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Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 6


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Recap : Aarav & Arnav doesn’t see each other & Aashi wish anjali first.

Arnav : Happy birthday di

Anjali : thank you Chote

Arnav : why are you so much stubborn di.. Why do you believe in God more than me.. Don’t you believe in your chote how can you stay away from me. ( A lone tear roll down his cheeks & he wipes it out & the recording ends…)

This a recorded by aman when arnav talked to anjali Standing in front of her photo & he mailed it to Anjali.. This is been done since last 5years.

Anjali sit down crying.. Shyam console her.

Raizada mansion

Aarav : its late aashi I’ve to leave..

Aashi : 5 more mins bhai please mumma is on her way.

Aarav : ok

Aashi show him a home & he is about to see family photo but driver come & call him saying its late so he leave. Aashi get angry on arshi as they have not yet arrived & couldn’t meet aarav.
Arnav has locked himself in room & aashi go & call him but he doesn’t open.. She wait for long time & gets worried & call Kushi.

Kushi : baby we are on the way will reach in 20mins..

Aashi : mumma papa is not opening the door.

Kushi : baby don’t disturb him he’ll busy in work

Aashi : but he is not even answering me.. I’m getting worried now..

Kushi : I think he’s in some meeting baby.. You don’t worry

Aashi : but mumma..

Kushi : (interrupting) Aashi just don’t disturb him I’ll back in few mins..

She cut the call

Lavanya : kushi what’s this he’s not opening door & neither answering & you are this cool..

Kushi : he spends time alone & would not like anyone disturbing him this day

Lavanya : matlab (what do you mean)

Kushi : Matlab Kuch nahi gaadi jaldi chaalav ( nothing drive faster )

Raizada mansion

Aashi gets worried & again knock the door but no response.. She gets worried & go to window to see what’s happening.

Arnav is sitting having a drink holding some album & talking to himself. Aashi couldn’t hear him but see him having alcohol & gets angry (just the way anjali used to be ).

Kushi Lavanya return & aashi talk nothing to them. Kushi too doesn’t want to discuss what’s happening inside with aashi.

9 pm

Kushi : baby its late come have dinner

Aashi : what about papa?

Kushi : he’ll eat later you have & go to bed

Aashi : why mom everyday we have it together right? And its my birthday today & he won’t have with us.

Kushi : baby he is busy lets not disturb him

Aashi : I know what he is busy with ( she say angrily)

Kushi’s smile suddenly vanish & getting tensed

Kushi : what you know aashi??

Aashi : I saw him through window & papa was ( she start crying)

Kushi hug her

Kushi : baby don’t cry.. Look papa is sad.. So.. He’s doing this don’t get him wrong

Aashi : he’s spoiling his health mumma & how can you let him do this.

Kushi : baby you are too small to get it

Aashi : but I know alcohol is bad & papa shouldn’t drink it

Kushi : but.. Baby..

Aashi : he shouldn’t have it at any cost I said mumma ( tears rolling down her eyes inconsolably kushi come to take her to embrace but aashi move back ) open the door.

Kushi : aashi no he’s not in a state to listen now please.. Have dinner let’s talk in morning

Aashi : then I’ll have food in the morning only after talking to him

Aashi go to he room kushi sit helplessly Lavanya who hears this come & console Kushi.

Kushi : both are equally stubborn

Lavanya : but kushi arnav doesn’t drink

Kushi : he drinks only today. Leave it he’ll be fine by morning but don’t know what aashi is gonna do tomorrow.

Lavanya : she might do the same what Anjali would have done isn’t it

Kushi : if that happen arnav is in deep trouble then..

Lavanya : let her take the charge then

Night 1pm

Arnav still locked in room

Anjali is also not getting sleep she too is seeing some old albums.
Arnav breaks the glass & a small piece pierce his hand he hiss in pain. Kushi rush in hearing the sound.Anjali also suddenly jerk & call his name & shyam wakes up..

Shyam : ran sahiba are you ok..

Anjali nod yes..

Shyam : let’s sleep its already late..

Anjali : I’m not getting sleep you sleep..

he get up & hold her hand comforting her..

Shyam : we are in London.. We can meet him.. Let’s finish this off.. Let’s take him back.. He too is suffering

Anjali : no no I can’t put his life in danger

Shyam : ok at least you can meet him once right..

Anjali : If I go in front of him he’ll never let me go.. I can’t meet him..

Raizada mansion

Kushi rush in & see a small cut on his hand & tend to it.. Arnav is not in his senses & starts talking..

Arnav : we shouldn’t have got married

Kushi doesn’t talk anything she is busy dressing his wound.

Arnav : I lost everything by one move. I shouldn’t have married. I hate him. I hate God.. He always does this to me he took away my parents, took away my di & he took away you..

Kushi : but I’m here with you..

Arnav : but I’m not with you.. I couldn’t give you any happiness.. Sorry Kushi.. I’m sorry…

Kushi console him & with help of aman she take him to room & make him sleep.

Aman : bhabhi.. Di is in London

Kushi : what..?? Really..

Aman : yes she is here for a year for some work of jijaji..

Kushi : but they won’t come to meet us..

Aman : jijaji wants to make them meet.. But anjali di is not agreeing it seems.. So we should give them a surprise.. A surprise meeting..

Kushi : nice idea.. Hope everything gets well..
She get excited.. But will Anjali & Arnav meet..??

Precap : Arshi, aashi, aman, Lavanya are in a mall & then Anjali, shyam & aarav enter the same mall.. Shyam call aman..

Shyam : we are in mall.. Where are you guys..

Aman : we are in 3rd floor kids section..

Shyam : ok..

I’m continuing this after long time

  1. Veronica

    Yahhh…….it’s been a loooooong time since I read this….Anyways really beautiful and awesome…loved the way Aashi behaving like Anjali….Waiting for next ffs 😊😊

  2. Sravs

    hey seriously………….this was reposted right??????i have already read this………

  3. Sravs

    hey seriously………….this was reposted right??????i have already read this……………………..

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