Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 13

Car stop infront of Raizada mansion.. Aman is at the entrance to receive them.. Everyone walk to the main door.. Arnav is standing on other side of door.. It’s closed.. He was restlessly waiting to see his di.. As the time neared he became more nervous.. Anjali’s eyes were full with tears she could no more control..

Shyam : sambhaliye khud ko.. Aap aise karogi to une sach pata chal jayega.. ( compose yourself.. If you cry like this.. He will get to know everything)

Aman : yes di.. We’ve to be careful after all he’s ASR sharp minded..

Anjali compose herself & ring the door bell.. Arnav was right infront of door. His heart skipped a beat hearing it.. He knew.. He knew who it was.. He wanted to open the door but he was nervous.. His hands started shaking… Bell rang once more..

Aashi : uff ho.. Papa what are you doing they must be home.

She move him aside & unlocked the door.. There they stood facing each other.. Both no longer could hold on their tears.. After 5 long years.. Their life was finally back.. Their stance was broken when aashi exclaimed..

Aashi : Maa.. Aap.. Papa she’s Maa.. Bhaiyya ki mumma ( mom.. You.. Papa she’s mom. Aarav’s mom)

Anjali took her in arms.. & kissed on her cheeks

Kushi : she’s your papa’s sister too.. Anjali di

Aashi : wow.. Then you will stay with us here..

Anjali nod yes.. Aashi lean to her ears..

Aashi : ( whisper) Then we can mend both papa & bhaiyya ( aarav) together..

Both giggle at that thought..

Kushi : aashi come on I have some work with you..

Kushi aashi go in.. Aman la aarav & shyam too move in leaving the siblings all alone in living room..

Arnav was looking down now..

Anjali : chote…

He immediately hug her.. A bone crushing hug.. Like a lost child hugs his mother after finding her.. He started sobbing too.. Anjali pat his back trying to console him but he didn’t stop..

They pull back from hug & settle on couch.. She wipe his tears & cup his face..

Anj : chote stop crying.. Him aagaye haina.. Kyun ro rahe ho aap ( I’ve come back na.. Why are you crying)

Arnav stop crying..

Arnav : di.. That accident..

Anjali : I’m fine now.. It was minor one.. Now you too dont start scolding me for that.

Arnav smile.. Everyone come to them & settle on couch..

Kushi : ( giving orange juice) di.. Arnav made it for you just like old times..


Shyam : how long will you punish him rani sahiba.. Bechare 1 gante se yehi kade hai ( poor guy.. He’s standing here since an hour)

Anj : I didn’t ask him to stand here..

Shyam : unke haath dukh rahe hai shayad aur kaan bhi dekhiye kaise laal hogaye hai ( I think his hands are paining & his ears too look how red they’ve become)

Anjali immediately look at arnav who was standing holding his ears.. She make him leave his ears..

Arnav : Sorry..

Anjali : you always do this na.. Pehle galati karo phir aisi shakal bana ke kadhe hojaav ( first you do mistake & then stand here like this making innocent face)

Arnav : Sorry di.. I’ll never lie again.. Sorry..

Anjali : last time & where’s my orange juice..

Arnav : oh. Who likes that one God its awful.. Can’t you make me do any other work..

Anjali : ok hold your ears & stand in the corner

Arnav : I’m going to kitchen..

Flashback ends..

Everyone take the orange juice.. It was all same.. He remembered her taste.. He made it just the way she likes..

Later at night..

Arnav Anjali were sitting in her room after dinner talking.. Arnav was still holding her hand

Kushi : arnav.. Let’s go its late already.. Let di sleep

Arnav : hmm. Let’s sit for a while more..

Kushi : its 10: 30 already.. She need to rest..

Midnight.. Kushi woke up & couldn’t find arnav beside her..

Kushi : where is he…

She come searching for him & find him sitting outside Anjali’s room.. On steps.. Kushi too sit beside him..

Kushi : di teek hai.. Aap chinta mat kijiye ( di is fine.. You dont worry )

Arnav just nod…

Kushi : she won’t go anywhere now.. You can sleep..

Arnav : I’m afraid.. I’m afraid what if its a dream & it breaks when I fall asleep & wake up.. I…

Kushi : ( interrupt) Sshh.. Nothing will happen.. She’s here for real.. Forever.. Everything will be fine now..

Kushi hug him from side & rest her head on his shoulder he wrap his hand around her..

Next day – Dining table

Arnav is feeding Anjali..

Anjali : chote enough.. My stomach will burst if I eat anymore..

Arnav : di.. You had only 3 parathas..

Anjali : only 3..!! Its called whole damn 3.. Now stop feeding me.. Come on start having your breakfast..

Arnav : di have at least one more..

Anjali : no.. Never..

She take plate from him & feed him a piece of paratha..

Aashi : Maa.. Papa dont eat paratha..

Anjali : what? But they were his favourite

Kushi : only if you made it di..

Since yesterday one person was silent it was aarav..

Later in hall

Kushi : why aarav is so silent since yesterday

Arnav : after doing a mistake there’s nothing else left na.. So..

Kushi : ( whisper to aarav) what happened

Aarav : he’s angry on me..

Kushi : why. ?

Aarav : as I stayed like a stranger infront of him & didn’t tell him anything so..

Kushi : so we have to do something na to console him

Aarav : but what.?

Precap : Kiara out of coma.. What effect will it have on arnav anjali’s life ?

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  1. Veronica

    Kya hoga abhi??? Update soon….Can wait.And loved the epi a looooooooot.So emotional,best sibling story.I have a elder brother he doesnt let me go out with friends if boys are there.He will accompany me and I love that when he accompany me as he is really tall,fair and all girls looks at him and then they look at me with jealousy.Nowadays I am not able to spend time with my brother as he is busy with his marriage preparations in Delhi…I really Loved the epi because I am missing my brother more badly now.

    1. Anaya

      Thank you vero.. Even I have a little brother even though he’s 18 who’s so naive that he don’t even understand when other boys pass a comment on me.. But still I love to hang out with him can act all crazy only with him.. Lucky to really have him..

    1. Anaya

      Thank you lucky

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