that attempt which changed my life (Epi 1)


Hey guys bitsy here. This is my first fan fiction on swasan. I know there are innumerable on them. But please read and comment on my ff too.
“That attempt which changed my life”
I was a normal teenager like others my life was full of joy as every other teenager. But that day. My friends who were called themselves my best friends got alcohol in the car. I was not ready to drink but the way they forced me and tried to make me drink. Lead to the biggest mistake of my life. That murder which i did. Not only i killed a innocent person but also my only sibling and my sister. The case was invested i was been sent to juvinille house since i was 17 . There nor my days were easy and nor my nights. Everyday there were several others who came and went. Everyday there were tortures. I was been kept seperately as i was a muderer. Soon the 5 years past. I returned back to my home which i considered to be mine but to my suprise i was put of the house because i was the one who murdered my sister. The people in neighbour hood gathered to see how a murderer looks. I had no option but to leave from there.
To me my life was ended. I had no family, no shelter, and no reason to live. So i decided to commit suicide. I went to a building of 15 floors. Went up to the terrace stood there for almost 15 mins recollecting what i had done and staring at the ground.

Then came a voice. “Should i push you?”
I turned back to see. A girl standing there. I just gave her a angry look. But that will be a murder then. Again she opened her mouth. You carry on I’ll go she said as if i was just throwing pebbles in the water.
I made my mind to jump finally but then her thoughts came to my mind. She was not really intrested in my life. I mean instead of stopping me she asked me can i help you? What kind of a person she is i thought and got down and went behind her.
Are you drunk? I asked her.
No came the reply.

I was suprised by her answer. I thought she will ask me why am i commiting suicide or so. But i was wrong. She went down to the parking area and drove away with her jeep. Strange its winter and in dheradun people stay to prefer in their houses during nights but this one.. i said to my self.
I thought for a very long time walking the slopy region. It was a good evening fore surronded by the smog all around me. I thought what an evening. This is my last day on this earth and beautiful evening. Saying this i jumped in front of the car which was passing by. But to my bad luck i did not die . There came a voice ohh hello. If you wanted to die why to die infront a car and put others in trouble came a familiar voice. My forehead was bleeding so i did faint without giving an answer to her question.
I opened my eyes. I saw a wall with graffitee on it. I thought i had heard that there is only fire in the hell but here there is graffitee and ac. Strange. I again rubbed my eyes and this time i was sure that i did not die. I touched my head there was an bandage on it. So now i was sure that i am alive. But why i was saved? Came a question in my mind.
I think you are not meant to die today. Said the girl.
I am supposed to if you had not stoped me from doing it in the building. I said.
I never stoped you. Did i? She said in a normal tone.
But you asked me to jump and that was not fair. So i tried to jump near a car but again stopped by you.
That’s because you would have jumped happily and what would have happened to my life after your death. I love my life and you should be thankful to me i saved your life as i am i good driver. She said.
I was left thinking. Did she use reverse psychology on me? Or was she speaking normally.
Ok guys that’s it for today. Do comment and share your views with me. Hope you like it.

Credit to: bitsy

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