atom bomb love to ishq waala love ( a true life love story yet to complete)ragsan os by priya


Hiii guys ….priya is back with one more os…tq so much for ur support guys it means alot……and coming to this is something special ….it is a true love story but its ending is not as i have written ..bcoz its not complete yet…i mean the love story is like aadha adhoora but bahut jald poori hojaayega….u people l be confused ….u l come to know what i mean once u read it….and today is the special day for that girl…i m dedicating this os to her…hope she confess it soon…and guys pls put down ur cmnts bcoz ur cmnts will be her strength i m damn sure she l be happy seeing ur cmnts…..

P:s: its a true love story with imagination at last….
Morning :

At college :
A girl wearing a helmet comes in a scooty ….it is an angelic face with a beautiful smile(she is our angel ragini)….she enters into the college room…its her 1st year but she made all her classmates her friends…except one boy…..he is very bookish..but an angry young man too..professor came and asked everyone to introduce themselves…all introduced and now the turn is of that boy to introduce himself..ragini is so excited to hear his name…she is jumping her head from her place….(he said that his name is sanskar)..ragini exclaimed silently “ha???sanskar???kya koi sanskar naam ka ladka itni kaddoos hota hai??sirf book hi dekhte raho??”…astha interrupted her “what affects u ???y r u speaking like express train after hearing his name???he is bookish???u don’t know him..after knowing about him we can do analysis of him being sanskari..” ragini nodded like a kid…
After 2 weeks..
(it was going as it is classes ,practicals and all)
Ragini came with a cover and started to distribute an invitation to all ..its written “SWALAK MARRIAGE”..she gave to all students and now its turn to give sanskar..she gave to him..but he just throwed it and asked “why are u giving me??”..ragini gets angry “u r my friend so that only i gave and its ur wish to come or not?” ….

SWALAK marriage day :
Ragini is wearing blue lehenga and swalak are sitting in mandap …all friends of ragini came except sanskar ….ragini went to them and said “ hi guys..welcome..chalo ab mei aap sabko ek made for each other couple se milvati hun”..she took them to swalak….they r enjoying ..swara asked ragini “all ur frns have came na??”..ragini said “ya…but except that akkadu maheshwari”..laksh said “what ??”ragini rolled her eyes and said “akkadu maheshwari jiju..i have said u na he just act like a saddu..bookish….” swalak said together “ stop…” astha said “ u have stopped her in crct time di..otherwise she will not stop..u know she never stops when she speak about him” swalak nodded in positive like hamne bhi bahut bogi hai…

Next day at clg:
Ragsan met each other in cls..but ragini gave him a death glare like akkadu , saddu everything is u..but ya as it is sanskar ki koi reaction nahi..bas apni book aur voh..
After one year..
Ragini is having a nervous prb bcoz of that doc said we have to do operation ..its 50-50 kuch bhi ho sakta hai..everybody is crying..all her frns…family…swalak…
They heard some knock on door….
Astha exclaimed “ sanskar…”

