Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 8

Recap : Arshi & Anjali in same mall.. Shyam, kushi & aman plan to make arnav Anjali meet

Shyam : let’s go to kids section.. To shop for aarav

Aarav : but I’m not kid papa..

Shyam : yeh ladka bhi naa ( this boy..)

Anjali : I know you are not but you’ll get your things in kids section only.. Come let’s go

Aman : kids section chale.. ( shall we go to kids section)

Arnav : ah..? Why us ? Kushi & lavanya will take her…

Kushi : very smart.. Galati aapne ki hai toh shopping bhi aapko hi karwana padhega ( you did mistake so you will have to shop with her )

Lavanya : and you know so well about Aashi’s choice.. She love the clothes you choose

Aman : yep.. Its because aashi & di’s choice.. ( he stop.. Kushi & aman look at Arnav.. He us lost in thoughts )

Flashback starts…

Anjali : what’s this shyam.. You know I don’t like these type of heavy designs..

Shyam : this was best piece ( saree ) in Lucknow so I thought.. Sorry rani sahiba

Anjali : oh its ok..

Shyam : what will you wear now ?? On this festival you’ve to wear dresses sent from maika ( mother’s home ) only na ?

Arnav : di will wear this..

He has brought a new saree especially designed according to Anjali’s choice

Anjali : wow chote.. Its so pretty love you..

Shyam : saale Saab ( Arnav ) knows your choice the best..

Flashback ends..

Aashi : papa chaliye na.. ( papa let’s go..)
She drag him towards kids section..

Shyam : kaha rehagaye yeh log ( where are they.?)

He’s desperately looking towards door..

Anjali is feeling uneasy as if Arnav is somewhere near her..

Shyam : what happened rani sahiba ( Anjali ) are you ok..?

Anjali : yes.. I need some water.

Anjali shyam go out to fetch some water while arshi enter the kids section. Kushi & aman search for Anjali on not finding her aman message shyam..

Aman : where are you jijaji we’re in kids section

Shyam ( message back) : coming in 5 mins..

Lavanya : where are they I’m waiting to see her..

Aman : they’ll be here in 5 mins

Kushi : I’m so excited to meet them.. ( she exclaim in excitement )

Arnav : you’re excited to meet whom Kushi?

Everyone get alert

Kushi : hmm uh.. Clothes.. I’m excited to see new clothes..

Meanwhile Anjali shyam enter.. Both Arnav Anjali feel each others presence but ignore it

Arnav & aashi are selecting clothes while aman & kushi are searching anjali. Aarav bump into Arnav..

Aarav : ouch..( he hold his hand )

Arnav : watch out young man..

Aarav surprised & overwhelmed to see his mamu ( Arnav ) he is about to hug him but aashi come there..

Aashi : hi bhaiyya ( brother )

Aarav : aashi tum yaha ( you here)

Aashi : he’s my papa & papa I told you na aarav bhaiyya..

Arnav feel connected towards aarav but fail to recognise him
Anjali see Arnav while searching for aarav , tears well up in her eyes.. Its been 5 long years she saw her chote today he’s soo close to her yet she can’t meet him, she can’t hug & caress him

Arnav : hey champ.. Good work you saved aashi

Aarav is all numb he’s about to call arnav mamu but stop seeing Anjali gesturing him not to say anything..

Aarav, aashi & Arnav start chatting while Anjali lost in admiring them. Arnav gets a call & he comes towards anjali , she hide herself behind a pillar & Arnav go out..

Anjali come to aashi & hug her tight caressing her & head to leave but kushi come in her way..

Kushi : di.. ( her eyes full of tears ) aap mujhse mile bina hi chali jaaoge.. Itni boori hoon mein ( you’ll go without meeting me..? Am I so bad )

Anjali : Kushi.. ( she gesture to hug her )

Both have a long hug crying their heart out..

Kushi : how are you di.. How is aarav..

Anjali : I’m fine.. & aarav too.. How are you? You seem to have become very weak & pale.. Chote bahut parishaan karte hai.. ( do Arnav trouble a lot )

Kushi : haan aap nahi hona daat ne ke liye ( yes.. You’re not here na to scold him )

Aashi & aarav come there..

Kushi : hey champ..

Aarav : mami.. ( he hug her.. )

They start talking..

Anjali hug aashi tight..

Aashi : my baby.. My chote’s daughter.. Humari aashi ( our aashi )

All of sudden Anjali pull back from hug & start moving back…

Kushi : what happened di..?

Kushi turn back & see Arnav coming back..
Kushi holding Anjali’s hand..

Kushi : no di.. you can’t go back..

Anjali : Kushi leave.. I can’t meet him. Please leave my hand..

Kushi : but di..

Anjali : here’s my address ( she give a card ) we shall meet here.. But now.. Chote shouldn’t see me.. Please..

Anjali free herself & go from there & Arnav come to kushi..
Kushi wipe her tears..

Arnav : chale.. Hogayi shopping ? ( finished shopping? Shall we go )

Kushi nod..

Jha mansion..

Anjali has locked herself in room all night.. Crying.. Remembering her chote…

While Kushi couldn’t get any sleep.. She hear a knock on door.. She rush & open & shocked to see Arnav bit drunk..

Kushi : Arnav.. You ..

Arnav : no questions Kushi.. Please.. Aaj bahut tak gaya hoon ( I’m very tired today )

She make him sleep on bed.. He start talking now.. Arnav talked much, shared his grief only when he’s drunk

Arnav : aaj pata nahi kyun di ki bahut yaad aarahi hai.. Lag raha hai jaise woh yehi kahi hai mere aas paas ( don’t know why but I’m missing di a lot today.. I’m feeling like she is somewhere near me )

Kushi’s eyes well up.. While arnav continue..

Arnav : haan pata hai di yaha kaise aa sakti hai.. Mein bhi pagal hoon mujhe pata hai woh yaha nahi hai.. Par kya kare yeh dil hai ki maanta nahi.. ( yea I know how can di come here.. I’m mad.. I know she’s not here but what to do my heart’s not listening )

He fall asleep..

Kushi : aapka dil bilkul sahi keha raha hai di yahi hai aapke paas.. Aur mein aap dono ko milakar rahoongi.. Yeh mera vada hai aap dono se devi maiyya ki kasam ( you heart is right Arnav di is here near you.. & I’ll unite you both.. It’s my promise to you both… On name of God)

Precap :

Anjali packing bags..

Shyam : yeh aap kya kar rahi hai rani sahiba ( what are you doing Anjali )

Anjali : hume yaha aana hi nahi chahiye tha.. Bahut badi galati hogayi magar aur nahi ( we shouldn’t have come here.. Did a big mistake but not any more )

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