Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 12


Recap : Arnav meet shyam

Shyam : what’s this..? Hum jaante hai aapki di aapko chote bulati hai par iska Matlab yeh nahi aap sach mein chote baccho ki tarah Rona shuru kar de.. ( I know your di calls you chote but that doesn’t mean you really start crying like a kid)

He joke to lighten the mood..

Shyam drag him to restaurant & both settle..

Arnav : jijaji di.. (Interrupted)

Shyam : what will you have then..

Arnav : di yaha.. ( interrupted)

Shyam : ( to waiter) two black coffee.. ( to arnav) hope aapki choice badli nahi (hope your choice hasn’t changed.. )

Arnav : sab Kuch toh badal chuka hai.. ( everything has changed already)

Shyam : Arnav.. Aap.. Huh.. Coffee aagayi lijiye ( arnav.. You.. Huh.. Coffee came have it)

Arnav : why are you doing this.. Ah..

Shyam : you know I’m helpless.. Aapki di..

Arnav : di yahan hai.. Aur aarav..? ( is di here & aarav..?)

Shyam is quiet..

Arnav : please jijaji I want to see them once..

Arnav plead a lot & shyam couldn’t deny.. An idea striked his mind..

Shyam : ok.. I’ll finish this meeting & then we can go home

Arnav : you will come back na..

Shyam : matter of ½an hour.. I’ll be right back..

10 mins later..

Hotel room..

Kushi : Arnav saw you..!!

Shyam explain everything..

Aman : Now what

Shyam : this is the best opportunity to making everything right.. Anjali can’t let go after seeing Arnav..

Kushi : no jijaji this won’t happen.. Di is determined.. This meet will only hurt them more

Aman : but we can’t let go this chance..

Shyam : Arnav won’t leave untill he see anjali

Aman : I’ve an idea.. This way we can bring them back together..

Kushi & shyam : what..??

20 mins later..
Hotel – coffee shop..

Arnav is eagerly waiting for shyam.. Kushi & aman come to him..

Arnav : kushi.. You here.. Huh. I met jijaji.. Di is here.. We can meet her once.. I.. ( interrupted)

Kushi : I know..

Arnav : you know..

Shyam : she has met her..

Arnav : what.. ( shocked)

Shyam : actually.. 2 weeks back… Your di.. Di met with an accident..

Arnav : what. Where. Is she fine.. Take me to her.. Where is she now..

Aman : ASR relax.. She’s fine its just that.. That.

Arnav : that what dammit..

Kushi : she lost her memory..

Arnav : what..? Lost her memory.. Doesn’t she remember anything

Aman : remember she had an accident 7 years back

Arnav ; accident.. When..? I don’t anything ( actually no such accident occurred they’re lying)

Shyam : she asked to hide it from you.. It was a minor one.. You were on business trip..

Aman : she remember only till that

Shyam : we are here for her treatment..

Kushi : jijaji asked my help.. We were about to tell you everything &..

Arnav : and what..? Where is aarav

Shyam : you’ve met him already..

Arnav : where when.. You mean aarav aashi..

Kushi nod yes..

Arnav : aashi is calling di as Maa.. Oh God why didn’t you people tell me earlier.. ( there was no limit for his happiness)

Shyam : we will go bring Anjali.. You go home & prepare ok..

Jha mansion

Anjali : what..?

Shyam : I was helpless rani sahiba.. He was adamant in meeting you.. So..

Anj : so you lied I lost memory.. How can you..

Shy : he was so disturbed.. I couldn’t disappoint him more.. Come let’s go he’s waiting

Shyam hold he hand & about drag her but she withdrew it & push him back scream..

Anj : aapko pata bhi hai aap kya bol rahe ho.. Agar hum waha gaye toh chote ki jaan chali jayegi.. Woh insaan unki jaan le lega.. ( do you even realise what you’re saying.. If we go there then Arnav will die.. That person will kill him)

Kushi : koun di..? ( who di..?)

Raizada mansion

Arnav’s happiness had no limit today.. Finally finally.. After 5 years he will see his di.. His Anjali di..

Arnav : I want this whole house to be decorated with red roses & white lilies.. & those lights hang them in center &..

Aman : ASR..

Arnav : Aman look everything is perfect na.. Those lights are fine there na & these flowers..

Aman : ASR relax.. Everything is perfect

Arnav : she will like it right

Aman : she will love it.. If you remember no one know her choice better than you.. So chill

Aashi : whose coming papa.?

Arnav : huh.. My di..

Aashi : what.. You have a di & you didn’t even tell me before..

Arnav : Sorry princess.. You meet her today.. She will stay with us.. Even you too know her

Aashi : really.. Who it is how do I know

Arnav : its a surprise wait till she come.. ( to Aman) what’s taking them so long..

Aman : have patience.. Come till then we shall prepare her favourite orange juice..

Jha mansion

Anj : Kushi.. Tum..

Kushi : who will kill Arnav..

Shyam : no.. No one.. Who said so..?

Kushi : di.. Tell me the truth what are you hiding

Anj : priest that priest told so..

Kushi : aap jhoot bol rahi ho.. ( you’re lying)

Anj : yehi sach hai ( this is the truth)

Kushi : teek hai.. Aap batana nahi chahati toh teek hai mein khud pata kar loongi mujh pehle se hi shak tha.. ( ok.. If you dont want to talk than that’s ok.. I’ll find myself.. I had doubt from beginning..)

Anj : kushi tum..

Shyam : bas.. Ab chale..( enough.. Shall we leave..)

Anj : kahan.. ( where..)

Shyam : Arnav is waiting there

Anj : we’re not going there. I’ll not meet him.. Why dont you understand.. Unki jaan jaa sakti hai.. ( he may die)

Kushi : di.. Agar aap aayi tho shayad shayad unki jaan jaa sakta hai.. Lekin agar aap nahi aayi tho woh zaroor zinda nahi rahenge .. ( di.. If you come.. He might die.. But if you won’t definitely he won’t survive)

Anj : kushi.. ( she close her mouth)

Shy : maan jayiye Kuch nahi hoga.. ( agree please nothing will happen)

Kushi : dubara unka ummid mat todiye di.. Woh bardaash nahi kar payenge ( don’t break his wish once more di.. He won’t be able to tolerate)

An hour later

Kushi, Anjali, Shyam & Aarav are in car heading towards Raizada mansion.. Anjali is blankling staring outside the window.. She was confused were they doing right.. But was overwhelmed too to meet her chote.. To take him in her embrace.. She wanted to hug him & say everything will be fine.. She knew how much he was hurt all these years.. This thought brought tears in her eyes kushi noticed it..

Kushi : ( to herself) who is behind this.. Whoever it is I can’t let them ruin my family.. Our bad days end today.. I wont let you leave us again di

Car stop infront of Raizada mansion

Precap :
Aashi : Maa.. Aap.. Papa she’s Maa.. Bhaiyya ki mumma ( mom.. You.. Papa she’s mom. Aarav’s mom)

Kushi : she’s your papa’s sister too.. Anjali di

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