that attempt which changed my life (Epi 11)


It had been six months since i was working as her p.a now. Everything had changed completely for me so much so sometimes i thought if she wouldn’t have come that day what would i do? I would have been dead.
The only reason i survived was she. Because of her now i have my life that to with respect. Atleast i have some respect in society. But i really did not care about the people i only wanted that respect in my parents eyes abd that forgiveness for me .
Swara and i not only shared the relationship of employeer and employee but also good friends. I would share everything with her . I did not no why but may be because she was the only one i lived with. Swara never tried to speak up her heart but could see the pain in her eyes that she never told me. Till date i did not knew where she would go leaving the restaurant.
I had seen her inumerable break-ups with different guys and for silly reasons i could say. Belching, not wearing shoes, coming on date with slippers, making sounds while eating, for not coming on time, and some even for not wearing the watch these things might be silly for me but she was very particular about them.
Whatever it was. She was the best. Right from her dressing sense to the food that was served on the table she wanted it perfect. She would even come to know about the sugar which would be less in tea by just looking at it and not even tasting. She was a perfectionist in short.
I hated the fact that some times she was dominating but still i would not mind being ordered cause i was used to her nature.
Ok guys thanks for reading and sorry for posting late. Do share your views by commenting below. Sorry for short and late post and no conversation between swasan. Sorry but I’ll post the next one soon.

Credit to: bitsy

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