Ragini wakes up and see him and said “come in” sanskar comes in and forwards his hand and said with a smile” friends???” ragini smiled and shakes hand with him “ya friends ..”o saathiya plays…..
Sanskar : don’t worry only we both became friends ..nothing will happen to her bcoz we have to experience this 50-50 nahi..surely she l be fyn..that too perfectly…
Everybody smiles…
Ragini felt something and said he is not akkadu he is the sweetest…i don’t mind if i die too bcoz the smile which i wanted in these peoples face..sanskar gave me….
Operation is over…ragini is fine..
Sanskar said..” see, i said na this FFR l be fyn”
Everybody together “FFR???”
Sanskar : ya FULL FORM RAGINI..she is keeping names for all na (yes guys..ragini has a habit of naming everyone in the link of their character)
Ragini smiled..
They have become close frns….
One day ..
The friends are speaking TRUTH OR DARE game…
All have done their task and now the turn is for our ragini…
She takes dare..her friends asked her to say i love u to sanskar..
Ragini looked at him and said “ i love u “(eventhough its for game ragini said it full heartedly..yes guys, ragini fall for him on that hospital moment itself)
Without anybody notice sanskar pressed her hand and said “it l be better whether it is only for dare game” (ragini is confused)
The next day:
Ragini wanted to know what is the reason behing is sayings yesterday..she decided to speak with him..
At park:
Sanskar is reading book…ragini comes there and see this and hit her head ..”yeh ladka bhi na ,har vakth book, book ,book..iss ki life mei sirf book hi hai..bookish maheshwari…”
She comes and sits with him..
Sanskar : hii…(she is an angry mood sanky)
Ragini : hii sanskar …
Sanskar : ek sec…yeh sanskar sanskar kehne chod do..sanky kaho…my ma used to call me like that..
Ragini : ya ur ma l call like that how can i ???
Sanskar : ragini ..ur a special friend for u can call me sanky …
Ragini ( she is in cloud 9 after hearing that special friend word): then, u also don’t call me ragini..ginu bolo…
Sanskar: ginu……..
Ragini : sanky………okay let us celebrate our naming ceremony…
Sanskar makes wierd expressions and asked “naming ceremony???”..ragini hits his head and said “ buddu ..we have kept a name now..remember ?????(points him)sanky..(points her)ginu..”
Sanky said ..oh..okay say to celebrate??
Ragini : i will ask u one qn and u should ans and vice versa..i think thats the correct game for bookish…
Sanskar : okay..let me start??..(ragini nodded)..the thing u don’t want to lose in ur life?
Ragini : family, friends and u(he looks at him and smiles)..they have a eyelock…its my turn now…wts ur take on …….love???
Sanskar got angry …..”THE THING WHICH DESTROYS EVERYBODY’S LIFE”..u know what ginu ..its like ATOM BOMB..whenever it comes na…it destroys may be ur smile, ur life,ur everything..sometimes..u will lose ur strength and everything …
Ragini tries to interrupt him but he says no, pls don’t ask me y i hate love…..
he left from there by saying he is having one imp work…
Ragini gets teary eyed…
Ragini pov:
He hates love???but y??he didn’t let me to know the answer..but i love him..sanky i don’t know y u hate love but trust me i will make u believe in that ..i l make u believe that love is a beautiful thing….
Days passed …
One day a guy named raju came to ragini and gave one letter and he left….
Ragsan was sitting together…ragini opened the letter and its an love letter..she is hell shocked….
But she thinks to see sanskar reaction..
Ragini : wt should i say him??can i say yes??bcoz sanky he is a nyc guy..
Sanskar gave a death glare to her: “no…i said na love destroys everything..i wont let u get harm..and i wont let ur smile go away”(ragini is touched by his words)(now she is eagerly waiting to know whats the reason behind it ..)
There clg life is over…and ragsan got job…
Ragini ‘s parents got to know that ragini is in love with sanskar but she is afraid for saying it to him..and they are happy with sanskar bcoz of that hospital incident ..sanskar have become their fav too…

Sanskar came to ragini’s home to inform her that he got job …he informed her and was about to leave..shekar called him…
Shekar : sanskar what u think about ragini???
Sanskar : uncle, ur daughter is naughty , chirpy type but yet a traditional girl..and more than everything..she is my best friend till the end…
Shekar : so…(he hesitates..)
Sanskar : uncle , i don’t have dad ..i have lost him when i was in 4th std..when i saw u ..i felt that ur like my dad…so pls don’t hesitate it with ur son..
Ragini felt kitna accha hai yeh bookish…
Shekar : will u marry ragini????
Sanskar : uncle , ragini is my best friend and she will always be….but i don’t believe in love uncle..voh bas ragini se hi nahi..kissi par bhi nahi ho sakti..sorry…aapne mujhse kuch poocha aur mei aapko de nahi payi….
Shekar says its okay beta….
Ragsan comes out…..
Ragini : sanky ..sry ..

