wrong. But good attempts. She smiled.
Seriously? ? Then what could be the answrer? I thought for a while. But said forget it. Let her only tell. Tell now. Don’t leave me in suspense.

Shravan seemed to be a nice guy you know. Everything was going perfect till we reach the place and were about to sit. He saw a lizzard and jumped on the table. That situation was so funny you know. All the people there started staring at us and it was really embaracing. She laughed.
I also joined her. But swara, you really left him because of the people or something else?
She stopped the car and got down and went straight in the parlour and sat on one chair. I also went and sat on the opposite one. She ordered for herself and asked will you have? Yeah i too ordered. And the waiter went but i was waiting for my answer.
Swara!! Answer? I asked.
I don’t know why you become so curious to know about my break-ups. She said smiling.
Actually her break up stories were a sought of entertainment for me. Not because she broke up but the reasons. She always had different reasons.

Swara nothing like that. Just like that to know. As far as i know you, you are not one of those who will care about the peoples opinion. There’s some other reason. I said.
Yeah, you have started knowing me not bad haan. Yeah i did not leave him because of the people actually on the way he was boasting about himself that he can do this, have beaten up many guys and so on. I knew he was just boasting but still i went him thinking he might stop but this creature was talking big talks about saving me from dangers go to see he can’t see face his own fear. blo*dy liar. She gave me the whole explaination.
But you should have given him a chance. I told her. Why? She asked. See because so far which ever guy you dumped were because of their habits and psyhical appearance. I said but before i could say anything yeah right atleast they were what they actallu were but this one was a liar also she said cutting me in between.

Yeah after so many things i realised that she doesn’t believe in giving people a second chance. I thought in my mind till the ice cream came.
She enjoyed her ice cream and i too. She seemed very happy today don’t know why but seeing her happy made me happy too.

I think i was falling for her. Or may be this was infatuation which would go as time would pass.

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Credit to: bitsy

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