Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 9) mahasangam’s last part

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Recap:Fire all around the goddown…beautiful love confession……

Episode 9 : Mahasangam’s last part

Scene 1:Bherpur goddown
The couples eye eachother intensely remembering their cute momments all in the gaze of fire which lightens their love.(pyaar hai ya saza plays……)
Suddenly, someone throws water on fire and it blows off.
The person is revealed as Tanveer(Bilorani plays)
She rushes towards Asad and shows concern.
She hugs him , Asad also hugs her back.
Zoya looks on.

Ayaan:Issi baat pe aik sher arz hai…..

Tanveer and Asad break their hug……

Tanveer:Irshaad , Irshaad….

Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai…. Especailly 4r both of u.
Hawa ke jhonke ki tarha hamay bhula diya gaya
Hume chor ke Bhaijaan ko gale laga liya gaya.

(like a wind wave u forgotten us
U hugged bro. ignoring me.)

Tanveer:Hey , stop your nautanki (drama), come you to.

The trio hugs , while Zoya and Humeira feels uncomfortable. Humeira coughs.

Zoya:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai
New enteries hoti hain serials mein magar yahan bhi
Kyoun Mr.Khan humay nahi milway ge inn se bhi.
Shukria , Shukria

(There are new enteries in serials but overhere aswell.
Mr.Khan, won’t u introduce me to her)

Zoya:Well , firstly it was Ayaan now who is she?


Tanu:Uhmmmmm….Uhmmmm, well ,Salam u alikum I am Tanveer urf Tanu.

Ayaan giving her a side hug:Dost kam behen Ziada

(More than a sis. to us)

Asad:My Bestie…..

Ayaan:Bachpan ki dost

(childhood friend)

Humeira comes and moves his hand and says:Don’t become a glue stick.

Ayaan whispers:Bachpan ki dosti , jawani ka ishq.

(Actually thes were the confession word of H so Ayaan is irritating her and it means , childhood friend , later young age love)

Humeira:Ya Allah , it is ridiculous!!!

And moves towards the car frustatedly.

Tanu:Go , make her happy.


and runs behind her.

Abhi:Ok we will leave for Mumbai.

Asad:Yeah sure, nice meeting u bro.

Pragya and Zoya hug eachother.

Pragya:Control your angrybird….
Zoya:Yeah , control ur hubby’s throat or else ppl will throw eggs and tomatoes on him.

Asad coughs.

Zoya:Allah miya , Whats wrong with U!!

Tanveer:Here they go , well Abhi sir u must inform ur family.

Abhi:Yeah , but I don’t have my mobile.

Tanu:No worries…. you may take my mobile


He calls.Dadi recieves his call.

Abhi:Dadi , grahpravesh ki tayari karo , aap ki bahu ko waapis laa raha hoon.

(Dadi start the welcoming preps , I am bringing ir daughter-in-law back)

Dadi happily:ok beta.

he disconnects the call.

Abhi:Ok Asad , well I will send u my next concert’s ticket for free as u returned the love of my life back. If u nedd any help just call me.

Asad:Aray , no need for that.

Zoya:Allah miya , Whats wrong with U!!!
Why don’t we need the tickets , ofcourse sir.
Sir can I get ur autograph , I am a big fan of urs.

Asad:Ms.Farooqui , plz stop it.

Zoya:Shut up! If u have pen , so plz give it.

Asad:Yeah sure , giving looks of angrybird.


Zoya:No worries , I have a hand.

She stretches out her hand , while Asad feels uncomfortable when Abhi touches her.

Asad:WAIT!!!! I have a tissue u can give it on it.

Zoya realizes his jealousy and smiles.

Abhi gives her autograph and the duo leaves waving them a good bye.

Zoya:Pyaar bhi ajeeb cheez hai , insaan jo hota hai woh hota nahi , aur jo nahi hota woh ban jata hai .Am I r8 , jahapana 6 pack abs!
(Love is a unique emotion it changes a person)

Asad:It is not like that …I mean to say that ke no need to dirty ur hands.

Zoya:Hmmmm…..but I never said anything like that.You are totally emotionally challenged .

Asad notices a bruise on Zoya’s leg and picks her up. (Mitwa) They recall their pehli mulaqaat( 1st meeting), nok jhoks(fights)and their confession.

Screen freezes.
Mahasangam ends.

Precap:Asya and Huyaan disclose their feelings infront of their respective families….engagement.

Sorry for the short update and do comment.

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  1. OMG……first of all I love the shairy and secondly the love confession+jealousy………Plz zuha nvr wrap up ur ff……its nyc…..i guess i am the first one to cmnt……i luved today’s epi……

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      Thnx for loving myFF ok dear I will think regarding it , and thnx once again.

  2. I was going to cry because I thought it was ending but then I read it again and it said Mahasangam ended, then I was okay. I am really loving your story can’t wait for the next episode Zuha!!, by the way I commented back on my ff!!

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Awwww…….I checked ur comment and replied back dear , thanks for commenting.

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  3. today’s episode is fantastic
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    keep it up

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    Aww yaaar asyaa is chooo cute???plzz dont end it yaar??i miss asya wayy too muchhn wonderful episode even though it wuz short…n shayari toh kamaal ki hai hi?

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