Sanskar: why sry??its ok..but ya u remember one thing..i wont let u to marry anybody..remember..wt i said that day..(ragini is shocked..she came to know that there is something happened in his past..)
Ganesh chathurthi day:
Ragini came to sanky house…ragini is close to ap invited her..ap asked her to sit and she says “i know ragini u love sanky and i m damn sure that i wont get any good bahu than u and my sanky will not get a good wife than u ..but beta u want to know something about sanky past..and u should promise me that u will not propose sanky until and unless he started to believe in love…(ragini is shocked..tears are flowing from her eyes..)..ragini promises her…ap starts to tell her sanky past..
(sanky had a sis named uttara..she loved some guy when sanky was in 8th…she said to her ma that she loves somebody but ap said i know but that guy is not good so u l not marry but uttara didn’t listen to her and went away from house and married him..but after 1 year she got divorced from him after knowing his true face ..sanky confronted her sis by saying u spoke alot in name of love..wt hpnd now??where did u love go??u have thrown ma away from ur heart for that guy???..ap married uttara to rana..its a forced marriage…and sanky breaks all relation with uttara ..bcoz she had hurted his ma and her life too) this is why sanky hate love he love ragini a lot as a frnd..he don’t want her to suffer like that and face a situation like this…
Ragini breaks down after going to home and she cries whole night…shekar notices this and asked her the reason she shared everything to him..he asked “ can i speak to sanskar “she said “no dad i l manage”

Next day at park:
Ragsan are sitting…
Ragini is upset..sanskar noticed it..
Ragini : what happend ???(sanky takes a selfie with her as it is and showed to her ….it reflects that she had been crying last night)
Sanskar: this is what happened…bolo kya hua???
Ragini : nothing…
Sanskar : so u wont share it with me???
Ragini : sanky….. love is a beautiful thing..ishq ek koobsurat sa sach changes everybody life sanskar…kisi ko pyar milti hai..aur kisi ko nahi..somebody can accept it and somebody cant accept the fact that they are in love..i m unlucky sanskar ..y cant u believe in love sanskar???agar tumhe pyar mei believe hota hai na toh aaj yeh sab..(she remembers her promise to ap) (tears are flowing from her eyes)

Sanskar couldn’t understand what she is speaking about…
Ragini : think of my words u will know what i m speaking about..( she runs from there)
Sanky remainds her words…and he thinks of her eyes which tells that she loves someone..he closes his eyes and remember everything and he recalls her words…
Sanky pov:
She loves me…..voh mujhe bata nahi paa rahi thi..i said her that i l not make ur smile fade away ..but i m the reason for her tears now…..she asked me y cant i believe in love..i should say the reason to her…but how can i love her …(he remembers their moments from starting..and an unknown smile comes on his smile)..y am i smiling ?????
“Because ur in love”a voice came from behind…”astha “ sanskar exclaimed…
Astha: ya its me…

Sanskar: tumne kya kaha pyaar???but first say me how u know that i m here ???
Astha: i came to know from shekar uncle that u both r i came here to meet ragini..but jab aake deki toh ragini was running cryingly from here..and u r remembering abt ur moments with her and smiling..(sanky tries to interrupt)…no..pls..aaj mujhe baat karne do…sanskar u r in love…just say me..u asked ragini to call u sanky as ur ma calls u sanky…aisa kaunsa ladka hai iss duniya mei jo apni maa jaise jaha ek frnd ko dega..i mean if a guy gives the equal space to a girl like his ma ..toh voh ladki sister honi chahiye ya phir lover….so its obvious that at that time that u have fallen for her but u r not ready to accept it ..u think that u hate love..but sanskar there is nobody in this world who hates love…u know what who says that i hate love is the person who is most possessive about love..u cant recognize ur hidden love for ragini..but i have seen that in ur eyes today…so pls stop this hide and seek game..go to ur ragini..nooo….ur ginu..say ur love to her….and enjoy ur life sanskar..
Sanskar is in confused state..
Astha : omg..ragini sahi kehti hai tum saddu ho..buddu ho..okay u don’t believe in me..u don’t believe in ur heart u r a bookish right…u believe in ur what i say now..just go ahead…close ur eyes and see the person who is infront of ur eyes..if its ragini then i m right and u r wrong…
Sanky does the same and says “ ginu….” astha smiles …sanky opens his eyes…”go ahead hero ..jeele apni zindagi..haha..okay cool….” sanky says “ tq astha ..bcoz of u i can recognize my love today..tq…tq..tq so much”
Astha : sir ..aisa tq kehkar hi rahoge ya phir propose karne ka bhi idea hai…
Sanky runs from their….he goes to ragini’s home and asks sumi about ragini ..she said that ragini went to ram temple..sanky goes there and sees ragini sitting there and crying ….
Sanskar : ginuuu..
Ragini : sanky u here …
Sanskar: ya i m here and sorry…
Ragini : sorry???y ???
Sanskar : to make u wait this much time…
Ragini is confused..
Sanskar : oh my god..u say me buddu and now u itself react like a buddu…i have thought about the saying of urs..and i realise something..i m n love..i love that person who made me believe in love..and that girl name is …(ragini is excited)..noo..i wont say ..(ragini gives a death glare).dont see my like that ..propose karne ke pehle hi maar doge kya…that girl is infront of me..yes buddu thats u…sun lo..atom bomb waala love nahi..ishq waala love hai..(ragini smiles)…ms.ragini gadodia..will u marry me ???(sits on his knees)
Ragini :mmmm…yes…..i love u too sanskar…
They hug..

