Asya and Huyaan: A delicate relation (Introduction to new Characters)!!


Hey Guys , Zuha here , this update is a quite long 1 and hope u guys enjoy it. As you know I asked you all that do you guys want a role in my FF , so many of you said yes , and if anyone of you who did not comment on the previous ep. can tellme that whether you want a role in my FF or not , so by the time being I will be introducing the characters. Today I am just giving an introduction of them , some I have already added previously and some are added in this episode. So let’s give you with the introduction.

1)Sarah Farooqui (played by my bestie Sarah):She is the daughter of Anwar and Zeenat , she is coming from Saudia Arabia as she was doing her Islamic studies from KSA?She is very Islamic , but a chatter box at the same time , she is very much alike to Zoya except of the clothing , she shares a close bond with Zoya and Nuszat urf Nuszat.She is 2 yrs younger than Zoya and refer her as Api. She will be getting engaged to a guy soon named Feroze (played by Varun Toorkey , played Shaad in Qubool Hai)

2)Nuszat Tirmizi (played by my bestie Nuszz) She is Zoya’s BFF(and so is mine??❤❤??) A very loving , caring and a frank person. Who loves his friends Sarah and Zoya alot. She will be falling for a guy named Ammar (played by Ravi Dubey seen as Sid in Jamai Raja)

3)Sunehri Singh (played by my bestie Sunehri): Close friend of Humeira.A very sweet , decent girl , who loves playing guitar and piano , and says good and legible poetry but does not say much. She is a good dancer as well as. A guy named Krish (played by Namish Taneja , seen as Laksh in Swaragini) will be flirting with her , at first she would dislike him but eventually fall for him.

4) Saman Waseem (played by my good friend kriya) She is cousin to Asad , a very loving and a daring girl , is a good singer with a melodious voice , Ayaan gives her the name Kriya due to her voice. She will be playing opposite to a guy named Hammad (played by Vivek Dahiya , seen as ACP Abhishek Singh in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) He is also an ACP in my FF as well as. Saman has a sister Jugan (introduced below?)

These were the positive role which will bring the couples together.

Now let’s come towards the negitive one’s.

1)Jugan Waseem (played by my loving friend Sanju a.k.a Sanjana) She is the sister of Saman urf Kriya. She will be playing the villian in Asya’s love story.She loves Asad for his money. She has an ex , named Maaz (played by Karanvir Bohra , played Aahil in Qubool Hai) Maaz will black mail her and they will end up marrying and their love story will proceed.

2)Dia Mirza (played by my awesome friend Sonali Jhadav) she will be playing the main antagonist in HuYaan’s love story , as you know Ayaan flirts with all girls before falling in love with Humeira , so Dia was one of them , and she took that seriously and loves him dearly??? , a friend of Ayaan named Zain (played by Zain Imam , seen as UV in Tashan e Ishq)

3)Filza Adeeb(played by my best friend Fatarajo)A girl who loves herself alot and is Asad’s college mate , once Zoya slapped her (why she slapped her will be revealed later.)She decides to avenge Zoya by seperating AsYa for the humiliation she suffered but a guy who is quite sensible , Raza will change her (played by Ssharad Malhotra , seen as Rishi in Kasam)

Guys this was the intro of Characters , if anyone of you also wants to bag a role , you can???

Guys I will be posting my FF tomorrow , paka promise???

Pardon me for the delay????

Do read the FFs of Sunehri , Nuszz , Sarah , Fatarajo , Alexis , Patakha Princess , Heena , Rafaya.

Sorry if I am forgetting any.

Thanks for making me reach +90 comments hope , that the love increases. It is my request to all my silent readers , do comment and I will surely reply.???

Love you all????

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. i’ll be glad if i get to play a role in your ff

    1. OK Joy I will be giving you a role dear??

  2. Sanjana (sanju)

    Ohhmyyy godd babe!! I luvv my role??!! Seriousllyy??im gonna luvv dis?playing a villain??n i really like my name as well??n realllyyy excited 4 de episode??luvvyaababe?

    1. That is great if you are liking it???

  3. Hey thanks zuhayou are my best sis i love my role haha same things that i do actually iam a chatter box???? but anyways thanks again yes the group sunuzara is the best of course and you will be playing a main role in my ff

    1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

      Sarah you didn’t read my Beintehha and Qubool episode 1 yet??~Nusz

      1. Oh iam so so sorry i forget that nu iam sorry yeah i have seen the promo that was good and i promise that i will read it now ok??

    2. I am happy that you are loving it??

  4. OMG me opposite rishi aka ssharad malhotra 😛 well many doesn’t know that among daily soap leads when I was a kid I had a crush on ssharad malhotra n Manish Raisanghan 😛 😛 😛 well I still love ssharad’s sagar character and now love his rishi character now I don’t have any crush but I love Ssharad’s acting 😛 thanks yaar zuha I m happy with my selection and thank god my character is not a great soul just like a normal person because in real life I love myself 😛 u just nailed my character zuha thanks
    Current status: am in love with my new character 😛

    1. I am happy that I selected the r8 man for you?????

  5. like said… dont…add….anyore…. characters… or it will mess up the ff… these ones are awesome….
    anways….you… won’t do ….that….amazing….girl….

    1. Ok Boss , but when I was giving characters so I was thinking the same , how wilo I manage , so I will be introducing them slowly slowly not like altogether.????

    2. It would be awesme… if you introduce eveyone… because it will be fun….

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    First of baby!!! I love you so much…. Second of all you’re my jaan!!!! (Well basically you’re not my soul sister… But actually my sister aha) I swear to god one day I will meet you and talk to you for hours if I need too…. Now I have become so closer to my sister within two months I think… You’re like my best friend!!! Man I love your ff and everything you write in it!!! I am really happy you made me a main character in your Fan Fiction!!! Words is nothing to say… I just hope I can send you a video saying you’re awesome aha!!! Love you aha.
    Coming to this promo!!! I loved it so much Ravi Dubey oh my god muaahhh I just hope he likes me first lol I go so high when I hear his name!! His an awesome actor!!! But in my Beintehha and Qubool Hai Fan Fiction!! You will be also playing an awesome main character role, Anyways my hand is hurting because I never wrote this much ever… But I love you so much my sister/Hun~Nusz

    1. Love u 222222
      Nuszzzzz I am very very happy to find a sister like you , whom I never met ??
      But still I feel that somewhere we are connected???
      Thanks for such a beautiful comment , Keep Smiling??

  7. good sissy hehe you’re cutie pie hehe

    1. Thanks Sis.

  8. Thnks for including me in ur ff i love my role very much especially singing part i love to sing but i am not good at all….eagerly waiting for next part love u sissy if u dont mind i can call u sissy….

    1. No dear , I will never mind if you call me sissy infact I would love it , and it does not matters whether your voice is good or not , it should just make you feel happy?

  9. Thnks for including me in ur ff……i love my role very much especially singing part i love to sing but i am not good at all…..eagerly waiting for next part… u sissy i hope u dont mind i will call u sissy….


  10. Sooooo sorry for the late reply the p moo was awesome .. And u r awesome … My surname is actually Mehta but my FB Id is Sunehri Singh!!!!!! Love u

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️

    1. Yeah , I know that BTW , I checked ur FB ID once , u are actually cute??

  11. I will be glad if I get a role in ur ff

    1. sure shumi , Insha allah in upcoming episodes?

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)


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