Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 9

Recap : Anjali see Arnav in mall.. Kushi & Anjali meet

Kushi call aman..

Kushi : aman can you drop aashi today..

Aman : sure bhabhi.. I know ASR is bit tired let him rest..

Kushi : thanks..

After 2 hours..

Arnav get ready & come down holding his head.. He then see the time its already 11..

Arnav : oh.. Kushi.. Kushi..

Kushi : what happened

Arnav : its so late where is aashi..? Damn why didn’t you wake me..? ( holding his head) ah.. This head ache..

Kushi give him nimbu pani ( lemon juice)

Kushi : don’t worry aman dropped aashi.. You were tired so I didn’t wake you up.. Have this your pain will vanish..

He sit on dining table Kushi serve him breakfast & she too start eating silently..

After a while..

Arnav : are you angry on me

Kushi : no.. Why would I be angry ?

Arnav : yesterday I came drunk & ..

Kushi : ( interrupt ) I’ve no complaints Arnav. I understand you.. I know you more than you know yourself..

Arnav : bahut parishaan kar raha hoona mein tume pichle 5 saal se.. Zindagi barbaad kar di tu.. ( I’m troubling you lot since 5 years naa.. I spoilt your lif..)

Kushi : ( interrupt closing his mouth ) yeh sab kyun soch rahe ho aap aisa Kuch nahi hai.. ( why are you thinking all this there’s nothing like that)

Arnav : aisa hi hai.. ( its like that only )But I promise I will try to give you your share of happiness..

Kushi ; my happiness lies in your happiness your smile..

Arnav just smile & leave to office..

Kushi : ( to herself ) I will bring back your happiness Arnav.. I’ll bring back that smile..

Jha mansion

Anjali packing bags..

Shyam : yeh aap kya kar rahi hai rani sahiba ( what are you doing Anjali )

Anjali : hume yaha aana hi nahi chahiye tha.. Bahut badi galati hogayi magar aur nahi ( we shouldn’t have come here.. Did a big mistake but not any more )

Shyam : but my work.. Its important I can’t leave

Anjali : then you stay here I’ll go back taking my aarav..

Shyam : then what about your Arnav

Anjali stop packing & look at shyam..

Anjali : it means you did all this.. Intentionally.. How could you shyam.. What if chote come to know.. God..

Shyam : why are you doing this.. Can’t you see your chote’s pain.. He has become a machine.. He need you.. He can’t stay without you rani sahiba understand..

Anjali : I see everything.. But i can’t meet him you know it very well why.. We are leaving that’s it..

Shyam : no we are not.. At least you have to meet him once before leaving..

Kushi come there who heard their whole conversation..

Kushi : jijaji is right di.. If you want to leave then meet him once..

Anjali : aap logo ko kyun nahi samajh aa raha… aapko kya lagta hai mujhe apne chote se milna nahi hai.. Kya hume unka dard nahi dikta.. Unke bina hum roz mar rahe hai.. Lekin unse nahi mil sakte unki jaan ko katra hai.. Aur hum kabhi une Kuch hone nahi denge ( why are you both not understanding.. What you think I don’t want to meet my arnav.. Can’t I see his pain.. I’m dying everyday without him.. But I can’t meet him.. His life will be in danger & I can never let that happen )

Arnav’s office

Arnav’s cabin

Arnav : I think I’m doing injustice with Kushi

Aman : I understand ASR but you too are..

Arnav : I want to give her the happiness she deserves.. She’s striving day & night for me & what have i given her back.. Nothing except pain loneliness.. So..

Aman : so..?

Arnav : I can’t be the same old Arnav who turned the world upside down for her but I can atleast be a normal husband..

Aman : great then.. Take her out for a dinner today

Arnav : today ?

Aman : haan nek kaam mein deri kaisi ( why delaying the good work )

Jha mansion :

Kushi : aapko kya lagta hai ab woh jii rahe hai aapke bina.. ( what do you feel.. He is living without you..)

Anjali : you are not understanding..

Shyam : either we are staying here for a year & make everything right between arshi or else I’m calling Arnav & informing him we are here..

Anjali : what are you sayin..

Shyam : ( interrupt ) one choice rani sahiba

Kushi : agree to stay di please..

Anjali nod yes…

4pm – Raizada mansion

Kushi gets arnav’s call..

Arnav : Kushi get ready in the evening I’ll pick you at 8..

Kushi : no Arnav I’m not in mood of attending any business party..

Arnav : no not a party.. Actually a dinner just you & me.. I mean… you are getting right.. Huh..

Kushi : I’ll be ready..

Arnav’s cabin

Aman : what happened ?

Arnav : she agreed

Aman : you can still make everything right

Arnav Matlab.. ( means..)

Aman : why don’t you go & meet Anjali di yourself.. I mean..

Arnav : no aman.. I’m not going until she call me.. & no more discussions on this..

Aman : but ASR..

Arnav : I know you are in touch with her… Di only sent you with me right ? She wanted to know if I was alright.. & I know you keep updating her.. But you never tell me about her..

Aman : ASR woh…

Arnav : I won’t ask you also.. Because I know its a punishment.. & culprit don’t have a right to demand.. I accept I accept her every order..

Aman : ( to himself ) why are you doing this di..

Raizada Mansion

Kushi getting ready infront of mirror lost in her own thoughts..

Flashback starts..

Kushi is blind folded..

Kushi : Arnav where are we… Open my eyes naa..

Arnav : 5 mins.. Wait naa

Finally he take her to a table on banks of river & remove her blind fold.. Kushi is so overwhelmed seeing such a beautiful scenario..

They start having dinner…
Kushi : wow Arnav.. I’m impressed.. Such a lovely dinner date ah..?

Arnav : its ASR’s date it must be special..

Kushi : but why so far here in outskirts.. Pakde jaane ka dar hai kya ( afraid that you’ll get caught.. She tease )

Arnav : oh come on.. I’m not afraid.. It’s so noisy in those hotels no privacy at all.. So you & me all alone here.. Soo.. ( he ask with mischievous smile nearing her )

Kushi : ( nervously ) so what..

Arnav : let’s dance..

they dance with some band there.. & enjoy a lot..

Flashback ends.. As lavanya interrupt..

Lavanya : Kushi stop dreaming.. & go arnav is waiting for you down..

Precap : Arshi in hotel for a dinner

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