So guys this is the say me how it is through cmnts…and ya hope for their love to get success…its just reached till the truth guys…hope they get succeed in love..and today is the special day for them….and this is dedicated to that girl from my side with a loads of wishes….
Support that girl by cmntng sweeties….

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  1. Richa19

    Superb!!!!! Amazing….. I’m glad sanky realised his love… N I truly hope that your friend too confess her love and lead a happy life…
    Best wishes!!

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di.. .. Actually di.. She can’t confess it.. Bcoz of that bhai ma… So that bro should confess first.. . But he doesn’t like pyaar.. Hope he starts to believe in it..

      1. Richa19

        Ooh…… Then ask your friend na to make him believe and trust love… Like the way u did in this os…. Still I hope that she gets her love soon…

    2. Priya15

      Ya di.. Even I m saying the same but she is afraid as the bhai hates love.. She wants him to realise and then she l confess… Bcoz he don’t even like to speak abt ishq…

      1. Richa19

        It’s okay dear… Give him some time… Time can heal even the deepest wound…. Hope he’ll also realise soon…… . All the best! ?? n best wishes!!

    3. Priya15

      Philosophical baten?? Meri di ko bhi Karni aati hai?? Agar yeh mujhe Pata hota toh Mei aapki Nam bhi likh deti.. OK next os pe likhungi.. Just kidding.. But that name waali baat pakka di…. I l say to her.. And ya forgot to say she is reading all ur cmnts actually she said tq for ur wishes.. Now only she sent me mail abt it..

  2. Your story is amazing yar, shall I share your story in fb

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di… Hmm.. About sharing….ya u can di…

      1. tevar – because life is nothing without friendship

      2. Amazing

      3. Priya15

        Tq mahira di.. Tq so much..

    2. Priya15

      Tq lovely di.. For ur appreciation.. It means a lot di.. Tq so much…

  3. Ragz_teju

    awesome one shot…. hoping soon their love get succesful… all the best for her love and her furture

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much dear.. L surely convey ur wishes to her….

  4. Sindhura

    Lovely i hope they both gets each other love

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di.. I hope the same.. And di ur ff is awesome.. Sry for being a silent reader of it.. But I l cmnt after my xmz r over… And ur dp is fab..

    2. Sindhura

      No prob dear
      Thank u

      1. Priya15

        U r welcome di..

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb dear❤️

    1. Priya15

      Tq crazy… Can I pls know whether u r writing any ff??? Pls reply if u see it..

      1. AMkideewani

        I’m writting A day to remember and Swaragini: You stole my heart

    2. Priya15

      Okay di… Tq so much.. I l surely read it after my xmz r over.. And l notify u through pm or as a cmnt n any of the Parts of ur ff..

      1. AMkideewani

        Best of Luck for your exams??hope you like my story?

    3. Priya15

      Tq so much di….. L Surely notify u di.. And I know it is going to be awesome one..

      1. AMkideewani

        Thanks dear?

    4. Priya15

      U r welcome di… U l soon witness my cmnt there with a bang…

      1. AMkideewani

        I’m excited to read your comment dear sis❤️

    5. Priya15

      But u have to wait till 23rd di.. As my xmz r getting over on 23rd only..

