that attempt which changed my life (Epi 10)


I got up in the morning holding my head which was badly aching. What had happened last night? After i told her my story…… she offered me the drink…. what happened after that? I had no clue. How i landed up in the room ? No answers to my questions and the only person i could get those answers from was she.
There was a knock on the door. It was obviously she. I opened the door. Hangover is down?? She questioned me. I was just holding my head. Take this she said giving me a glass. What’s this? I asked. Don’t worry, its not alcohol,lime juice for your headache to go she said. I took it. Be ready and come quick she said. I looked at the watch it was 12. I was very late indeed. I took a wash, had that limejuice and went down quickly. She was waiting for me.
She looked at me and went out. I also followed her. I wanted to know what had happened last night and how i was in those clothes and all my questions needed answers. She sat in the car. And i also sat.

Your capacity is very low she said. Capacity? I was confused. Of drinking she said. Huh? I did not knew what had happened last night. The way you behaved yesterday. What behaviour? I asked. You drank the whole remaining bottle and then you were dancing around saying you are a murderer and you don’t care what the says now. She told me. I try to recollect but could not. Then? How my clothes were changed? I askex her. I did not do anything with you she said. I am a very good person she said smiling. Huh? I did not understand. Did you not get me? She asked. Wtf? What did you do last night?
Look at your reactions , i told you i did not do anything with you, and you are acting as if i did something with you. She said.
But my clothes? Don’t worry she said laughing. You had puked that’s they were changed. But did you change them? Giving her a shy cum confused look.
Are you mad? Why would i change them? I am not intrested in you she said.
I gave a sigh of relief but wait a minute who changed them? I did not get answers so i again questioned her.
That stupid raj. I had called him. She said.
Haank i said. Did i behave weired yesterday? I asked her.
You were being yourself and there’s nothing wrong in it she said.
I just sat quitely . We had reached the restaurant. Raj smiled at me. I also did so.

Looks like you enjoyed a lot ladt night he said. I was embarrased. You are becoming red like a tomato she said. Why are you shying? She asked. I did not answer her but just ignored her and went to do my work.
She also ordered others to work and went.
I wondered where she goes everyday leaving her restaurant. I wanted to ask raj but said forget it. Cause he himself will not know where she goes, what would he tell me. So i didn’t bother to ask thinking i will ask her later.
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Credit to: bitsy

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