Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( intro )

Hey Guys! Zuha here with my first FF and as I am a big fan of Kabhi so that’s why KSG is Asad! OK let me tell you that I will try to be regular but as I am a school going so of will be hard for me to post. Hope you understand. Before I start my FF I want to tell you that I am a big fan of Sunehri’s FF so if you don’t read it so do read it. OK enough of my bakwas let’s get to the story. So fasten your seatbelts , a long journey awits U!!!

Main Characters :

Asad Ahmed Khan : The man with angst , who selflessly loves his family ,but hates his father. Is a well known businesses tycoon bit hates modernism.

Zoya Farooqui : A sweet , charming , bubbly NRI who comes to Bhopal in search of her parents , but she doesn’t knows what destiny has stored for her! Love eating pizza , wearing jeans , and saying stupid shayari!

Ayaan Ahmed Khan : The handsome bro of the handsome guy! Here comes Ayaan. A total immature person who loves his step-brother (Asad) to the core , and secretly loves Humeira.

Humeira Siddiqui : A sweet , simple , shy ,and a decent girl. D/O Ghaffur Ahmed Siddiqui and the vamp Rasiya bi. She is that much confident that can take a stand for her and her family.
As , you know no show is complete without a vamp , so here they come.

Tanveer : Asad’s BFF (fake friend , loves him to the core and can do anything to achieve him ) Commonly known as Tank or Bilorani.

Rasiya bi : W/O Siddiqui. Killed Zoya:s mom and kept her away from her father.

Vijay ( my imaginary character ): Will reveal later


Asad : KSG
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti
Ayaan : Vikrant Masey
Humiera : Ketki Kadam
Tanveer : Amrapali Gupta
Rasiya : Alma Kaushal
OK guys , please give me suggestions for Vijay PR I give a poll letme know in the poll. And let me mention this FF is just of *50 episodes not more than that and not less than that. And if you have an confusion , suggestion , or disliking the current track so plz comment coz your comments are meaningful.
Precap: A girl (Zoya) enters Khan Villa’s. Asya quarrels.?

Credit to: Zuha


  1. angel

    My health is fine zuha we just waiting for reports and then we will know where I stand..hold thumbs up..

  2. angel

    Plz zuha put ayan vikrant as ayan plz..sorry sunehri but I really like ayan vikrant..I watch all his series..

    • Sunehri

      Nothing like that really is like both … vikrant is far better than rishabh but most of them choose r right that’s why

      • zuha (Asya fan )

        Sunehri I think you should never go against your will and for a writer he should be pacified of his writing as u also write , a writer imagines each and every scene so if anyone want R instead of V so he can imagine him you are free for it but not from me?

    • Zuha (Asya fan)

      Oyeee hoyeeee my janu baby , love u thrice more and lemme mention to all of my FF friends , I have completed all my story which is secured in my diary . I started writing on 11th of Jan2016 and finished at 13 Mar 2016 and whenever I stucked up and felt like it’s the end so she was my support and give me fantastic ideas , yet she is one year older than me but we are frnds since 3 yes and now finally in the same standard☺☺☺☺☺☺Love u sooooooooo much my champ!!!!!?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.