Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 1


Kushi arranging plates on dining table maids are also helping her. She is smiling remembering something. Aashi notices it who is coming towards table along with her dad but he is lost in his own thoughts.

Aashi : Mumma why are you smiling alone.
Kushi: Nothing sweetie..
Aashi : hmm some delicious smell is hitting my nose
Kushi: I have made your papa’s favourite kheer baby
Kushi make aashi have breakfast & serves Arnav too.
Aashi: Its yummy mumma
Kushi: thank you baby
Kushi stare Arnav he is engrossed in his phone even while having food . Kushi was expecting something from Arnav but it seemed that he forgot this year too as usual. Aashi went to school with driver.Arnav getting ready to go to office kushi running behind him

Kushi : Arnav do you remember what day is tod.. (Arnav interrupt)
Arnav : yes kushi I remember ( she get happy but her smile fade hearing his reply) its Aashi’s birthday tmrw I know.. How can I forget that
Kushi : no not that..(again Arnav interrupt)
Arnav : kheer was very nice ( he said wearing coat)
Kushi: not even that
Arnav : then what kushi
Kushi : woh aapko yaad nahi woh… ( that..don’t you remember that…)
Arnav knew what was special tmrw other than Aashi’s birthday but he thought why is she reminding him that
Arnav : ( little angrily) woh woh kya kushi mere paas poora din nahi hai ( what Kushi I don’t have full day)
Kushi : Aap bhoolgaye, aap yeh kaise bhool sakte hai ( you forgot , how can you forget this)( she said with anger)
Arnav : mujhe acche se pata hai kal Aashi ke birthday je alava aur kya hai.. Agar mein kuch bol nahi raha hoon tho yeh nahi ki mujhe yaad nahi ( I know what occasion is tmrw other than Aashi’s birthday…if I’m not saying it doesn’t mean I don’t remember)
Kushi : kal nahi wo ( not tmrw its..) Arnav interrupt
Arnav : stop it Kushi I know what its tmrw
Kushi : nahi..Arnav woh..
Arnav walk away from there & go to office
Kushi : (to herself) kal nahi aaj Kuch special hai..aaj humari shaadi ki saal gira hai ( not tmrw , I’m talking about today its our marriage anniversary)
She see Lavanya at the door . lavanya is their neighbour & good frnd. Seeing her Kushi wipe her tears

Lavanya : No need to hide from me I heard everything
Kushi : bad manners ( she joked)
Lavanya: how can he say so , he know its anniversary today & don’t want to remember it ( she said angrily)
Kushi : no Lavanya you are getting him wrong
Lavanya : what
Kushi : he don’t remember this, he remember that its someone else’s birthday too tmrw & he is so lost in that person that he forgot its our anniversary today, he thought I’m reminding him the birthday of that person
Lavanya : but..
Kushi : its not first time.. He is forgetting it from past 5yrs …anyway by night he’ll remember so no worries.
Lavanya : how can you be so calm.!
Kushi : come to kitchen we will talk there I have loads to prepare for evening
Lavanya :kushi I’m asking something
Kushi : ok ask today I’ll answer all your questions
Lavanya : promise?
Kushi: promise
Lavanya : pehle yeh batav, koun yeh woh insan jiske yaado mein ASR humesha koya rehta hai aur tumhe usse shikayat bhi nahi ( first tell me who is that person in whose thought ASR will be lost always & you don’t even have any complaints)
Kushi: yesterday i was telling you our love story right..let me continue from there then..
Lavanya: ok continue

Flashback starts

Arshi are sitting in some garden. Arnav is on kushi’s lap & she is brushing his hairs

Kushi: I’m informing my papa about our relationship today & I’m sure he will accept it.
Arnav : So…
Kushi: so you too inform your di
Arnav suddenly get up & sit
Kushi: kya hua dar gaye
Arnav : dar aur mujhe
Kushi : toh aaj batayiye
Arnav : kushi I wanted her to give surprise on her b’day..I’ll inform about us on that day
Kushi : how about marrying on her b’day
Arnav : nice idea
Kushi : so go & inform her today
Arnav starts thinking something
Kushi : she is sooo sweet why are you scared

Flashback end as lavanya interrupt

Lavanya : was she very strict kushi??
Kushi : not at all..she is so sweet
Lavanya: then why was he scared
Kushi: he was not scared he was worried about his lies he told her while meeting me secretly l, he was worried she would tease him a lot
Lavanya: how sweet now continue..

Flashback starts

Kushi : she is sooo sweet why are you scared
Arnav : I’m not scared & I’ll tell her everything ok
Kushi:ok let’s see

Evening Raizada mansion
Arnav is sitting with laptop in hall, Shyam reading newspaper, Anjali is feeding her 5 year old son Aarav. Arnav is glancing at Anjali to know how is her mood.

