Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 2

Recap : Kushi tell how she eloped from home to lavanya.

Kushi: remember that new cook who worked for only 2days
Lavanya: God was it him.!!?how dirty his clothes were yuck..ok tell me further..
Kushi : ok listen..

Flashback starts

Aman’s house

Aman : what next Arnav ?
Arnav : I’ll marry Kushi
Kushi : but Arnav this can’t
Arnav : mujhe pe bharosa hai ( do you trust me)
Kushi : kud se zyaada ( more than myself)
Aman : I’ll make all arrangements
Kushi : I want to meet priest once
Arnav : but kushi..
Kushi : I know you don’t believe in all this but please for me let’s visit him once
Arnav agree & both reach temple

Kushi explain the situation to priest he analyse for some time & give a solution
Priest : even if you both marry you will not be able to stay together, arnav have a life threat
Kushi : there must be any solution for it please do something panditji we cannot live without each other.
Again priest analyse something
Priest : there is one solution
Kushi : what is it
Priest : you both get married tomorrow & it should be kept secret for one year then your marriage will last for 7 births & threat on arnav’s life will also be removed
( kushi see towards arnav for his approval)
Arnav : as you wish kushi
Kushi : ok we will do as you say panditji
Priest : but there is one problem. This happiness will last only for a year. After your marriage truth comes out there’ll be a huge blow in your life. You both will loose something very precious your life will turn dark but you both will even get a blessing in the form of angel ( Aashi). That angel will take you both out of darkness but you should wait for that day… That wait maybe long , painful but when it ends it will be the happiest day of your lifes.

Saying this priest walk from there, Kushi is tensed
Arnav : oh come on kushi do you believe in all this, nothing’s gonna happen..
Kushi : but ( Arnav keep hand on Kushi’s mouth)
Arnav : ssshh… No one can take away my precious things by the way I have only two precious gems in my life.. One is my di who can never get away from me & the other is you. You’ll also be with me as your priest said. So there is I can loose. So calm down.
Kushi : par hum unki bar baat maanenge humaari shaadi ek saal tak chupi rahegi ( but we will listen to his words, our marriage will be hidden for 1year.
Arnav : ok baba ab kush ( ok are you happy now)

Next day

Arshi perform marriage rituals both look happy but still both have a guilt somewhere for cheating their loved ones

Flashback ends

Lavanya : but where you stayed for year Kushi. You were not in Raizada mansion.
Kushi : I stayed in aman’s house at first but when I came to know I’m pregnant.

Flashback starts

Arnav lift kushi in arms
Arnav : I’m the happiest man in world.. This is the best gift of my life Kushi thank you sooo much….
Kushi : I want stay with you but ..I know its not possible but..
Arnav : you are staying with me Kushi.
Kushi : what..!! But how??
Arnav : more than me I want you to be with di. I want my child to be just like you’ll stay always with her .
Kushi : but how..?

Flashback end

Kushi : Arnav told di that aman had married secretly & priest has advised his wife to hide her face for one year so he want her to be in Raizada mansion as she is pregnant. And di agreed
Lavanya : soo you were that Priya
Kushi : yes..that was the best part of my life. Di cared for me so much, I was always with arnav.
Lavanya : is Aashi like his di..
Kushi: in every aspect she is like Anjali di, she is her carbon copy. You can call her junior Anjali
Lavanya ; really
Kushi: yes , & there is junior arnav too
Lavanya : what..!! I mean wow Kushi you are pregnant
Kushi : noooo idiot
Lavanya : then?
Kushi : Anjali di’s son Aarav.. He is just like Arnav
Wahi gussa, wahi harkate, utna hi pyaar, utna hi fikar ( same anger, same gestures, same love, same care for others)
Kushi : do you once…

Flashback starts

Arav: Hari Prakash..
Aarav: Hari Prakash..

Hari Prakash come & keep milk in front of them

A&A : (together) What the.. Haldi ka dood(milk)
Aarav : I want my juice now…
Arnav : I want my black coffee now…
Hari Prakash : but di has asked me to give this
A&A : (together) What as I say..( they shout)
Anjali come there
Anjali : what’s the problem why are you both shouting
Arnav : di what’s this I want coffee
Aarav : I want juice
Anjali : kisne kaha tha baarish mein khelne ke liye ? Ab dood pihlo ( who said to play in rain, now drink milk)
Arnav : dii..
Aarav : Maa..

Flash back ends

Kushi : I miss them..kaash woh yaha hote hamare saath , aarav ko humesha ek behen chahiye tha.. Aaj kitna accha hota woh dono saath hote tho..
Aarav bahut kyaal rakh the aashi ka & aashi usse tameez sikha thi (It would have been nice if they were with us, aarav always wanted a sister, it would have been so nice they could stay together, he would have taken lot of care of aashi & she would teach him manners )

Aashi’s school

Lunch break
Some boys troubling Aashi & she is crying suddenly a boy comes & hit the boys who were troubling her. They had a fight & those boys fled away. That boy comes to Aashi & wipe her tears.

Boy : don’t cry they won’t dare to trouble you anymore.
Aashi : thank you
That boy smile & turn to go but aashi hold his hand.
Aashi : aapka naam kya hai ( what’s your name)
Boy : Aarav
Aashi : can I call you bhai
Aarav : what’s your name
Aashi : Aashi

Aarav lost in thoughts

Flashback starts

Anjali : ( to arnav & aarav) kya hai yeh humesha gussa naak pe hota hai tum dono ko.. ( what is this, always you both are angry)
A&A: not our fault.. Its..
Anjali : God joke tha woh hasna tha uss pe aur tum dono gussa karne lage ( it was joke to laugh & instead you both got angry)
Priya : ( kushi’s secret name when she stayed with them ) you are right di these two don’t know to smile itself only you can make them smile.
Anjali : I’m fed up..first Chote & now aarav too I need partner to handle these two khadoos
Kushi giggle
A&A : what the
Anjali : dekha phirse..gussa ( see again anger)
Kushi laugh
Anjali : I’ll name your daughter( pointing at arnav) , your sister ( pointing at aarav) Aashi .. means smile she’ll be my partner.
Arshi see each other. Arnav gesture how is the name & kushi gesture its super.

Flashback ends

Aashi shake aarav & he comes back to senses

Aashi : can I call you bhai

Precap : Arnav & Anjali both in school but will they meet each other.???

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