      1. AMkideewani

        Ok I will wait?

    6. Priya15

      hmm…okay di..

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much j for ur constant support… It really means a lot..

  6. Nice os…ragsan bonding are super…waiting for next one…

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much suhani di.. Ya sure l be back soon after my xmz gets over…

  7. DC1

    Lovely OS…. Such a sweet story… I hope that the girl also gets her love… Everyone should get whatever they desire in love… Again a lovely os my sweet Priya… Keep writing more stuff like this. Love you and take care

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much di.. I l say her ur wishes. . And me too hope the same. Luv u too.. Tc.. Big hugs..

  8. Astha

    priya indha os padhichapram dan nan un pm padhichen. so i dont know abt ur surprise…….
    really i was cloud 999999999999999999999999 ………. can’t express my happiness. astha gara name…..chance ah illa. character of astha…….. i just loved it. sanky pathi positive ah pesuren….. ragini frnd vera…… sanky love ah realize panna nan help panren……..
    coming to story………. first of say all the best for ur cute love bird from my side. sure she’ll be succeed in her love. and that bookish he soon realize his love for her.
    i’m not getting more words to say….. i’m just flying in the sky. really really really love u dear. take care. according to me….. u n diya r the bookish…… when i used to chat with both r in offline. if asked y? ur ans will be i’m studying….. struck with tests. anyway take care n read well. love u….. umma……. take a bone crushing hug from me with lots of kiss.

    1. Priya15

      Diiiiiiii…. First of all take a deep breath and come down to earth bcoz cloud 999999999999 is so up.. I can understand u would have been so happy… Actually when I thought one person who can give great advice.. U r the first person came in my mind.. So I wrote ur name.. Tq so much di.. I l say her ur wishes… Me bookish??? Okay… Teddy bear hugs to you… Luv u too.. Tc…

  9. Ur one shot was awesome… i loved it ?

    1. Priya15

      Tq moni di… It means a lot di..

  10. superb i hope her love story will be like this only or even better

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much j… Ur words really l make her happy. I wish iss se bhi better ho..

  11. wow priya its just amazing

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much disha di.. I m so happy to see ur cmnt…

  12. Sreevijayan

    Awwww…lovely os dear…ur friend wil also have a happy ending wid him…our prayers are there…

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much bhai.. … Ur words means a lot.. Tq..

      1. Sreevijayan

        Am a girl my no worries…u can call me real name is aswathy vijayan

    2. Priya15

      I’m sooooooooo sry I thought u r a boy by seeing sreevijayan name.. So sry di… Btw r u from TN? ??

      1. Sreevijayan

        Dats ok my sis…am frm kerala but settled in yeah i knw tamil bcz i did my engineering in tamil nadu…….

    3. Priya15

      wahoo so ur office going person ha???amazing di..all the best….

      1. Sreevijayan

        Yeah wrkng in an mnc in dubai

    4. Priya15

      Wahoo di.. It’s awesome….

  13. Silent_writer


    1. Priya15

      Tq dear…

  14. Awesome ragsan os …and may your friend get her love from her soul mate….and all the best for your exams too….

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much di. …. I l inform her for sure.. And tq for wishes di..

    1. Priya15

      Tq Lisa di for ur constant support……

  15. Awesome……hope ur friend confess her love…..and get a happy life….

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much sherin di….

  16. Rafeee


    1. Priya15

      Tq rafee dear….

  17. Padmaja

    Wow dear it is really really awesome to the core and I loved it and a big wish to a the love bird from ur side to get succeed in her love and wish to lead a happy life…. really a superb os… cant express in word….. and finally all the best for their love life…

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much padma for these many wishes…. It means a lot… She l be happy by seeing this dear…All the best for ur xmz….

      1. Padmaja

        Thank dear and all the best for ur xams too ??

    2. Priya15

      Tq padma.. But y r we breaking rules of frns?? No sry.. No tq… He na???

  18. I will pray to god that ur Friend and her love get together not onlyonly in this birth but also to next 7 birth ……i wish they live a happy life and always stick to each other in their hard times……face their prblm together and overcome it……
    Superb love story…..Never backup until u try…….so ….go girl….go get ur love ……if ur love is true he will be by ur side ……??????

