Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 7

Recap : Arnav get drunk remembering the past aashi sees it & gets angry

Aashi is sitting with angry face & kushi come to her..

Kushi : come baby drink this milk

Aashi : I don’t want anything

Kushi : but why aashi

Aashi : you very well know why mumma

Kushi : baby please don’t get angry on him he was missing someone so he did that

Aashi : whatever it may be how can he spoil his health & who was he missing.. He can go & meet them na..

Kushi : we can’t meet them..

Aashi : but why mumma

Kushi : you are too small to understand all that baby leave it now..

Aashi make angry face & sit…

Jha mansion

Anjali : don’t you have school today..

Aarav : no maa its holiday

Shyam : then let’s go out for shopping

Anjali : no I’m not in mood you two go..

Shyam : agar aap nahi aayegi toh hum bhi nahi jaayenge.. ( if you won’t come we are also not going)

Anjali : ok we shall go happy..

Aarav : very happy

Raizada mansion

Arnav freshen up & is all ready to go to office.. Kushi come to room & stare him folding her hands..

Arnav : what?

Kushi : you are going to office?

Arnav : yes… its late already I’ve important meeting..

Kushi : aashi has not eaten anything since yesterday night..

Arnav : what why?! & you let her sleep without having.. Where is she I’ll talk to her.. ( he is about to go )

Kushi : listen..
Kushi explain everything..

Arnav : damn.. Now what..

Kushi : go & console her.. But be careful she’s very angry.. ( she tease)

Arnav : you only console after that I’ll talk to her

Kushi : why me.. I’m not going.. Ab galati ki hai toh sudhaar ni toh padegi.. Kyun dar lag raha hai..( now when you have done mistake then rectify it.. Are you scared??)

Arnav : dar aur mujhe.. ( he go down )

Anjali call aashi..

Anjali : good morning aashi kaise ho aap ( how are you )

Aashi : good mrng maa.. I’m very angry..

Arnav hear this & stop right there ..

Anjali : what happened… who made my angel angry..

Aashi : papa.. ( she explain everything )

Arnav : what the.. She’s telling everything ..

Anjali : oh.. That’s big problem

Aashi : maa aapko pata hai.. Mumma ne bhi papa ko Kuch nahi kaha ulta unki side le rahi thi.. ( maa do you know even mumma didn’t say anything to him.. She was taking his side only..)

Anjali : there must be a reason which they can’t tell you that’s why..

Aashi : but he’s spoiling his health right.. What to do for that..?

Anjali : I’ll prepare some khaada ( medicine ) & send it to you ok.. That will remove all ill effects of alcohol ok..

Aashi : thank you…

She cut the call..

Jha mansion..

Anjali preparing khaada ( medicine ) & shyam come into kitchen..

Shyam : what are you doing rani sahiba.. oh its khaada ( medicine ) the same one which you prepared for saale Saab( arnav ) right..


Arnav running behind anjali..

Arnav : di listen.. Di I’m talking to you..

Anjali is preparing khaada ( medicine ) & doesn’t talk to him.. Shyam come there..

Arnav : jijaji di is not talking to me.. You only tell her..

Shyam : actually its your mistake..

Anjali : see didn’t I tell you chote’..

Shyam : aap party karne ke baad apni di ke saamne aaye hi kyun.. Galati karne se bhi badi galathi hai pakade jaana ( why you came in front of your di after partying.. The bigger mistake after mistake is getting caught )

Anjali : ( open her mouth in surprise ) God.. Shyam you teach him all this.. Ah..

Shyam : oh come on rani sahiba it was a joke

Anjali : bahut kharaab joke ( very bad joke )

Shyam : ok jokes apart now forgive him & talk to him.. Its common in parties to have a one or two shots.. He was not drooling here & there he was in his limits so..

Anjali : ( interrupt) so what.. Even with that he’s spoiling his health & I wont tolerate that

Arnav : ok di I’m sorry.. I won’t have it again sorry

She give him khaada & he drinks it making weired faces..

Fb ends..

Shyam : rani sahiba…

She come back to senses ..

Shyam : who are you preparing this for.. You use to prepare it only for arnav.. Have you changed your mind & want to meet him ?? But you will give him this ?? After 5 years.. Oh bechare saale Saab ( arnav )

Anjali explain him what aashi told & gives khaada to driver to give it to aashi..

Shyam : who this aashi is.. Is she our aashi.. I should find out..

Raizada mansion

Arnav : baby I’m sorry.. Talk to me..

Aashi : mumma tell him I won’t talk..

Kushi : baby.. ( aashi interrupt )

Aashi : tell him no need to talk now.. He wasn’t opening door yesterday as he didn’t wanted to talk & today I don’t want to talk..

Arnav : you know I can’t stay without talking to you aashi inspite of that.. You are not talking.. Ok dont talk at least have food..

Aashi : I’m not having anything..

Arnav : baby..
Door bell ring & driver come in with 2 boxes.. Aashi take them & thanks him.. & driver leave..

Arnav : what’s this & who sent..

Aashi gets a call..

Anjali : did you get them baby..

Aashi : yes maa thank you but 2 boxes

Anjali : other box is having kheer that’s for you.. You’ve not eaten anything since night right

Aashi : love you.

Anjali : love you too..

Kushi : oh your maa sent it ?..

Aashi : yes.. Mumma tell him to drink this khaada ( medicine ) then only I’ll talk to him..

Kushi pour it to glass.. & arnav takes it..

Arnav : anything for you baby… ( he drinks it & remember how anjali used to give him this )

Kushi : happy aashi now talk to him..

Aashi : he should promise that he won’t to this again..

Arnav : promise..

Aashi hug him

Aashi : ok now let’s have kheer..

Everyone beat kheer arshi think this is same as anjali used to prepare but how’s this possible.. Arnav ignore this thinking anjali can’t be here.. But kushi gets a doubt..

Kushi : ( to herself ) should find out who this is..

Arnav : kushi you asked to take you to mall na let’s go get ready..

Arshi, aashi, aman, Lavanya are in a mall & then Anjali, shyam & aarav enter the same mall.. Shyam call aman..

Shyam : we are in mall.. Where are you guys..

Aman : we are in 3rd floor kids section..

Shyam : ok..
They cut the call..

Aman : they’re coming bhabhi..

Kushi : hope everything will be fine..

Shyam : let’s go to kids section.. To shop for aarav

Aarav : but I’m not kid papa..

Precap : Arshi & anjali shyam in same shop..
Anjali see arshi.. But will arnav also see his di..??

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