Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Prologue

Guys its me Anaya mathur writer of ff MAJBOORIYAAN. This my new ff I’ll post this along with MAJBOORIYAAN both here and on my fb page ‘ Arnav Kushi FF by Anaya’ . sorry I couldn’t upload MAJBOORIYAAN since 2 days tmrw I’ll upload it along this one too. Hope you enjoy this.


Arnav , Kushi and their 5 year old daughter Aashi , a happy family, sweet family. This is what outsiders thought but were they really happy..? Where did that smile vanish. They smiled only with Aashi…who stole that smile & happiness from them..or did they loose it on their own..????

Arshi lived in London from past 5 years with Aashi . Arnav handled his businesses from here itself. They had left India , Arnav broke all the ties with that person & moved on . but did he really move on..?

Arshi fell in love 7years back , they dated each other for an year & got married, their marriage changed everything…


Arnav getting ready to go to office kushi running behind him

Kushi : Arnav do you remember what day is tod.. (Arnav interrupt)
Arnav : yes kushi I remember ( she get happy but her smile fade hearing his reply) its Aashi’s birthday tmrw I know.. How can I forget that
Kushi : no not that..(again Arnav interrupt)
Arnav : then what kushi ( he said wearing coat)
Kushi : woh aapko yaad nahi woh… ( that..don’t you remember that…)
Arnav knew what was special tmrw other than Aashi’s birthday but he thought why is she reminding him that
Arnav : ( little angrily) woh woh kya kushi mere paas poora din nahi hai ( what Kushi I don’t have full day)
Kushi : Aap bhoolgaye, aap yeh kaise bhool sakte hai ( you forgot , how can you forget this)( she said with anger)
Arnav : mujhe acche se pata hai kal Aashi ke birthday je alava aur kya hai.. Agar mein kuch bol nahi raha hoon tho yeh nahi ki mujhe yaad nahi ( I know what occasion is tmrw other than Aashi’s birthday…if I’m not saying it doesn’t mean I don’t remember)
Kushi : kal nahi wo ( not tmrw its..) Arnav interrupt
Arnav : stop it Kushi I know what its tmrw

Kushi : nahi..Arnav woh..
Arnav walk away from there & go to office
Kushi : (to herself) kal nahi aaj Kuch special hai..aaj humari shaadi ki saal gira hai ( not tmrw , I’m talking about today its our marriage anniversary)
She see Lavanya at the door . lavanya is their neighbour & good frnd. Seeing her Kushi wipe her tears

Lavanya : No need to hide from me I heard everything
Kushi : bad manners ( she joked)
Lavanya: how can he say so , he know its anniversary today & don’t want to remember it ( she said angrily)
Kushi : no Lavanya you are getting him wrong
Lavanya : what
Kushi : he don’t remember this, he remember that its someone else’s birthday too tmrw & he is so lost in that person that he forgot its our anniversary today, he thought I’m reminding him the birthday of that person
Lavanya : but..
Kushi : its not first time.. He is forgetting it from past 5yrs …anyway by night he’ll remember so no worries

Guess who is that person in Arnav’s life??

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