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much for these words sinzo dear… She is upset bcoz of something but she l be happy by seeing ur cmnt.. I m damn sure yr.. Tq very much..

  19. Ashrita.S

    It was really awesome dear and all the best to your friend too…. love means should have patience and one day whatever happens that is just for your good future…. U r rocking dear with your story lines, a really heart touching one, hope u would come soon with another and to your friend I just want to saw be positive whatever happens, but at the end everything will be good…. stay happy ever, never cry for anything be strong and face the situations and wish u get ur true love

    1. Priya15

      Tq soo much di for ur constant support di…. I l surely say ur advice to her… Actually she l be reading all ur cmnts.. I have said her that I wrote one os abt her love story and she gave me permission.. So she would be reading di.. Tq so much once again

  20. Akshata

    aww such a beautiful love story, she made him believe in love, which is really commendable. this story is based on real life story of you frnd, May god bless them and all their wishes come true and wish that god binds up them for the rest of their life.

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much di.. Ya this is the real story of my frnd… She is my frnd Kam di zyada….

  21. Lila

    Superb dear. I loves it. Hope ur friend gets her true love. Looking forward to ur OS whenever u write it. Love u. Keep smiling

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much Lila di.. L write soon… Luv u too.. Keep smiling di..

  22. superb os di , just loved it a lot . loved the last part of ur os the most . will be waiting for ur next os . di btw u watch yhm no?

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much sissy… Ya I used to watch yhm.. Xmz chal raha hai na.. So I didn’t see for two days… L write soon dear…do u watch yhm??

  23. Superhit os dear …. Speechless..

    1. Priya15

      Tq so sooooooooo much di…. . U made me feel happy.. It’s means alot. Tq….

  24. Vanshika

    Hey dii.. Hi.. Hw r u.. Wat a gr8 wrk.. Dii one rqst.. No m NT saying abt POV m saying dat u hv so many lovely plots pls ryt one shraman OS.. Only if u wish ?? all the best fr ur n my exams ?? luv u…..di even u r bookish.. You’re always studying.. Of course all my friends also say me bookish, so my sissie u also bookish ba ?? ?? pls rply .. Luv u ??

    1. Priya15

      Hii sweetie… I m fyn.. Wt abt u???? And y the need of pls dear?? How Can I ignore to reply my sissy.. Say Me?? And ya pov l be cmng soon once after my xmz r over and my holidays l start.. I was thinking to write it on shraman as well but tu NE sab bigaad diya yr… But don’t worry I l bring one os on shraman soon.. Pakka.. Xmz poore hone ke baad baitkar sochungi.. And then l surely write it… Hare baba… Iss os padne ke baad bahut saare log keh chuke hai ki Mei bookish hun.. U r one among them… Haha.. As di as choti… So cute.. Luv u too.. . Big big Hugs dear..

  25. Hey Priya sweetie!!!!!!!! This is just fabulous!!!!! U did a great job!!!!!!!! Love ur os very much!!!!!! Keep entertaining us like this only!!!!!! Love u………
    And ya I hope our di get her love soon!!!!! Di be positive and make him realize the value and importance of love in life!!!!!!! I’ll pray that he will realize it soon and u get ur love di!!!!!!! Love uhh di……..

    1. Priya15

      Hii di.. Happy to see ur cmnt…. Tq soo much…. U recognized??? OK don’t disclose the name…. Ya even I hope the same.. Luv u di…

      1. Ya, I’ve recognized her!!!!! Actually we r very close to her na!!!!! Hope she’ll get her love soon!!!!!! Be positive di!!!!!!! Love uhh!!!!!!! Love u Priya!!!!!!!

    2. Priya15

      ya di..its obvious….positive thinking gives positive result di.luv u too mukta di..

  26. loved it sooooooooooooo much priya di.its amazing.

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much dear…. Ur dp is amazing Preethi…

      1. thanks priya di

    2. Priya15

      U r welcome sweetie…

  27. Shai

    Nice story priya!!

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much Shai di… . Ur Twitter chats poori hogayi??

      1. Shai

        ha ha woh to time pass hai

    2. Priya15

      Haha.. Enjoyment overloaded..

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