Anjali : what’s this Aarav how long will you eat come on hurry up ( she was feeding him since hour & he was troubling her )
Shyam: what happened rani sahiba your mood look not so good today.
Anjali: aapko pata hai ek saal se woh mujhse jhoot bol raha tha ( do you know he was lying to me since year )
Suddenly Arnav got alert & he thought how she came to know. He was about to say sorry but shyam interrupted
Shyam: who?
Anjali: milkman.
Arnav got relieved
Anjali: he is mixing water in milk since year.. He cheated
Shyam : leave it rani sahiba
Anjali: I trusted his words & he did this & he didn’t even admitt it
Arnav felt guilty for lieing to her & decided to tell her everything
Arnav : di I want to say something
Anjali: bolo ( tell)
Arnav: actually.. Woh..mein..
Anjali: tumhari tabyat toh teek hai chote tum.. tum ichkicha rahe ho tum..!!!( are you well, you are stammering to say something.. you!!!)
Arnav : di please its something serious listen
I love someone di

Shyam & Anjali stared him in surprise
Anjali : if its your another way of escaping from marriage proposals then forget it chote
Kushi : no di I’m serious I’m in love with…
Shyam: thank god aapne khud hi doond liya warna aapki di ne toh lagbag duniya ki aadi ladkiyo ko dekhli thi..( thank god yourself searched a girl , youy sister had already seen half of the world’s girls)
Anjali: who is that lucky girl, I’m so excited, I want to meet her, ok first tell me her name
Arnav: Kushi..
Anjali: Kushi wow that’s a nice name..ek minute kahi hai kush tho nahi Jo tume baar baar phone karta tha ya karthi thi( wait a minute is it the same person kush who used to call you frequently )

Arnav nod yes
Anjali: mere saamne usse baat karte the aur mujhe pata thak nahi chala .. Ab chodo woh sab mujhe unse milna hai abhi ( you used to talk to her in front of me & I didn’t get know..ok leave that I want to meet her now)

Flashback end as lavanya interrupt

Lavanya : did she reject you , did you have a fight with her before so she disapproved??
Kushi : oh hello nothing like that happened & by the way she is such a sweet person that even devil can’t have fight with her.
Lavanya : ok tell me what happened

Flashback starts

Kushi enter Raizada mansion

Anjali: welcome bhabhi( she hug her)
Kushi feel shy when Anjali call her bhabhi

Kushi, Anjali talk for long time then arnav goes back to drop kushi home.

Shyam: I think she is perfect for arnav
Anjali : yes she is sweet. I’ll go to priest tmrw & show him horoscope of these both & then we can fix the marriage.

Next day
Anjali shows Arshi’s horoscope
Panditji: this marriage is dangerous bitiya.. Arnav can loose his life if he marry that girl
Anjali gets shocked & returned home.

Flashback end as lavanya interrupt

Lavanya: so Anjali refused the proposal?
Kushi: no she hesitated at first but arnav convinced her & she agreed but ..

Flashback start

Anjali , Shyam & Arnav in Gupta mansion

Shashi Gupta: how dare you shyam
Shyam: uncle..
Shashi Gupta: this marriage is not possible untill I’m alive I can never forget what you did to my elder daughter Kiara
Anjali: it was not his mistake she misunderstood him uncle
Shashi Gupta: I don’t want to hear anything.. I’ll not let you spoil kushi’s life
Kushi: but papa I love him & can’t live without him
Shashi Gupta: shut up

Flashback end as lavanya interrupt
Lavanya : is kaaira di in coma because of his jeejaji
Kushi: no lavanya, its not his mistake.. Actually kaira di loved shyam but he thought her only as a friend but she misunderstood it & attempted to suicide when he refused her proposal.
Lavanya: oh… What happened next

Flashback continues

Arnav : hello kushi..where are you didn’t pick my phone too & whose is this number.
Kushi : papa has locked me in a room arnav & he snatched my phone too, I stole this phone from papa’s friend..

Flashback end as lavanya interrupt

Lavanya: were you the one who stole papa’s favourite phone
Kushi smile nodding yes
Lavanya : then what you did

Flashback starts

Arnav : how dare he
Kushi: Arnav take me from here please
Arnav : don’t worry Kushi listen I have plan
He explain her the plan
Kushi : ok … you
Arnav: love you too baby, be careful

Flashback end

Kushi : and then I escaped with a master plan of my genius husband ( she said proudly)
Lavanya: what was the plan
Kushi: I escaped with your help duffer
Lavanya: what..
Kushi : I jumped from window with help of saree & then sat in your car..remember that thief who robbed your bag
Lavanya: oh god it was you Kushi!!??
Kushi noded yes
Lavanya: but why you robbed my bag I had kept the first love letter in it which aman gave
Kushi : oh…dont worry I’ll return it ..even today its with me I’ll read it whenever I want to read joke
Kushi giggle & lavanya hit her
Kushi : I robbed it because aman took all my college certificates , passport & all from home & had hid it in your bag..
Lavanya: what ?? But how he entered your home.. I didn’t see him there & uncle..?
Kushi: remember that new cook who worked for only 2days
Lavanya: God was it him.!!?how dirty his clothes were yuck..ok tell me further..

Precap : Arshi secret marriage in temple

I’ll upload MAJBOORIYAAN tomorrow

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