Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 3

Aashi shake aarav & he comes back to senses

Aashi : can I call you bhai
Aarav : yes you can call me bhai
Aashi : ok then come let’s have lunch together bhai..
They sit & have lunch together

Raizada Mansion
Lavanya : Then what happened kushi, did she come to know your truth & got angry ah.??
Kushi : it was our first anniversary…

Flashback starts…

Arnav had arranged a beautiful candle light dinner near poolside as no one was home . Kushi was 9 months pregnant her delivery could happen anytime.

Kushi : wow Arnav such a beautiful decoration love you..
Arnav : but its only candle light dinner baby I couldn’t plan much as you are 9month pregnant & no one knows about our marriage.. Sorry
Kushi : koyi baat nahi jab aap saath ho tho kisi aur cheez ki kya zaroorat ( its ok when you are with me what’s the need of anything else)
Arnav : well I promise to give you a best lavish party next year ok..
Kushi : done

They had dinner talked for hours & then arnav took Kushi to her room it was beside his.. Then arnav gets a call from aman..
Arnav : ( on call) ok Aman I’ll be there
He cut the call & looks at kushi

Kushi : happy journey
Arnav : kushi I would never have gone if it wasn’t really urgent this meeting needs me at any cost so..
Kushi : I understand anyway you are coming back tomorrow evening right..
Arnav : yep..
Kushi : remember what we have to do tomorrow
Arnav : yes we should gift the truth of our marriage to di on her birthday
Kushi : trust me she’ll be very happy
Arnav : hope so..

Arnav leave for Mumbai. Anjali ,shyam & aarav arrive home. Anjali goes to check priya (Kushi )
in her room.
Kushi is sweating a bit but Anjali couldn’t see as she has covered her face..
priya (Kushi ): how was the party di..
Anjali : nice how are you?? Your voice looks bit tired
priya (Kushi ): I’m Fine just bit tired..
Clock strikes 12’o clock… & Anjali gets a call
Arnav : Happy birthday di
Anjali : thank you Chote waise sirf wish hamari gift kaha hai..( only wish where is my gift)
Arnav : I’ll give it in the evening di
Anjali : ok take care & wear shweters in night its too cold there
Arnav : ok di bye.
Anjali cut the call
Kushi hug her
priya (Kushi ): Happy birthday di
Anjali : thank you .. Now you take rest its already too late

Anjali heads to leave but shyam & aarav come there
Aarav : Happy birthday Maa
Shyam : Happy birthday rani sahiba
Anjali hug them both & start seeing the greeting made by aarav.. It was very difficult to read( as his handwriting was same as arnav’s , too bad ) but she managed to read.
Anjali : thank you soo much its very nice
All turn towards kushi as they hear her struggling with pain
Anjali : Priya Priya are you alright
priya (Kushi ): di its paining..
Anjali : shyam I think we should take her to hospital

They take her to hospital & before going to labour ward kushi stops Anjali.
Kushi : di I want to tell you something
Anjali: afterwards we can talk now.. ( Kushi interrupt )
Kushi : its necessary.. We are sorry di..
Anjali look on confused..
Kushi : I’m not Aman’s wife neither am I Priya
Kushi take off her duppatta & reveal her face
Anjali 🙁 in shock ) Kushi…..

Kushi : di I’m your chote’s wife di..
Kushi gets a pain
Anjali : we will talk later you go in
Kushi : di you call the priest he’ll explain you everything
Doctors take Kushi in & Anjali sits in shock…
Shyam tries Arnav’s number but its switched off

Shyam : rani sahiba calm down there must be a reason behind it
Anjali : I know I trust my Chote let’s talk about it later

Morning 6 am
They hear a baby crying & the nurse come out & give the baby to Anjali
Nurse : its baby girl
Everyone get happy shyam & aarav start playing with baby & Anjali teary eyed seeing baby..
Anjali : how is Pri… ah how is Kushi.. Can we meet her
Nurse : you can meet her after an hour

After an hour kushi shifted to ward & baby placed in a cradle. All 3 get in .

Anjali : how are you
Kushi : di woh hum ( di that we..)
Anjali : I’ve talked to priest.. He explained me everything
Kushi : di he said that Arnav will be loosing something precious which is close to him.. I mean only we..that..
Anjali place hand on Kushi’s head
Anjali : Don’t worry kushi.. I believe in my Chote more than any other priest. He will make everything right.. We won’t loose anyone..
Kushi hug Anjali
Kushi : sorry ( in tears )
Anjali : sshhh… no sorry no tears ab sirf kushiya hai humare zindagi mein, jara dekho iss nanni si pari ko ( only happiness will come into our lives, look at this little angel )
Shyam : waise naam kya socha hai aap dono me ( what name have you both thought )
Kushi : Aashi…

Anjali : finally I got a partner then
Kushi : di jijaji look there aarav..
Aashi playing with hands of aarav & he is smiling at her.
Anjali : And she had already started her work I guess..

Flashback Ends..

Lavanya : Sab Kuch toh teek tha.. Toh phir aisa kya hua.. ( everything was alright then what happened)
Kushi : The flight from Mumbai to Delhi flight crashed midway & no one survived it & Arnav had booked his tickets in that plane.
Lavanya : what.!!? Did he miss that flight
Kushi : he was here only in Delhi he didn’t go to Mumbai
Lavanya : then.?
Kushi : he went to convince papa, Arnav told everything to him
Lavanya : uncle agreed??
Kushi : yes he agreed
Lavanya : then..

Flashback starts

News flash Mumbai to Delhi flight crashed onway & none survived..

Everyone are shocked shyam try to call arnav but its switched off..

Anjali : kya hua Chote ne uthaya phone ( what happened did Chote pick phone)
Shyam nod no..
Anjali : Kuch kijiye kaha hai Chote … ( do something where is Chote then.. )
Kushi start crying
Kushi : di.. Kahi ..
Anjali : nahi kushi mujhe vishwas hai Kuch nahi hua hoga Chote ko.. (I believe in god nothing can happen to him )
Aman get to know about the news so he call Anjali to inform her he is safe

Aman call anjali & explain her everything she get relieved..

Flashback Ends..
Lavanya : because of that accident she believed in priest & left you guys..??
Kushi : don’t know may be yes or I feel there was something else she hid from us..
Lavanya : how can she be soo..
Kushi : don’t say anything to her its not her mistake.. Everything was nice she went home to make arrangements to welcome me & baby & when we went home I didn’t see that happiness in her face she scared..
Lavanya : scared? Of what
Kushi : don’t know something has happened..

Flashback starts

Arshi come home with Aashi .
Anjali circle the thali apply tilak & welcome them home.. Arnav was desperate to talk to his sister. Anjali feed kheer to Aashi then to Arshi.

Flashback ends ..

Kushi : then..after sometime she called Arnav & asked us to go to London don’t know why?? God that was the horrible day for the first time I saw both in that state both were crying..
Lavanya : she too didn’t wanted this I think but due to that priest she did this..
Kushi : there is something which we don’t know I’ve to find it out ..
Lavanya : but what??
Kushi : I think papa did something
Lavanya : what will he do. ??
Kushi : don’t know but..
Lavanya : oh stop it kushi.. Everything will be fine

Precap : Arnav & Anjali both in school but will they meet each other.???

I know its same precap tomorro’s epi will have this scene..

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